Wednesday, October 6, 2010

♥ Chinese Lolita brands ♥

I´ve seen so many cute Lolitas wearing chinese brands recently! So nice to see, since I love to wear them, too. =)

Mentioning the word "Lolita" together with "China" has mostly been a bad sign in the past.
China had a bad reputation of producing tacky and super poor made replicas of beautiful brand dresses. Ebay is a famous platform for such cheap rubbish dresses, so better watch out carefully before buying from there. =/

Since some years, lot´s of chinese lolita brands gained a very good reputation with producing own and unique designs with good quality. Most of them can be found on (it´s like... China´s eBay. xD).
And not to forget... even really famous jp brands like Angelic Pretty work together with chinese manufacturers. ;D

So, just to name some recommandable chinese Lolita brands...


First... BEWARE! F+F is selling Cosplay costumes that are looking more or less lolita-ish, too - so it´s useful to take a close look at the items to check up if they´re lolita or not.

~ F+F is the most trustable brand selling their stuff on eBay.
~ They´re producing replicas and own designs
~You can order directly from their webstore
~ The quality of their items is really good for the rather cheap price
(I own a tuxedo jacket made by them - my favorite jacket because it fit´s so flattering, and the quality is great by no means!)
~They do custom sizing
~Lot´s of color variations available for every item
~Recommandable: Very warm and good quality winter coats! ^^

Some photos...
I´m pretty sure those are AP replicas, though. o.O


~mostly Classic / Sweet / Hime designs
~Long history of making lolita clothes
~Producing mostly their own designs, just a few replica
~You can order directly from their website
~Nice quality for nice price - you get what you paid for! =)
~They´re using good lace, not the cheap plastic stuff
~They do custom sizing
~They do produce shoes as well!
(There have been some issues with their shoes some years ago, but they improved a lot! Now their shoes are really recommandable. ^^)

Some photos...
I got this classic lolita OP... you can see! xD
My absolute favorite outfit for autumn! x3
(Photo taken some days ago, I went to an apple market with my granny)
The dress was custom made, and it did fit like a glove when I got it - now I lost some weight, and it´s a bit too loose on my body therefore. xD"
I added some details to the dress, as you can see. ^///^
/=spam=end. xD"


~Famous for super pretty dresses with great quality
~Producing their own designs, BUT: some pieces are inspired by JP brands, can´t be unseen
(example: Moi-Meme-Moité ~ Rose Melody)
~You have to use a shopping service to buy from their taobao shop, OR order from qutieland for example. You can also get the dresses second hand on the egl community sales. ^^
~Famous for high quality embroidery and detailed prints
~They do custom sizing

NOTE: Here´s a list and lot´s of reviews about almost ALL taobao lolita stores!
Check it out, there are so many more great brands listed! x3
Click here! x3
Aaaaah, that´s why I love egl

Some photos...I just bought this one second hand...When it appeared on the Rose Melody webshop about 1 year ago, it was love at first sight. :´D
I always had a reason to not buy it, though... (saving money for vacation... xD")

I just bought it second hand for a great price, and I can´t wait to hold it in my hands soon.
I´ll coordinate it with black items, I think

Those 3 brands are really just a few out of so many great chinese lolita brands!
I can just recommand to check out the list below again, especially when you don´t want to/you can´t spend lot´s of money on your lolita wardrobe. =)
Click me... again! XD

Oh, by the way... since such questions come up pretty often:
I would not say that chinese brands are producing the same quality dresses as most JP brands do. There´s still a huge difference between... for example AP´s delicated dresses and Rose Melody - which is just normal, as you can already guess from the price differences. o.O
Haha, I don´t think I have to take it any further. =)

Thanks for reading! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Awww those are beautiful dresses! :D

  2. I like this black-pink coat.
    I have this photo on my blog xp

    Ohhh...U have A.H. dress :p
    cute design, but i don't like red colour.

  3. F+F = IN LOVE
    ROSE MELODY= the same *ç*

    ANNA ...=I think i love it also

    If i buy something I let you know baby!!!