Saturday, August 7, 2010

Masuwaka Tsubasa & Dolly Wink ♥

Favorite Song atm: Fukuhara Miho - Let it all out

Masuwaka Tsubasa is one of the most famous japanese gal models, mostly known from popteen magazines and famous for her unique duck lip pose (pouting lips)...

...and (it´s said that she was) gaining perfect beauty with at least 20 plastic surgeries. (I took this photo from the gyaru secrets community on livejournal)
She´s a great and super kawaii gal for sure, but definately not my cup of coffee... xD"
♥ Sakurina forever ♥

Anyways. Tsubasa is featuring a line of false lashes and eye make, that is pretty popular for gal´s from all over the world - Dolly Wink.There are 8 types of upper eyelid lashes, such as different types of lower lashes, eyeliners, lash glue... and I`m pretty sure a lot more will come up soon. o.O

When I checked up on the lashes first, I felt like... wow, nothing special about this - except the price. xD" (¥1.250 each!! = ~12€. I used to buy cheap lashes from eBay or local drugstores that are around 4€, and I sometimes customized them... <.<)

BUT then... I got presented some Dolly Wink lashes from my dear friend Mai-chan (the most beautiful gal I ever met ♥), and my meaning changed immediately.

I`m super clumsy with putting on lashes, I must admit. xD" I always needed at least 30 minutes to make them stay in the right place. And after I won this war, my eye-make was mostly ruined. ~__~ I always thought that it´s my fault perfectly... but now I discovered that my old lashes were too stiff AND my hands too clumsy. ^^"

Dolly Wink lashes are super soft and so easy to apply! I combined the Top lashes No. 1 "Dolly Sweet" with the Bottom lashes No. 6 "Real Nude", they´re coming with a little tube of lash glue inside the box. (Sorry, no photos of myself wearing them. My camera disappeared in a moving box. Dx)

The top lashes were a tiny bit too long to my eyelid, so I had to cut them a bit - I saved the cut off parts and stick them on my lower lid later. Don´t waste the precious (...and yet expensive) Dolly Wink lashes. :´D

The lashes felt so soft in my hands, and they were easy to handle and bend round... and I was super satisfied with the lash glue! It´s so easy to apply, it gives the lashes a nice hold, and it´s even more easy to take it off after wearing! I´m definately going to buy a big tube of it soon!

Since the lashes were so nice and soft, they were really easy to apply - and they felt so comfortable and light on my eyelid! A whole new experience for me! XD Applying the bottom lashes was so easy for me... even though I`m so clumsy, and I have done it just two times before! A gorgeous experience - and I was perfectly satisfied with my look in the end!

I will definately go and get more Dolly Wink lashes and the lash glue soon! Great quality item, and it´s worth the high price.
I fell in love with Dolly Wink ♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Cute!! And you have a poupee? What's the name? I would want to add you in my poupee friend list!

  2. Hey there, thanks for your comment! =D I didn't use my poupee account for loooong time, but my user ID is "Chirality"!