Tuesday, October 12, 2010

♥Metamorphose temps de fille♥

Metamorphose (the short version of the name) is a japanese lolita brand, get more info´s on this great site: info over heeeere! =D

When I started getting into lolita fashion, Meta wasn´t even a tiny bit interesting to me, I confess. I had a crush on AP from the beginning until now... xD"
But when they started to come up with all those unusual clothes (like the famous PU leather skirt, or the denim version!), Meta catched my interest immediately!

Now I`m so in love with all those detailed prints they´re making - even though the shape of their dresses is mostly not my cup of tea. (I`m a bit picky about this... xD")

I put together a collection of my fav. Meta prints, including print close-up! =)

Oh, and by the way... Swan´s are kind of Metamorphoses "seal". There are swan´s in almost every print of them - so can you find the swan´s in the pictures? ;D
(Haha, remembers me of the old "Where´s Waldo?" books. xD)

(yay, such a creative name... xD")
The whole dress is full of tiny details, which I personally love most about it! Especially on the black version of the dress, the sweet print pop´s out the best I think.
I personally don´t like the shape of this dress, it´s too simple for me - but very perfect in order to get the full attention on the amazing print! =)

Meta´s turn on a gate print. xD
I think they pulled it off perfectly, the gate including the Logo looks fabulous!
But I don´t like the clouds above, since they´re looking like a army camouflage pattern on the dress in my opinion. x__X

SWAN LAKEAaaaaah, my absolute favorite (especially this colorway and shape)!
One of Meta´s most romantic prints in my opinion - and the shape of this JSK is just perfect for it, with all the frills! (The breast part with the bow can be taken off, so this JSK can be worn as underbust JSK too! Very functional. =D)
My best friends fav. dress, she infected me with all the love for it. xD"

Meta´s latest print features Pegasus! :´D
It´s so super sweet, elegant and romantic in this colorway! There are tiny stars all over the skirt part of this JSK, and the top features a lacing with a blue ribbon, to pick up one of the main colors of the print again.
I love all the glitzy so much... and of course the little pony, can´t help it. xD"

Metamorphose is definately worth a look, it´s a great brand besides the famous Angelic Pretty and Baby, the stars shine bright. =)

My breakfast. xD
I felt a bit sick the past weeks, so today I decided to eat a vitamine C bomb for breakfast! A fat Honey Pomelo! xD
(I put an egg beside it to show you how giant it was!)
Haha, but the eatable part of it isn´t that big - maybe the size of a grapefruit. The rest is a big hill of peel. xD"
I love pomelo most of all citrus fruits, because it´s not sour and bitter, but really sweet! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. I don't like dress/skirt's with pet's, food, sweet's , etc print.
    I think t's childish.
    But cutting is great!

  2. Hope you get better! :)
    I love grapefruits! One of my favotire fruits! :)
    Can I ask you where you are from?

  3. I love SWAN LAKE one!!!! how adorable is it???
    and the pegasus skirt is very very very very very mice!!!