Friday, November 13, 2015

Host transformation! OMG check this out! xD

RocketNews24 sent two of their (middle aged) reporters to get a host make-over... the result is... FASCINATING! xD

Please, see for yourself:
 Gorgeous, huh? xD

...the eyebrows though... xD" Kinda more attracted to the original version ♥
Full article here!

Just finished my training ♥
I got a new baby now ♥

Elliptical ♥
I wanna have a sexy ass soon ♥
I can already feel this Elliptical having way mooooore effect on my legs then the machines in the Gym... Maybe because the base weight to work with is only 4kg... makes me move a loooot faster then in the Gym!
I don't care about fat burning pulse anymore. I've read a lot about this topic, coming to the decision to give 0 fucks. lol
I'm just gonna listen to my body ♥ Feel so goooood now ♥

xoxo, Chira ♥

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