Monday, November 16, 2015

Evolving to a better self ♥

Today I started with Insanity Workout
Crazy, it's really INTENSE. To be honest, I hardly pulled through. lol
Felt a little unsatisfied, so I did an extra session of Elliptical and Squats. =P

I wanna have this sexy body...
Before or after, I'm actually fine with both. lol

This is an old photo...
...I always hesitated uploading it because I HATE my face and hair on it...
However, I thought the code was cute. lol
*derp derp*

Coat, 2-piece-Set, Stockings: Ma*rs
Sandals: Yumetenbo
Handbag: Golds Infinity

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. Love the outfit pic :D und ich sollte mir mal ne scheibe abschneiten von deinem workout engagement XD . . . . ich wer dnur runder.....kann schon umher kullern *lolz*
    aber ich vermisse meine oraora dansou outfits.....ich sollte auch mal wieder shoppen gehen denke ich ;D

    1. Ahhhw, Dankeschön! x3
      Naja, der Grund für mein Training ist ja eigentlich auch das ich mal wieder zu kullern beginne. xD" That's life, so ist das eben manchmal. =P
      Oh jaaaaa, ich mochte deine Outfits immer soooo gerne!! >///< Würde mich soooo freuen wieder mehr Leute "unserer Generation" bloggen zu sehen! Die meisten Gyaru/-o Blogs sind ja leider ausgestorben. Q__Q

  2. Go for it!! And honestly I wouldn't mind having your body it looks great to me!

    Join my giveaway!

    1. Thank you so much, sweetheart! x3
      I love your blog and your giveaway! *__* I'll be joining right away! ;D

  3. Ehhh you look good in that outfit photo though! xD

    Both before and after images look good tbh. The after one would be such high maintenance! Even a week off squats would totally ruin it :O

    1. Thank you very much! x3
      I guess its because the clothes are good for my body type. lol I've got chubby thights and a big bum, that's perfectly hiding under a skirt and coat. lol Also, high heels help stretching the figure - yes, I guess it's only the magic of clothes. xD

      I also thought so! That girl must be doing an awful lot of sports to maintain that figure - not sure if I would be able to keep that up. x__X I admire her!
      If my ass will look just half as good as her's, I'm fine. xD