Thursday, August 19, 2010

Koakuma-kei ♥ discover the little devil in your heart;D

I really got a crush on koakuma-kei right now. ♥

This style is mixing up some very cute elements with super hot cuts, accessory and make-up.

Since I`m still a gyaru-newbie, I don´t know every detail about this... but the most interesting facts are:

~ This style highly influenced by "Koakuma Ageha" = one of the most famous japanese fashion magazines that pulls off every gyaru style so perfectly! My bible! xD

~ Koakuma-kei is related to kyabakura (hostclubs) - this hot fashion is often worn by the professional hostesses (kyabakurajo), to create the perfect sexy Diva look

~ Color/Print range: mostly very sexy and elegant! A combination of black and hot pink is often seen, animal prints are very famous with this style, too.
In my opinion, Black is a MUST with koakuma-kei ~ combinations with pastel colors like soft violet, offwhite, light pink, and light blue are going well with it!
Golden jewelry will give the outfit more Diva-look! =)

~Sexy high heels will give the look some extra spice! Bare legs are most sexy in my opinion, but some hot lace tights or overknee stockings are looking great with it as well! (Personally, I don´t like the look of sexy lace overknees with koakuma-kei. Looks too much like prostitute, I think. I prefer simple non-transparent overknees.)

~Where to buy...
In my opinion, hot gal items can be bought in all over the world, you just need to watch out carefully. In germany, H&M offers a nice range of koakuma-kei-able clothes, and I`ve seen some really sexy hot pink + lace shirts at New Yorker.

A pretty famous jp brand for koakuma-kei is MA*RS, which I love to death ♥ You will need a shopping service (and some extra money... xD) to buy from there, but it´s worth every penny - I can´t imagine a life without my MA*RS garter hotpants anymore ♥

Another jp brand, that is more credit-card-friendly because of beeing cheaper: Yumetenbou / DreamV. (btw... Sakurina did the last summers collection campaign for them! Sakurinaaaaa! Dx I loooove this shop since then! xD) Doesn´t look very koakuma-kei like on the first look, but if you keep browsing their site for quite a while, you will find some really hot items (example here)!

Suitable accessory can be bought at Curvy´s.You will need a shopping service to buy from them, as well! I definately recommand those shops, I´ve bought from them for several times already - and I´m super satisfied!

Wow... enough of all the writing, you must be tired from reading all this stuff already. Sorry sorry... xD"
Up for some koakuma-photos now! x3

Fake roses inside the platform! Those heels are killer...

Of course, she pulls off this style so super perfect as well... what a gorgeous girl! :´D

Koakuma-kei works out with Yukata nicely as well!

Bought those stockings some months ago, love them to death ♥

Extra photo... my lunch! lulz
Salmon and avocado maki ♥

I didn´t manage to eat all of them... 4 pieces are still waiting for me inside the refridgerator. This box was just too big for my stomache. x__X

Itadakimasu! I mean... see ya later! ;D
Thanks for reading!

And 1.000x thanks to my second follower! :´D
Damn it, what a happy girl I am... somebody wants to read my verbal diarrhea. :´D Thank youuuuu ♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. I see sushi.
    i love sushi :* :)

  2. Hello, any chance of a visit to London soon? I love oriental ladies and I've never come across any with your style!

    Best wishes from Tony.