Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DIY bath bomb ♥

No idea what to present to christmas? Running on a short budget as well? Or wanna make a personalized gift, but no idea?

I might have something for you... ;D

Pretty, right? ;D
I LOVE making bath bombs!
I probably don't have to tell you that they're hella expensive if you buy them at the store... if you follow my recipe, you can make one bath bomb for less then 1€. In your own design. With a scent that you've chosen.
Sounds good, right? ;D
I also love the oily film that they're leaving on my skin after bathing... no need to waste time on body lotion, hihihi ♥

LEVEL: Beginner
PRICE RANGE: Less then 1€ per bath bomb, max. spending 8€ for ingredients - will result in 6 bath bombs
TIME FRAME: 1 hour, 4 days drying time


Silicone Mold of your choice (OPTIONAL: Just form a ball with your hands)
200g Soda (Natron)
100g Citric Acid Powder
50g Starch (Corn or Rice starch works best!)
40 drops of scented oil
2 tablespoons of dried leaves or tea
1 tablespoon of Honey
7 tablespoons of Oil (Baby Oil)

5 Tablespoons of milk powder (Milk bath)
1 Tablespoon of food coloring (NOT based on water! Any powder or gel formula is okay)
1/2 teaspoon of gold powder
6 tiny figures to hide inside the bath bomb (for kids)
6 small pieces of chocolate (Chocolate bath)
... the list can go on! Be creative! ;D

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't mix anything water based into your mixture. It will immediately react with the soda and the acid, and start foaming like crazy!


Step 1
Weigh all of the dry ingredients...
 ...and mix them together.
Set aside.

Step 2
Measure and pour the liquid ingredients in a bowl. 
If you're using hard oils, make sure to melt them in the microwave first. ;D
Smell test if the scent is strong enough for you - if not, just add some more scented oil! =)
 Then stir carefully...
It's not gonna mix up perfectly, but that doesn't matter anyways.

Step 3
Mix the dry and the wet ingredients together. Use the spoon first, then go through with your fingers. 
 The structure should be solid when you press it in your hand, but crumbly if you poke your finger into it!

Step 4
Optional, if you want 2-color bath bombs like mine. ;D
Split the portion in two.
 Add the food coloring, und mix it well with your fingers.
CAREFUL: Don't use water based food coloring. It will immediately react with soda and acid, and start foaming like crazy! 
Should look like this! =)

Step 5
Squeeze it into the mold with your fingers. If you have 2 or more colors, add them after another - just make sure to keep the surface uneven, that'll create nice effects! =)
If you don't have a mold, just carefully form balls with your hands - give them a nice squeeze! ;D
You can also add special effect substances now. I've been using cherry tea leaves for my pink bath bombs, and gold powder for my green bath bombs! If you have little figures / chocolate / any hard cores to hide, make sure to not forget digging them in there! ;D
Lemongrass scented bath bomb with cherry tea leaves ♥

Eucalyptus scented bath bomb with gold powder ♥ (AWESOME if you have a cold! That'll open your nose!)

Leave the bath bombs inside the molds for at least 4 days, better 1 week. 
Then you can carefully take them out, and store them in a box (that'll prevent loss of scent), or pack them nicely as a present. ;D

If you want some extra deco, you can sprinkle the bath bombs with some additional flower leaves / gold powder / shredded chocolate... really, just be creative! ;D

Green: Eucalyptus scented bath bomb with gold powder
Pink: Lemongrass scented bath bomb with cherry tea leaves

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. This is such a cool gift idea and the end result looks really nice ^ ^

    1. YES! =D And they're so easy and fast to make! Like... you could even encourage younger siblings / kids to join. Anybody past age 9 is okay, I think... they just shouldn't try to stuff their mouths with the powders. lol

  2. omg ;___; this looks so great I need to try it out - the idea btw is great!!! *__*

    1. Thank you very much! =D Yes yes, please try! There are endless variations, it's lovely!
      I've bought a scented oil that smells like "christmas" (lol) yesterday - gonna make a special christmas edition to give it to my sister, hrhrhr. x3

  3. Die sehen echt cool aus und sind ne gute idee für weihnachten *^* Färbt sich das Wasser schön mit mit der Farbe?

    1. Ja, das Wasser färbt sich tatsächlich! =D Es kommt natürlich darauf an wie viel Farbe man in die Masse mischt - bei meinen oben abgebildeten Badekugeln hat sich das Wasser zartrosa / mint gefärbt. ^^

      Ganz so kräftig wie bei gekauften Badebomben wird es allerdings nicht - die verwenden bestimmt speziell entwickelte Farben. o.O