Friday, November 6, 2015

Say Goodbye... Say Hello?!

Many things have changed recently.

We (my husband and I) have moved to a bigger place, and we both LOVE it here. It's a bit far to go to work now, but living in our "little palace" is definately worth it! ;D
Now everybody is expecting us to have kids soon. lol 
It's quite annoying!

Such big changes in life always influence our personality, don't you think so?
For me, it did. I kinda lost track of what I loved the most... Gyaru.

Beeing so busy with life, Gal magazines vanishing, and the general decrease of Gyaru culture... maybe I simply forgot about Gyaru? However.
I started to loose track, and just found my way back.

Please, I don't wanna be mature yet, okay? I don't wanna have a child yet. (I do love kids and want to have at least 2, but not now... even though I'm getting old?)
I wanna enjoy Gyaru. Wanna travel around the world, wanna travel to Japan. Once in my life, I also wanna go to shop a fukubukuro at Shibuya 109. Let me stay like this a little longer...
I wish I can feel the same passion for Gyaru that I had 5 years ago... I've just browsed some old Blogs from Gals of "my" generation... We're have you all gone? Most of those blogs died out 2013. Pathetic me... I wish I could turn the time back... Can I find all of you back please?

I'm not depressed, just... nostalgic?

I wanna be back!
Please let me be back!

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. Gosh I know exactly how you feel! Gyaru just doesn't feel the same as it did before... But I will still love it lots and lots! <3 I'm still blogging, but there are hardly any of us doing it anymore ;_;

    1. Lizzie ♥
      You always give me hope with your blog though! lol
      Let's stick together! >////<

      I love your Agejo style so much ♥