Saturday, September 4, 2010


Time for some quite funny, but yet senseless spam. xD"

I may quote myself from THIS blog entry about traditional german clothes.

~~~"Men´s traditional wear: "Lederhose". lulz
I definately DON`T like it. xD"~~~

Yes, it´s true. I can´t fight this feeling. Lederhosen are just so ugly in my eyes! Dx
I mean... seriously. It´s looking so awkward... isn´t it? ^^"
Uhhhhw. I mean... uhhhhhhhhhw!!! x___X

But today, I found something that changed my mind a bit... I can definately see something sexy in guys wearing Lederhosen now! o__O"

Lederhosen Panty! :´D

My Honey was so eager to wear Lederhosen when I showed him germany´s traditional clothes some time ago... but of course, I did NOT agree with this plan. xD"
Well... I still don´t like his plan.
And I´m pretty sure I will never do. ^^"
(Even though I`m sure he would rock this style, since he´s so beautiful that even a dirty floorcloth becomes haute couture on his body...)
I definately would love to see him wearing those shorts. ♥
And I`m sure they will look so much sexier on my sweet Darling then on this ugly model ♥
(YES. There´s a reason why I cut the rest of the model´s body off. x__x)

So this panty goes to the hall of fame of "shorts that I want my BF to wear", where THIS BABY already took place 2 months ago. lulz

This is worth a new tag on my blog!
Let´s have fun with the


(jap. "pantsu" = panty, shorts, bloomers)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

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