Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hair inspiration ♥

I really love japanese fashion magazines, mostly Ageha! (alright, I confess... it´s because Sakurina is an Ageha model. xD")
I love to see all those beautiful gals pulling of the latest trends, and even the commercials in the magazine are looking fab! x3

But I must confess... I love the old Ageha magazines even more, mostly because of the hair tutorials.
In the recent magazines, every hairstyle looks the same to me - and they mostly require pretty long hair, which I don´t have. =/

Here are some of my favorite hairstyles, that I want to try out soon. =3

Ageha Jan./08

Taken from a commercial. xD"
Braids have always been pretty famous with gyaru, I especially like this version!
I`ve seen alice bands with wig braids on top... maybe I´ll go for one to achieve this style. o.O
(It´s already so hard for me to do neat looking side braids, so I´m pretty sure that I´m too clumsy to do such a beautiful big braid in the middle of the head. xD")

And god said: Let there be volume! D:Looks so great from the front!
I`m not sure about the side view, though. o.O The "beehive" looks a bit to seperated in my opinion. I think I´ll add some curls on the bottom layers. =3

Cute fuzzy hair!
This fuzzy hair looks so wild and cute, I especially like the hairstyle on the right side with the little hairclips! x3
But it requires so much teasing that I`m a bit afraid to do this to my hair... I did tease it too often the past weeks, so it´s a bit broken right now. xD"

I don´t even care which kind of side tail it is, I love all of them. xD"
It´s always so amazing to me to see all those defined strains... I´ve seen some girls on the web that can do this to their hair so perfectly! I wish I will be that skilled one day, too! >////<
I wanna try hard to become better and better. =)

Ageha Oct./08

FAV side tail!
Love at first sight!
Not just that the model looks gorgeous, this kind of wild but super elegant side tail caught my attention immediately! I especially like the strains that are softly falling over the face, and the sexy hair corsage!
Unfortunately, the explanation is a bit difficult. xD"

Guess what... another side tail! xD"
Just too cute! ♥
I like the sweet curls on the bangs the most!
I think I`ll have to attach my extension clips to my natural hair to create this big volume. o.O"

Oh, and besides...
I´ve found some super cute magazine scans of gyaru lolitas, they´re so inspiring! =D

Vanilla Sept./08

*staaaare* *___*
The perfect princess! :´D
She´s wearing Angelic Pretties "Strawberry Ribbon" OP, as far as I can see!
This make-up is perfect with this dress, I think - especially the pink cheeks! So cute! x3
Lolita does look great without wearing any make-up too, of course! But I must confess that I`m really into colorful make, especially with OTT Lolita! x3

Unfortunately, I can only memorize AP´s print names. xD"
So I don´t even have a clue where this cute dress is from, sorry. ^^"
The eye make-up comes out a bit too dark on this photo, I think... but the rest is just flawless. ♥

LOVEcake ~ Breakfast for my Honey! xD
I love to cook! (Unfortunately I love to eat too much, too. xD")
~American Pancake (looks like it was fallen down on the floor. lol Sorry for that.. xD") with cherry syrup hearts on it
~Cherry sauce with full cherries
~Vanilla & Berry ice-cream
~chocolate sauce
~ powdered sugar
~Berry milk with milk froth topping and berry syrup heart. x3

itadakimasu~! xD

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Honestly? I don't like this first photos hairstyles.
    I like tapirs, heavily relied on the hair, and these are the "flat".
    Last two photos is ok.

    And i like this breakfast.
    Come make something for me xP

  2. To be honest this is just sad and OTT(over the top)

    1. Haha, it's over the top for sure! But that's one part of (some kinds of) Gyaru Style, and I personally like it a lot. =)

      But there are some absolutely awesome easier Gyaru hairstyles that I love, too!
      I think its also depending on the right occassion, too. ^^