Sunday, August 22, 2010

I ♥ Dirndl

...I catched a cold. x__X
I´m getting better, and this won´t kill me... but... it´s so annoying to clean the nose every 2 minutes! I`m too lazy for beeing sick! xD"

Due to this reason, I´ve got a loooot of time to post new entries. x3

Every end of the summer, there are big (more or less) traditional festivals in the south of Germany. Most famous one is "Oktoberfest", it´s the largest fair of the world! My city is running a smaller version of this festival every year. xD"

Traditional clothes are a MUST! ;D
Like Yukata belongs to Hanabi, Dirndl belongs to Oktoberfest.

So... what is a "Dirndl"?
It´s (especially southern) Germany´s traditional wear for girls.
Most of my foreigner friends consider Dirndl as related to maid clothes... personally, I don´t see anything maid-like in it. xD" But still a funny thought...

~Dirndl mostly consists 3 pieces.
1) A blouse. Any cut can be suitable! From long sleeves to puffy short sleeves, from carmen cut to high collar blouse.
The fabric itself could be seethrough (especially on the sleeves) as well, some rhinestones and sequins are looking gorgeous on it!
White blouses have always been mosts famous with Dirndl, but the newest trend is wearing black (which is so super hot in my eyes!) Other colors should better be avoided, especially dark colors. The blouse should be a bit neutral part, so that the full attention goes to the dress itself.
2) Dirndl - the dress. It´s always an A-shape dress! The rest... can vary a lot! xD So I´m picking out the most fashionable details.
The super traditional form of Dirndl has had a more or less high collar neckline. Right now, a "balkonett" cut is super trendy! Just imagine a line from one nipple to the other - bam, that´ts the neckline of the "balkonett" Dirndl! xD"
Lot´s of Dirndl have got a fashionable lacing in the front, embroidery is often seen as well.
The skirt of this dress flares out at the smallest part of the waist. There are different lenghts of the skirt available, according to the occasion it´s beeing worn to...
- Mini: The skirt is ending ~10cm over the knee. Mini does NOT mean super mini oops-you-can-see-my-ass-when-I-bend-over short! That´s a No-Go and super unelegant! Girls that wear Dirndl like this will automatically be stamped as a foreigner or weirdo. xD" This Mini form of Dirndl is mostly worn for festivals and parties, that don´t require neat wardrobe.
- Midi: The skirt is ending ~10cm under the knee. This medium length Dirndl can be worn for parties and some more important occasions (like... as a visitor of a wedding ceremony), that require a bit more neat wardrobe.
- Long: This skirt is ending in ankle area. This super long and elegant dress is worn for very important occassions, like funerals. According to the style of the dress itself, it´s sometimes worn for parties as well - sometimes (!), not often seen. xD" (My sister does like it a lot, because this long dress makes her feel more mature)
The fabric of this dress can vary a lot, too. Cotton, linen and silk and a mix of it is mostly worn.
The range of prints enhanced a lot over the past years, so that everything is possible now. Gingham, tiny flowers and deer´s are super traditional - leo-print, crowns and skulls are the latest trend!
3) The apron. The apron is tied at the waist-line of the dress, and there´s a very funny detail about the bow!
According to where you wear the bowknot, guys can see your relationship status! ;D
- Bow in the front, right side: I have a BF / I`m married / I`m not on man´s hunt
- Bow in the front, left side: I´m single / I´m on man´s hunt!
- Bow in the front, middle: I´m a virgin!
- Bow in the back, middle: I`m a widow
The apron is mostly ending ~10cm over the skirts border.

The fabric and print can vary a lot, just like the blouse and the Dirndl itself.
A bit more transparent apron is very trendy right now, mostly seen with decoration like rhinestones and sequins!

The color/print/cut/whatever should fit the overall look of the dress, of course. ^^

~Additionally worn with...
1) Underskirt / less fluffy petticoat. Not often seen nowadays, because mostly not needed. Those garments have been worn because the skirt will fly up high while doing the traditional dance - since this kind of dance is mostly not done anymore, there´s no need for those underskirts anymore. (I wear the underskirt, though. I`ve been part of a traditional dance group almost 8 years, so I feel a bit naked wihtout wearing the white underskirt. xD" <- *weirdoooo*)
2) Jewelry. Heartshaped and Edelweiß-shaped jewelry has always been, and still IS the most fashionable trend. But other jewelry can be worn with it as well, of course - as long as it´s suitable. =)
3) Shoes / Boots. Since Dirndl is very feminine, girly shoes go super well with it - most suitable is a round toe-shape. Boot´s are also seen very often recently, mostly some rough and boyish ones like this. But as long as it goes well with the whole coordinate, everything can be worn of course. =)
4) Very famous hairstyle... pigtails and braided hair! xD Haha, it´s very traditional and it looks super cute! Of course, other hairstyles can be worn as well. =)

~Do NOT...
1) Wear stockings! Might have been super trendy 200 years ago, but now it just looks super silly. xD" Bare legs are super sexy with Dirndl, some transparent thights (nylons) are famous as well.

Oh oh... so much text again! xD" Sorry for that... some pictures ahead! ;D

Paris Hilton... of course she pulls off this style perfectly as well! I love the different shades of gold on her, and the braids are just so cuuuuute! I´m not sure about the gloves, though... <.<

Koakuma-Dirndl! lulz

Wedding Dirndl! (Has been very famous in southern Germany... my mum married in this kind of dress! Nowadays not often worn for wedding.)

...WOW. *___*

U know u luv it. lulz
boobz alert!

Even though I´ve got maybe 15 Dirndl already, I need something new and more fashionable... something pink! XD Yes. I don´t have a pink Dirndl yet, so I´m going to get one!
I wanna deco it hime-style. ♥
My plan so far. I´m going to post a photo when I finished my mission! ;D

By the way...Men´s traditional wear: "Lederhose". lulz
I definately DON`T like it. xD" See ya at Oktoberfest! ♥ ;D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. this man's look terrible :P

  2. I just returned from a month in Austria (mostly Steirmark) and I have to say some men look hot in lederhosen! To a foreigner a dirndl may look old fashioned but worn well it is very flattering to a woman! I attended many parties while there and wish I would have had a dirndl to wear. Also, I was surprised how many girls wear lederhosen! Sometimes very cute but not so sure...
    Thanks for your very complete explanation of traditional Tirol and Bavarian clothing!

    1. You're very welcome! =D

      You seemed to have had a very nice trip, so happy to hear that! Haha, I also think we lack a dirndl-rental in Germany, maybe that's my chance to open a business. ;D

      Girls in Lederhosen is trending amongst young people for a few years already, but it has nothing to do with traditional wear. =/ Most ppl look down to that as a "party garment", even though I sometimes really like outfits with that kind of pants on girls!

  3. Lederhosn (yes, e is left out on purpose) is very modern now to be worn by girls. There are some that are special made for women, and can look very nice. I bet it is more comfortable than a dirndl, as I know mine can be a bit irritating.

    1. Yes, that kind of Lederhosen is trending amongst young people for a few years already, but it's not very traditional and mostly looked down as a "party garment". I really like that look sometimes, though! =)

      I don't know whether it's comfortable or not, but I can imagine it's getting pretty hot in Lederhosen. I guess I'll always go for my Dirndl! xD"

  4. I love the dirndl in the first picture! Where can I get one? Or can I get a pattern somewhere to sew my own?


    1. Hello dear. =D

      The Dirndl in the 1st photo is a high-brand Dirndl, I highly doubt its available anymore. =/

      Most Dirndl shops only provide shipping within Germany... so I guess putting the links here wouldn't help you much. =/

      But you can get similiar ones for cheap on Ebay, just enter the keyword "Dirndl".
      My advice: Double check if the blouse and apron are included. Sometimes the photo will show a full set of Dirndl, while the actual item sold is only the dress! x__X
      If you would like a price estimate, I'd say a Dirndl resembling the 1st one in this entry will cost you a minimum of 60€, if you want decent quality. Maybe that'll help you to sort the offers. =D

      If you're searching for Dirndl patterns, I would highly recommend "Burda" patterns! You can download them online. =)

  5. I really love the dirndl in the first picture and have been unable to find anything like it. Who was the designer? I love your sense of style =)

    1. I'm so sorry, but I don't have any clue which designer it might have been - I just know it must be a designer from Munich. =/ Sorry, guess I can't help you any further. ^^"

      Thanks for your compliment, made my day ^///^

  6. Hi - I just love the wedding dirndl! Where did you find that pic? If it's from a website that designs that dress, I would love to have it. Planning a traditional German wedding!


    1. Hey dear, thanks for your comment! =)

      It'll surely dissappoint you, but I took that photo from google photo search - I don't know which brand it is. =/
      You might wanna search for High-Brand Dirndl brands though, they usually have wedding collections, too! Hammerschmid is famous for very traditional styles, Spieth & Wiensky are mixing tradition with mode elements - hope you'll find something nice! ;D