Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet & Sexy ♥ Picture heavy! ;D

I still have got a heavy crush on koakuma-kei and agejo style clothes.
I only have a few clothes that match this style, but some new hot items will arrive soon, yahoo! ♥

Since I´m so impatient, I`m going to give my heart a rest with some sexy eyecandy! x3

Here are some of my fav. items from my fav. brands!


Garter style pants
So sexy from the front AND the back! :´D
Needs some gut´s to wear them outside, I think... but I would love to try! Ò__O/

Lingerie top
Reminds me of playboy bunnies somehow. xD"
I think it would look even more hot (and less costumey...) with a black high collar lace shirt underneath. o.O

Overknee leather boots
So perfect for rokku kei as well! :´D

Pretty typical Golds Infinity style top =)Sweet fluffy fur on the collar! :´D

3-colored dress
Great style, great model! :´D
I really like the beret she´s wearing with this outfit. Gives some cute touch to this sexy dress!

Salmon pink & delicate laceAmazing color, makes the whole dress appear elegant and sexy!


Fur & Rose boots
Just... wow! *___*
I´m sure this heel would kill me... but still, I wanna haaaave them! ~///~
...who cares about a broken ankle when your ankle is inside one of theeeese... :´D

Glitzy chain shoe decoI´ve added some decorative chains and (former) necklaces to my boots last year as well... of course they´re making some weird sound while walking, so most people kept on staring at me in disbelieve. xD"
Since this chain is tighter then mine, it might work out a lot better (and more quiet while walking... xD").
Maybe I should give it a new try. o.O

Leather & Lace Leggins
Those leather leggins are super trendy already, and I love how Mars combined it with sexy lace!
Extra hot! x3

Most beautiful shorts I`ve ever seen. :´DI do already own such a pair of shorts with pink lace... but I really want the black version as well one day! ~///~
The butterfly chain adds some extra cuteness, so beautiful!

Fox tail
Super trendy this year!
I don´t like wearing real fur very much, though. =/

Sexy pink ribbon blazer
The inner side features Mars famous chain & roses fabric, as you can see on the sleeves! =D


Glitzy sandals
The tiny bow on the toe-ring is so cute, but it looks a bit lost in my opinion. xD"

Famous heart heelsOften seen on lot´s of japanese magazines. =)

Sexy back-lacing blouse
I especially like the giant bow and the hot pink version! *__*

Even a normal sweater can be super sexy...
Kyaaah! I want one! ~///~
Unfortunately the bust measurements are too small for me. =/

Simple but sexy
The bra part is sewn in. =)

What else do I have to say?? *___*

I adore people that wear those clothes without caring about the meaning of others. It´s obvious what most people might be thinking when seeing girls wearing such hot stuff... so close minded!
All those hot gals are my idols, I wanna do my very best to grow enough self-esteem to suit this style perfectly. =)

Well, enough of this post already. ;D
Thanks for reading!

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Yes, MARS have lovely stuff :)
    But this GOLD'S INFINITY it's to sexy, not for me xp

  2. ohh and YUMETENBOU is also nice :p