Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gyaru gaki

Gyaru gaki: Children that are dressed in gyaru style (jap. "gaki" = "brat")

A while ago, the japanese brand MA*RS (famous for koakuma-kei style clothes) cought attention in kind of a bad way - they were selling rather revealing kid´s fashion.
(I can´t find any stockphotos of their kid´s series anymore, and I also couldn´t find a childrens section on their webstore - I suppose they don´t sell kid´s wear anymore. o.O)

This was the first time when Gyaru gaki cought my attention - in a rather bad way, I must confess. ^^"

Anyways - MA*RS is not the only brand that does focuss on gal style fashion for kids - and of course, there are lot´s of positive examples!

Gyaru gaki does take a turn on every common gal style such as Mori (dressing very natural, like a girl that lives in a forest), Amekaji (japanese turn on US fashion) & Rokku (dressing like a rockstar) ~ just for example. =)

Here are 2 links to common Gal gaki shops! Again, you will have to use a shopping service to purchase from there. =)
Coco Market

I can also recommand rakuten, especially Yumetenbo kid´s rakuten store! =D
They´ve got so much cute stuff there, so I took most of my images below from Yumetenbo. ^^
You will have to use a shopping service to purchase from rakuten as well! =)

And since none of my blog entry´s is complete without a giant photo-listing... up on the pic´s now! x3

Looks like they had so much fun during the shooting! =D
The girl with the ugg-style boots is looking so cuuuute!

I wish I would have been such a cool kid... xD"
The leopard cap rocks! xD

Typical (hime)gal style shoes are available for kids as well...

...but this does remember me of the "Suri scandal" so much! x__X
I´m talking about the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Some years ago, there was a huge scandal on german medias, showing sweet little Suri wearing ca. 2cm high heeled shoes, photo here. There was a huge discussion if Katie and Tom are good parents or not. o.O

Personally... I won´t make my (future) little daughter (xD") wear such shoes. It seems to be so uncomfy for a little girl, and it´s bad for the feet´s growth for sure. o.O

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhw... :´D
What more do I have to say? xD
I find the armwarmers on the romper in the left upper corner a bit useless... o.O
But the rest of the outfits is just so cuuuuuuute! :´D

Haha, I do own the same orange/pink tunic as the girl in the upper left corner. =)
Most outfits on Yumetenbo kid´s are smaller versions of the clothes sold on the regular Yumetenbo store for grown gals - so that little girls can twin up with their (possibly gal) moms, perfect example in the pic in the under right corner! xD
I really love the pink polkadot outfit, looks so colorful and sweet! =D

Of course Yumetenbo kid´s does take a turn on the famous short skirted Yukata that became famous recently. =)

This store does also feature a sexy koakuma-kei category for kids.
I dislike this a lot, especially the right outfit with the giant pink lace garters.
I just don´t see the point dressing a little girl in sexy overknee stockings? Am I oldfashioned? o__o"
Some pieces of those outfits are okay when worn with a lot less revealing outfits - just like the pink leather jacket. Might look super cute with black pants and a cute printed T. =)

I think that´s enough for today, thanks for your attention! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: I`m very sorry for the lack of updates AND answering on comments recently. I have been so damn busy with work, I just couldn´t make any time. I´m very sorry for this. ^^"
I promise to do it better soon! x3


  1. If I had a daughter, she will be dressing up like a little Princess :)

  2. On the top U write :

    (jap. "gaki" = "brat")

    "brat" it's polish word :p
    that means "bruder" (english "brother")

  3. Hello baby!!! <3 I haven't comment this entry ...why???
    I'm a very sensitive person and love kids with all my Heart (i think i'm born to be a mother ...just like Mary ahahahaha oh Jesus .___. )
    ok!!! the other day I found out one of my pics on a japanese porn website about AV kurogyaru like Cocona and so on and in yhe same entry there were a pic of a 8 years old gyaru tanned with a lovely leopard dress. The pic was obviously of a webshop so the kid were in safe. There was no connetion between the porn site and the kid. She was there only cuz as me she was tanned and gyaru. All the girls I showed this were shocked but not me cuz i can't see a malicious thing it this. Btw... I can't see anything wrong in koakuma like clothes for kids (I MEAN THIS KIND...cuz it's not provocative or sexy at all)
    I just mean those in the pics cuz these kind of clothes doesnt try to 'adultify' them On them a piece of lace around a leg is not sexy a fucking piece of lace on a kid <,< this is just to say that u can live better if a piece of cloth doesnt hurt your sensibility. I saw a poor girl around 11 yo here in italy with her mother wearing high heels and a mini skirt that was really sad to see but I remember at 12 I already used high heels, 10 i used long sharp nails also. i think everyone has their own growth and menthality even at 4 yo. My 5 yo sister got a pair of 1 or 2 cm boots and she love them cuz they are noisyyy lol

    The main point here is that they are pure so if u see a 'wrong thing' looking at them is not the clothes itself imho...