Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gaijin Gyaru Awards 2016!! ♥

OMG the Gaijin Gyaru Awards are back ♥ Happyyyy ♥

For the younger gen Gals: The Gaijin Gyaru Awards were firstly founded by Lhouraii Li, a really sweet Gaijin Gal with a very unique style! She did the awards from 2011 until 2014, you can find the videos here:
Gaijin Gyaru Awards on Youtube 

However, Lhouraii stopped doing the Awards in 2014, apparently because she received too much hate. (Seriously. Fuck you haters!)

The Gaijin Gyaru Awards have been a big annual event in the Gaijin Gyaru Community, so I'm really happy that Hyper Gyaru-sa is bringing them back ♥
Let's cheer for Hyper and all the nominees!! ^////^

xoxo, Chira ♥

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Snow snow snooooow

Everything is glowing white out there. Well, I guess it's time to get into christmas mood. :´D

Just like the past years, I was making advent wreathes again.
My mom "orders" one each year, because my "design" is more creative then store bought ornaments. lol 

She likes classical colors, so I've done a red x gold version for her. I hope she'll like it ♥

Mine is a bit more fancy...
White x gold x wings ♥ OMG I love those wings - gives off a "Sailor Moon" Vibe. lol
Gonna light the first candle on Sunday ♥

I'm selling my last 2 Lolita dresses right now.
I've actually left Lolita long ago, but those two were my beloved babies. But now it's time to let them go... they'll make somebody else really happy  ♥
But somehow it still feels like putting grandma in a retirement home. It hurts. lol

Gonna comfort myself with a d.i.a Lucky Pack, mwahaha. :´D

xoxo, Chira ♥

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DIY bath bomb ♥

No idea what to present to christmas? Running on a short budget as well? Or wanna make a personalized gift, but no idea?

I might have something for you... ;D

Pretty, right? ;D
I LOVE making bath bombs!
I probably don't have to tell you that they're hella expensive if you buy them at the store... if you follow my recipe, you can make one bath bomb for less then 1€. In your own design. With a scent that you've chosen.
Sounds good, right? ;D
I also love the oily film that they're leaving on my skin after bathing... no need to waste time on body lotion, hihihi ♥

LEVEL: Beginner
PRICE RANGE: Less then 1€ per bath bomb, max. spending 8€ for ingredients - will result in 6 bath bombs
TIME FRAME: 1 hour, 4 days drying time


Silicone Mold of your choice (OPTIONAL: Just form a ball with your hands)
200g Soda (Natron)
100g Citric Acid Powder
50g Starch (Corn or Rice starch works best!)
40 drops of scented oil
2 tablespoons of dried leaves or tea
1 tablespoon of Honey
7 tablespoons of Oil (Baby Oil)

5 Tablespoons of milk powder (Milk bath)
1 Tablespoon of food coloring (NOT based on water! Any powder or gel formula is okay)
1/2 teaspoon of gold powder
6 tiny figures to hide inside the bath bomb (for kids)
6 small pieces of chocolate (Chocolate bath)
... the list can go on! Be creative! ;D

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't mix anything water based into your mixture. It will immediately react with the soda and the acid, and start foaming like crazy!


Step 1
Weigh all of the dry ingredients...
 ...and mix them together.
Set aside.

Step 2
Measure and pour the liquid ingredients in a bowl. 
If you're using hard oils, make sure to melt them in the microwave first. ;D
Smell test if the scent is strong enough for you - if not, just add some more scented oil! =)
 Then stir carefully...
It's not gonna mix up perfectly, but that doesn't matter anyways.

Step 3
Mix the dry and the wet ingredients together. Use the spoon first, then go through with your fingers. 
 The structure should be solid when you press it in your hand, but crumbly if you poke your finger into it!

Step 4
Optional, if you want 2-color bath bombs like mine. ;D
Split the portion in two.
 Add the food coloring, und mix it well with your fingers.
CAREFUL: Don't use water based food coloring. It will immediately react with soda and acid, and start foaming like crazy! 
Should look like this! =)

Step 5
Squeeze it into the mold with your fingers. If you have 2 or more colors, add them after another - just make sure to keep the surface uneven, that'll create nice effects! =)
If you don't have a mold, just carefully form balls with your hands - give them a nice squeeze! ;D
You can also add special effect substances now. I've been using cherry tea leaves for my pink bath bombs, and gold powder for my green bath bombs! If you have little figures / chocolate / any hard cores to hide, make sure to not forget digging them in there! ;D
Lemongrass scented bath bomb with cherry tea leaves ♥

Eucalyptus scented bath bomb with gold powder ♥ (AWESOME if you have a cold! That'll open your nose!)

Leave the bath bombs inside the molds for at least 4 days, better 1 week. 
Then you can carefully take them out, and store them in a box (that'll prevent loss of scent), or pack them nicely as a present. ;D

If you want some extra deco, you can sprinkle the bath bombs with some additional flower leaves / gold powder / shredded chocolate... really, just be creative! ;D

Green: Eucalyptus scented bath bomb with gold powder
Pink: Lemongrass scented bath bomb with cherry tea leaves

xoxo, Chira ♥

Friday, November 20, 2015

Good news, good news... ♥

But I can't tell you the details yet, hihi ♥
Working as a nurse doesn't 100% fulfill me recently. I'm proud and sophisticated enough to say I'm a really good nurse, but I also feel like a lot of my other talents are wasted... also, I would love to invest more time into Gyaru again.
So I just got an awesome Gyaru related opportunity that will hopefully fulfill all of my hearts desire, hihi ♥ Maybe I can even go to Japan frequently! OMG so dreamy... ^/////^

Yesterday I've been searching for my circle lenses for HOURS. I ended up organizing our whole storage, office and bathroom during the process. lol
THEN I remembered... I threw my lenses away because they reached the expiry date. BUMMER. lol

What a good reason to get new lenses! It's also a little reward for cleaning every corner of the appartement. =P

I.Fairy Crystal Brown ♥
 I don't like to wear lenses with bold black ring and fancy design anymore...

Look how awesome Cocona/Serina looks recently ♥
 Godess ♥

And  Erisa Kaminomiya!
So cuuuuute ♥
Please visit her blog, she's such a big inspo ♥

Her new nailset is BOMB, too!
 Nailsalon Carry ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥

Monday, November 16, 2015

Evolving to a better self ♥

Today I started with Insanity Workout
Crazy, it's really INTENSE. To be honest, I hardly pulled through. lol
Felt a little unsatisfied, so I did an extra session of Elliptical and Squats. =P

I wanna have this sexy body...
Before or after, I'm actually fine with both. lol

This is an old photo...
...I always hesitated uploading it because I HATE my face and hair on it...
However, I thought the code was cute. lol
*derp derp*

Coat, 2-piece-Set, Stockings: Ma*rs
Sandals: Yumetenbo
Handbag: Golds Infinity

xoxo, Chira ♥

Friday, November 13, 2015

Host transformation! OMG check this out! xD

RocketNews24 sent two of their (middle aged) reporters to get a host make-over... the result is... FASCINATING! xD

Please, see for yourself:
 Gorgeous, huh? xD

...the eyebrows though... xD" Kinda more attracted to the original version ♥
Full article here!

Just finished my training ♥
I got a new baby now ♥

Elliptical ♥
I wanna have a sexy ass soon ♥
I can already feel this Elliptical having way mooooore effect on my legs then the machines in the Gym... Maybe because the base weight to work with is only 4kg... makes me move a loooot faster then in the Gym!
I don't care about fat burning pulse anymore. I've read a lot about this topic, coming to the decision to give 0 fucks. lol
I'm just gonna listen to my body ♥ Feel so goooood now ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I did a thing...

...and I don't regret anything ♥

I've wanted a fringe for so long...
This year, I went to the hairdresser multiple times to get a fringe cut, but I always left the salon unsatisfied... the hairstylist was really sweet, but too chicken to cut off as much hair as I wanted...

Since I'm a diy person, I spontaniously grabbed the scissors today. 

Very happy with the outcome ♥
I feel fresh now ♥ Younger, more energetic ♥ And sexyyyy ♥
Even though I'm not wearing any make-up, and just a lazy shirt. lol
Pardon, pardon... ;)

My hair looks long, but it's soooo broken at the tips... might still go get a haircut next week. =P

xoxo, Chira ♥

Sunday, November 8, 2015

To buy, or not to buy... =__=

Anybody going to shop at the big Sales of AliExpress and TaoBao?
It's a huuuuuge event for some asian countries, I know... and as a TaoBao lover, I'm debating with myself wether to buy or not to buy... so many benefits!

Browsing TaoBao is toxic...
So many things I love...

...of course I love you the most, girl ♥
TaoBao Gal crush ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥

Friday, November 6, 2015

Say Goodbye... Say Hello?!

Many things have changed recently.

We (my husband and I) have moved to a bigger place, and we both LOVE it here. It's a bit far to go to work now, but living in our "little palace" is definately worth it! ;D
Now everybody is expecting us to have kids soon. lol 
It's quite annoying!

Such big changes in life always influence our personality, don't you think so?
For me, it did. I kinda lost track of what I loved the most... Gyaru.

Beeing so busy with life, Gal magazines vanishing, and the general decrease of Gyaru culture... maybe I simply forgot about Gyaru? However.
I started to loose track, and just found my way back.

Please, I don't wanna be mature yet, okay? I don't wanna have a child yet. (I do love kids and want to have at least 2, but not now... even though I'm getting old?)
I wanna enjoy Gyaru. Wanna travel around the world, wanna travel to Japan. Once in my life, I also wanna go to shop a fukubukuro at Shibuya 109. Let me stay like this a little longer...
I wish I can feel the same passion for Gyaru that I had 5 years ago... I've just browsed some old Blogs from Gals of "my" generation... We're have you all gone? Most of those blogs died out 2013. Pathetic me... I wish I could turn the time back... Can I find all of you back please?

I'm not depressed, just... nostalgic?

I wanna be back!
Please let me be back!

xoxo, Chira ♥

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

♥♥♥ Gyaru on a Budget ♥♥♥

Now finally onto a fashion related post! ;D

I've been invited to a wedding recently, it's gonna take part in August this year. Obviously, I have NOTHING TO WEAR. lol
Okay okay, I'll be honest... there's this dress I'm eyeing with for more then a year, and NOW I have a good reason to buy it. xD"
 Summery and flowy, elegant and not too sexy - perfect to attend a summer wedding, I think! x3

It's listed on the website "", which is a Chinese Wholeseller.
As I usually have the opinion those stores can be quite a bit of a hit or miss, I've done some research first - it turned out that most of the Reviews are really good!
Once I've gotten my items, I'll do a review as well. ;D

While browsing the store, I've found many clothes that resemble japanese Gyaru brands a lot! And those items beeing sold at super cheap price!! How can I say no? :´D
I do certainly own quite a bit of brand, but I also won't mind a cheap deal. And some pieces of jp brand are just really hard to get - for example the famous flower prints of Datura. Q__Q They're sold out in no time, and hardly beeing put up for auction on mbok...

So let me show you what I've found! ;D

Datura style Rompers - 7,92€

The crisp colors and gradient white-to-flashy-pink definately remind me of Datura's recent styles!

Example of japanese brand Datura in collaboration with Ageha

I`m aware that I'm not showing the same kind of product, but in this case the overall concept is showing lot's of resemblance, I think.
Now I need to get a good tan on in order to pull off that romper. lol
Btw that Datura dress is a DREAM. No wonder it got sold out within minutes on their webstore... Q__Q I'll keep an eye out for it!

Datura style mini-dress - 6,49€

Once again, the color concept quite resembles Datura's recent styles. Also the body-hugging mini dress comes quite close to the original!

Original jp brand Datura mini dress

Even though the colors itself differ a little (Datura is generally using quite a bit of pink), there's quite some similarity - big flower print, print scheme, mini dress.
I especially like the cut of the skirt in the 1st photo. *__*

Duras style Jumpsuit - 6,90€

She must be a Gyaru model, I think I've definately seen her face before! So pretty ♥
This kind of Jumpsuit screams Onee Gyaru!

Photo from a past Duras collection (sorry it's so small. =/)

Classy Onee Gyaru brand Duras has done lot's of these styles in the past, mostly keeping a distinct color scheme of soft beige, light pink and black. The quite simple and rather flowy design show's lot of resemblance, I think!

Datura style knit cardigan - 4,89€

Almost an exact copy to the Datura one!

Original by jp brand Datura - one of their best selling items!

Well, I don't really have to say much, do I? xD"
This could even be an exact replica.

Ghost of Harlem style Jumpsuit - 5,88€

Pretty simple and comfy design - but with the right accessory, it could definately look really rokku!

Ghost of Harlem is having similiar Jumpsuits every once and a while!

Well, I admit the resemblance is mostly because it's... a Jumpsuit. xD"
But also the print is similiar placed, and the back also features another fancy print.
Can't do much wrong with this one, whether being worn in a lazy way or with lot's of accessory to make it look really rokku!

As you can see, Gyaru on a Budget is definately possible!

You can save a lot of money, time and also frustration (haven't we all mourned about an lost auction on mbok already? xD") if you just keep an eye out and stay creative.

And now have fun shopping! ;D

Btw. can you see that I'm shifting towards Onee Gal now... scary! O__O I might be getting old. lol

xoxo, Chira ♥

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The L'Oreal "Style it Punky Challenge" ♥

Hi Sweethearts! ♥

I've had a quite exciting time recently, especially after I've entered a Contest by L'Oreal. Let me tell you a bit about it! ;D

Couple of weeks ago, I've found an advertise on facebook, encouraging everybody to join a Design Contest by L'Oreal.
They've recently come up with a new Mascara line called "Miss Manga" - their newest Product is called "Miss Manga Punky", this Mascara will create spiky looking lashes like in Manga! ♥
 That model looks so pretty! *__*

In order to join this challenge, you had to Design the new look of the Mascara. Left side and right side of it should feature a product related drawing.

The prices were pretty awesome! ♥
The winner Design will be printed on a special edition of the Mascara, and sold in german stores! Also the winner get's to spend 5 nights in a 5 star hotel in Tokyo.

Of course you could count me in! ;D
BUT: When I found out about the challenge, it was only 2 days until Deadline. AND I was on nightshift those days. SO EXHAUSTING. xD"

Thanks god I have the best husband in the world - he supported me with lot's of ideas, showed me tricks in the graphic programmes I used, and did lot's of brainstorming with me. ♥

In the very end, we even managed to come up with a Design each! It was such a pleasure to do this with him - We've kinda discovered a new side of our relationship, haha. ♥

1st Design - Punky Cat ♥
- Follow original color scheme
- Follow the scheme of the original L'Oreal Panda icon (that I find pretty amazing already!)
- Punky style cat with a hint of Decora fashion
- Girly Icons
- Overall simple Design

 2nd Design - Classical Shojo ♥
- Follow original color scheme
- Classical Shojo Manga character
- Main point: long spiky lash
- Flowy hair for girly look
- I took my inspo for coloring from PS game Persona 4 Kinda failed though. lol

Let me tell you that it was REALLY HARD to draw something reasonable on such a long, thin format! xD That was definately the most difficult part about this challenge, and I felt lot's of Contestants actually struggled with it! xD

Also, I didn't really draw since 2009... I used to have really good drawing skills when I was still a Teenager, but I lost all of my ability it seems... it was quite hard for me to get back into it in such a super short time, and produce something acceptable.
I'm definately not satisfied with my Design, but it was the best I could come up with under my circumstances.

People handed in more then 200+ Designs in that Contest, it was really awesome to browse the big Gallery on L'Oreal! Such a big inspiration! It's amazing to see how many talented people are out there! ♥

After the deadline, L'Oreal had chosen the 20 best Designs.
AND WE WERE SO LUCKY OMG! Both, my husbands and my Design, became part of the Top 20!! I was so excited that day, I almost got mad! xD I even forgot to put on my bra before I went to work. lol

Every Contestant in the Top 20 now won a really awesome Make-up Set by L'Oreal ♥ - lucky me to get even 2 of them!! x3 (Unless my hubby wants to use his Set on his own... lol)

The Top 20 were set up for a VOTING.

In this Voting, you had to collect as many Facebook Likes as possible.

My husband and me worked really hard on this! xD"
As you've seen, I've put up a Giveaway and advertised it on many different media. I also crossposted the Contest as much as I could, and invited family, coworkers, well almost the half hospital I'm working at to vote for me! xD
My husband spread the word all across Taiwan, China and the rest of the world. lol It's quite useful to have a native Mandarin speaker as husband, haha. xD

If you scroll up to the images again, you can see how many votes we've collected in the end. ♥

♥♥♥ We appreciate every like button that has been clicked, our honest thanks goes out to all of you! Thanks for your great support! ♥♥♥

In the very end, we didn't make it though. 
However, I've had a great experience with this, and it really made me get back into drawing! I've totally forgotting how relaxing it is ♥

AND I've now gotten lot's of Tattoo sketch requests from our hospital's staff. lol Guess I'm not gonna leave my mark on L'Oreal Mascara, but on peoples skin instead! xD Funny turn, but it makes me so happy! ♥

Thanks for reading, and a GIANT THANKS again to everybody that voted, shared and supported us! You're the best ♥♥♥

xoxo, Chira ♥