Thursday, October 21, 2010

I want the summer back o///o

The weather is getting so cold now in Germany... dark, rainy, and the streets start to be so dirty again (mud and rotten leaves everywhere. x__X).
No wonder I´m getting into a very melancholic mood again... it´s the same with me every year. xD" Once autumn and winter is coming, I´m getting into really bad mood easily. xD"

So... actually I don´t feel a lot of inspiration for writing a (reasonable xD") blogpost. =/
So just another photo update this time. ^^"

From old to new. =)

Btw... since my webcam was only taking perfectly overblended photos (dammit, I`m looking like a ghost on every snapshot. <.<), I just bought a new one online! Can´t wait to get it and try it out! x3
Ghost times are over, aye! Ò__O/

Can´t get enough of side tails... xD"
I just had to try it out again. =)
I´m not wearing any lashes here - I admit that I`m mostly too lazy to put them on after work. =/ (I´m not allowed to wear them at work)

My natural hair + long straight extensions
I was invited for a vampire party that day, so I combined lot´s of my lolita items with sexy leather leggins - unfortunately I couldn´t take any good photos of my outfit that day. =/ (I always suck with that. ^^")

After work...
I mostly wear such a hairbun at work, to give my boring uniformed nurse look at least just a tiny bit of style. ^^"
Of course no earrings and headbow at the hospital. o.O
Strict rules are strict. ^^"

Just for fun...It´s da gal without any bodyz! Dx
Holy cow... that´s why I bought the new cam. xD"

Cought while doing a videochat with my dear Mai-chan. xD"She´s got a talent for capturing my silly poses. xD"

Short hime beehive...
I´m trying to do some new things with my prisila halfwigs as long as my new extensions are on the way to my home. o.O
I teased the hell out of the hairpiece for this style, just to find out I placed the volume part too far on my backhead in the end. ^^"
But okay, I will learn from my mistakes. =)

I still have to improve a lot... but I think I`m on the way to gyaru!
I will give my very best, aye! Ò__O/

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. I like your roses earrings :)
    I understand why U cannot have earrings (jewelry) at hospital, but why headbow ? o.O
    How re U Princess? :D

  2. You look very beautiful! :D
    The weather here is freezing!! Makes me wish for summer again. My hands are so cold!

    Talk to you soon! :)

  3. @BlondHime: Thank you sweety, I´m doing fine! I just have been very busy with work. =)

    Yes, we´re not allowed to wear any of our own items at work - only uniform is allowed.

    It´s because... we might carry bacterias and viruses around with our own items, because we take them home with us again (just like a headbow, for example). I know, this rule is rather stupid... since all those bacterias and viruses could be carried around with our skin and hair as well, but hey - those are the hospitals rules. xD"

    @Sheridan: Thank you so much! x3

    Yes, I heard it became very cold in a very short period of time in Taiwan! It´s rather unusual, isn´t it? O__O"
    You poor one! >////<
    Cold weather sucks, it makes me feel like a cat... I only want to sleep all the time, I always become so lazy! xD"

    Have a great time! x3