Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just some camwhoring for today...

I´ve been at the zoo past weekend – and I so fell in love with a cute little ice-bear baby! ♥
This white little puffy thing with super dark black eyes is so super sweet... I wish animal babies would stay this little and cute forever. XD“

Anyways. Sweet little shiro kuma-chan was my inspiration to get dressed in my winters coat in august (!!!). lol
Doesn´t matter anyways, since it´s super cold in Germany right now... around 14°C every night. Welcome to Siberia. ~__~

However... just to mention: It´s NO real fur on my coat - I refuse to wear real fur. Instead, I really love fake fur on winters clothes, because it´s so protective against the cold wind.x___X

Enough of the bla bla, up to the photos now. ;D

Gimme chu!
(Prisilia hairpieces + curvy´s rose pin) Damn... I hate all the moles on my skin. ~__~

Do the bear pose!
Yup, what a giant cam. But after my new cam was out of power, I just had to use it. ^^“ It´s such an old camera, so I`m sorry for the bad quality (especially the colors... they´re always turning out super red!)

Another try on Gyaru Make-up - Eyes
I still need to work on it a lot... the black lines are just too bold. I think... less eyeshadow, less eyeliner, maybe even less dramatic lashes... some better blending of all the shades, and lower lashes. I´m still super far from perfect, but at least I`m improving a bit... I hope. XD

Current feeling: Tired... and a bit unsatisfied about my photos. =/ (I want more of that gyaru look! Dx Damn, I still need to practise a lot. ^^“)
Link of the day: Mikado = german Pocky = cookie sticks lol
Mission: Reload the battery of my new camera! Ò__O/
Message to the world: Good night and sweet dreams! ;D

P.S.: I`ve got my first follower! YESSSSSSS!!! Made my day, thank you so much! :´D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. U look so beautiful!!
    u have lovely white fur!!
    I also but some time ago white fur ;)

    Is that your real hair or extensions?

  2. Oh sweety, you´re a lot prettier then me! ;D I´ve seen all your gorgeous photos from photoshootings and such, you´ve got a stunning look!

    But thanks a lot... ^/////^ *blushing*

    Yes, I´m wearing my Prisila half wig + Prisila wig bangs on this photo. =)
    My natural hair is way too short for such styles. xD