Thursday, November 26, 2015

Snow snow snooooow

Everything is glowing white out there. Well, I guess it's time to get into christmas mood. :´D

Just like the past years, I was making advent wreathes again.
My mom "orders" one each year, because my "design" is more creative then store bought ornaments. lol 

She likes classical colors, so I've done a red x gold version for her. I hope she'll like it ♥

Mine is a bit more fancy...
White x gold x wings ♥ OMG I love those wings - gives off a "Sailor Moon" Vibe. lol
Gonna light the first candle on Sunday ♥

I'm selling my last 2 Lolita dresses right now.
I've actually left Lolita long ago, but those two were my beloved babies. But now it's time to let them go... they'll make somebody else really happy  ♥
But somehow it still feels like putting grandma in a retirement home. It hurts. lol

Gonna comfort myself with a d.i.a Lucky Pack, mwahaha. :´D

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. Ich liebe Rot und Weiß zu Weihnachten :D
    Weiß vor allem....weil wenn es shcon draußen keine "Weiße Weihnacht" gibt dann wenigsten drinnen ;D

    1. Ooooh, habt ihr so wenig Schnee? o.o
      Ich lebe ja im südlichsten Süden Bayerns, mitten in den Bergen - ich ersticke hier teilweise im Schnee. xD" Muss teilweise 2 stündlich zum Schneeschippen raus. x__X

      Deswegen mag ich Winter nicht. Schneeschippen, Auto freikratzen, überall Matsche-Pampe auf den Gehwegen... Q__Q

  2. they are so beautiful ;_; wish I could buy them haha! <3

    1. Ahhhw, you're so cute! <3 I think store bought advent wreathes are also really pretty if you add some more details! x3 Everything is up to ones creativity ♥

      You made me think about taking comissions next year, though. lol