Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yay of the day!! ;D

The Lolita coat I wanted so badly last year is going to be restocked soon! Yahooooooooo ♥

It´s such a gorgeous piece, isn´t it? :´D

This coat is made by a chinese Lolita brand called "Surface Spell". They already released it last year, and I so fell in love with it... unfortunately, lot´s of other girls did so, too. xD"
The coat was out of stock within some days, so it was impossible for me to get one. =/


Surface Spell is mostly doing very classical or goth designs. They´ve got a long history of making Lolita clothes, and they offer very good quality pieces and unique designs!
Surface Spell does not do knock-off´s of famous brands like Victorian Maiden and such.

I love this coat because it´s looking so harsh but yet so feminine... and the bloody red color is just gorgeous! Looks russian a lot! =3
Even though I´m more on the sweeter side of Lolita fashion, I love this classical design a lot! ♥

Pic of the day
(aka Pic that I forgot to post here long loooong time ago. xD")
Me in my Angelic Pretty Lady Rose ♥

Plz excuse my retarded face. xD
I´ve seen lot´s of girls censoring their faces when they´re making such an ugly expression, but actually... I don´t wanna do it.
Yes. It´s ugly.
But it´s still me, and I`m not looking like this 24 hours a day... FORTUNATELY! xD

Outfit rundown:
Dress, Headpiece & Overknee stockings: Angelic Pretty Lady Rose
Bolero jacket: Bodyline
Shoes: DreamV / Yumetenbou
Parasol: Baby, the stars shine bright
Heart-Bag & Bunny-Bear-Bag: Dream of Lolita

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: My 3rd follower, yahooooooo!! Thank you so much!! x3


  1. oh.. i love this dress.. i wish have same but pink. but i can't find it :(
    i like also your bag, i want make same myself ;)
    u look georgeous!

  2. Ah, yes - it´s a rare find. =/

    Maybe you can check the EGL community sales ( or get it directly from second hand stores from Japan, such as Closet Child ( and Alice & Fururun ( - they´re also selling Jesus Diamante stuff. ;D

    Haha, I think you already know about those sites. But I just wanted to post them to make sure. =)

    You can make such bag´s yourself? O__O Wow... seriously... WOW! :D