Friday, October 1, 2010

Yet another photospam. =3

I just browsed some of my older photoposts and realized that I seem to be crazy about ugly face expressions. lol
I promise to cut that out as much as possible soon... xD"

Try on Himegyaru...
Uhm... the tiny sparkles on that photo is no special effect or such, it´s dust on my mirror... xD" (Oh my god, so embarrassing. Plz excuse...^^")
Wow. I`m too stupid to do a V sign... that´s shocking, seriously. xD"

I´m wearing Dolly Wink lashes on this photo, but it´s so hard to tell. =/
Dammit. I suck in taking photos... ~__~
Wig = Cyperous
Dress = JD Replica
Accessory = random & selfmade

LOVE is my message! xD"Well, can´t see anything about my face - but the shirt looks nice! xD"

H&M giant bow!And again, I´m wearing Dolly Wink lashes on this - but it´s so hard to see. =/
crap webcam pics... ~__~

Trying out new hairstyle VOL.1
It´s so hard to explain how I did this tail. xD"
It´s like... a tail that I arranged diagonal over my head - I decorated it with two bows.
From the front, it was looking like a hairbun... failed a bit. xD"
But I still got lot´s of compliments for it, which made me so happy! ^///^
No lashes on this - I confess I was too lazy after spending so much time on my hair. ^^"

Trying out new hairstyle VOL.2
Inspired by this hairstyle: click! x3
Did definately NOT reach the level of the original hairstyle... but at least I managed to get some defined strains, yahoo! x3
Total fail at copying Tsubasa´s famous ducklip pose & no lashes because of eternal lazyness. xD"

A photo of the Obi of my Yukata (I wore it on a japanese summers festival some weeks ago)!
I tried to make it look a bit more hime. =)My dinner some days ago:
Just 2 Nigiri because I wasn´t that hungry that evening. =)
I ♥ Gari

I´m thinking: I really suck in taking photos of myself... need to find a solution for this. =/
I want: Better photos, loose some weight, become gyaru... =///=
Mission: Find a way to take better photos, so that I don´t have to make excuses all the time! (Btw... sorry again for crap photos. ^^")

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. On two first photos U look beautiful :]

  2. Ohh... and i like this roses with pearls' and bow band (?)
    cuteeeeee ♥

  3. Is that you?? That's totally awesome!
    Very nice, sparkling pictures. :)

  4. Yes, it is.
    Beautiful, right ? :)

  5. Sweety, do U have poupee girl ?
    Coz i think I find U xP

  6. The wig/hairstyle really suits you. It's lovely. =o)

  7. @BlondHime: Oh you´re always so cute to me, sweetheart! Thanks for your comments! I made most of the accessory myself - inspired by JD. ^^ But you´re still so much better in handcrafting, I really adore your skills and love to watch your blog with all those cute selfmade items! You´re so talented! :´D

    @Sheridan: Yes, that´s me. But those photos suck, I confess. xD"
    I´m just too clumsy to take good photos of myself. ^^"
    Thanks for your comment, I feel so happy now. x3

    @黃愛玲: Oh thank you so much! ^///^ I´m trying out so many things with my hair & my wigs, so it´s always nice to get such a feedback!
    Wow, you´re from Taiwan - I just recognized! So wonderful! =D
    I´ll check out your Blog now! x3

    1. Heyyy you look soo pretty and ithink your hairstyles are just as good as famous peoples hair... did you make this website cos its so nice and pink and so girly how i like it whenever i see your face it cheers me up keep up the hard work... you inspire me... oh yes you should make your own beauty show or shop and do cat walks with your dresses and hair style you could also be a model... sorry if im being a bit ott just suggesting please be my friend xxx

    2. Hey dear, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment! =D

      You really flatter me a lot, thank you so much! My face just turned bright red, haha. ^////^

      Yes, I've done the layout of this blog on my own - its not perfect, but the best I could do. xD" I'll try to improve with the next layout that I'm uploading. ;)

      It's the greatest compliment of all if somebody is mentioning that I inspire her/him! Thank you so much, I could cry now. ;___; ~ I don't feel that awesome myself, and those photos above are super old already - nowadays my style is a little different. I strife for perfection, hope I can be even more fashionable soon! ^////^/

      Do you have a blog, dear? I would really love to get to know you! =D

  8. Do not overdo it. It's not art.

    Just a small trip to the store the haberdashery, and is cheap to create, something cool.

    I do, then you envy those beautiful dresses :)

  9. Yes, my husband is Taiwanese. We're planning to live there in the near future. Right now I just visit for friends and family. =o)