Friday, September 17, 2010

Mr. Yan, you´re surprising me... o.O

(NOTE: Mr. Yan is the owner of Bodyline, a webshop for pretty cheap Lolita clothing/Cosplay costumes/hot underwear. lol)

I don´t think I have to write an intro post about Bodyline, since there are already MILLIONS of it online. =)

So... I didn´t buy Bodyline Lolita dresses for AGES (I only bought random accessory). o.O

It´s not because Bodyline is cheap... (I`m miserly, I confess... xD") it´s more because their dresses were not my taste at all.
Unflattering shapes of the dresses, bold look, badly pulled off "oldschool" style dresses (aka: frill-monster/frill-zilla), ugly colors and "prints" (especially talking about the tiny millefleur fabric they were using TOO MUCH. <.<)

I`m talking about dresses like this one...

Ouch. ^^"
I´m sure there are lot´s of girls that love such dresses!
But for me... nay. =/ It´s just not my taste.

But recently, Bodyline is coming up with a few ADORABLE dresses with super cute shape and sweet colorful prints!
If I remember right, Bodyline´s history of NICE and NOT replicated prints started with the "Love Nadia" series about 2 yours ago. They were slowly improving over the past 2 years - not to forget: This development happened thanks to the customer design contests as well! Good job girls and boys, I love your work (especially this dress, basing on a customers design)! =)

Bodyline took a huge step forwards in my opinion, so now I even consider to buy from them again! o.O
Let´s take a look at some of their recent designs. =)

Merry go round & the stars JSK
(title by myself, lol)

A girl on "daily lolita coordinates" posted a photo of herself wearing the black version of the dress... I fell in love with it instantly! *___*
The little stars all over the Jumperskirt, the lines, the cute merry go round print with pink pony´s - simply adorable! :´D
Unfortunately, the dress was already sold out when I entered the site. =/

Sweet biscuit & heart chocolate JSK

So lovely as well! I especially like the back of this dress with the big bow on the neckholders! :´D The black lines of this dress feature a sweet heart & pearls print, the bottom of the skirt is decorated with tasty cookies and chocolate hearts.
I want it in mint so badly... but I was too late again, and now it´s sold out. Dx

Next are two dresses from the latest update!
Soft cream & polkadots JSK

I´m sure it would look even more adorable with a bit more poofy petticoat underneath! o.O
The shape of this dress is not that special, but the print is super sweet and detailed again! Ice-cream, hearts, polkadot´s, bow´s, chocolate... and there´s a pinkxblack version, so I will definately go for it! *___*
This time nothing can hold me back! Ò__O/

Macaron & rose JSK

Haha, I was waiting for a Bodyline macaron print... xD And here it is!
Nice and detailed print again, I love the big scallop ending of the print on the bottom! =D I´m not into the big polkadots... but they´re matching perfectly with this dress!

Haha, I feel like going back to my Lolita roots again. xD" (My first dress was from Bodyline... super ugly dress now that I remember it... Yes, I confess - I was an ita Lolita. Dx Fortunately I could grow out of it. ^^")
Seems like I start to grow a little love for Bodyline again. =)

I´m looking forward to see Bodyline´s further progress. =)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: Oh wow, 7 followers now! Thank you so much!


  1. I love your blog!
    I add U to my fav!
    Have a nice day sweety! :)

  2. Ahhhw, thank you so much!
    This is the first comment I got... you made my day! :´D
    I´m very happy that you like my blog, I hope I can keep it this way. ;D

    Have a great day Honey! x3

  3. Thank U for visit me!
    U re also beautiful.
    I think - not only Japanesse girl can be beauitful Lolita or Hime ;)
    I see so many girl's from Europe or America - really beauty :)
    Have a nice day!

  4. I read your blog... i make some comment's for u :*
    I see u like Perfume.
    Ohh i like it also :D hihi.
    what is your fav song ?

  5. Oh dear, you´re so cute! ^///^
    I`ve seen all of your comments... thank you so much for reading so many postings of mine! I`m really happy now!
    Yeees, I love Perfume! x3 I´m totally into "chocolate disco" right now, but "night flight" is great as well! =D What´s your fav? =3
    Ah, I just recognize... I don´t have a clue if you can see when I´m answering your comments here. xD I will just crosspost at your blog. =)

  6. Chocolate Disco is good. but i love One Room :) also i like Macaroni, Plastic Smile, Game, Computer City, Perfect Star Perfect Smile, Edge - my fav ;)