Sunday, September 19, 2010

♥ Prisila & Cyperous ♥

Prisila and Cyperous are two japanese wig manufacturers, that are pretty famous for producing high quality Hime/Gyaru/Lolita/Cosplay wigs.

It´s not a secret that I`m totally in love with wigs. =)
I love to change my hairstyle a lot - which is a bit hard to do with my natural hair (it´s at about shoulder length right now).
And besides... it´s so much easier to create beautiful hairstyles with using a hairpiece, kihihi. x3

I do own several wigs of Prisila and Cyperous, so I´m going to do make an infopost / a review about it now. =)


This is Prisila´s webstore on rakuten, called "wigland".
Unleast you´re from Japan, you will need a shopping service to buy from there - I strongly recommand Ozawa Mai, get info here! =)

Prisila´s wigs are often seen on japanese fashion magazines such as Ageha, Popteen, Ranzuki... just to name some. =)

They feature the latest trends therefore - some examples:
~two tone wigs
~Gyaru-o wigs (okay okay, just two... but hey, it´s the first time I found Gyaru-o wigs. xD")
~Himegyaru/Gyaru wigs (just some of them)

Most of prisilia´s wigs are actually HALFWIGS, HAIRPIECES and EXTENSIONS, so I recommand to take a close look at the item description. =)
(I love using such single hairpieces a lot instead of wearing a full wig, since I´m free to combine anything just as I want it to create new looks. Hard to manage with a full wig, unleast you´re very handy and able to sew new braids. ^^")

Most of the wigs are heat resistant until 180°C, for further info plz check the item description. =)

Prisila wigs are available in 7 colors mostly, you can take a closer look at the range here! But BEWARE - the real color does vary a lot from this photo, mostly because Prisila´s wigs have lot´s of very detailed highlights and colorful strains!
I´ll be talking about it at the end of this post. =)

The prices are really fair for the wigs, since they´re simply great quality.
The hair does not frizz at all, it´s super easy to comb, the curls don´t fall out, they´re super easy to put on and have a great hold in the hair, they´re comfortable, and most likely: if you put them on right, nobody will recognize you´re wearing a wig! Super natural and stunning look! x3

Enough of the bla, now up for some photos. =)

Since there are lot´s of prisila replica´s recently...
Original prisila wigs do always come with such a wig-purse! The replicas most likely don´t. o.O
This is my prisila halfwig for short hairstyles, I mostly combine it with my fringe hairpiece. =)
The color is LIYE, which is the lightest color in Prisila´s range... but as you can see, it´s looking a lot darker then LIYE!
It´s because this wig has lot´s of highlights and shades - it´s well defined and looking gorgeous, and it fit´s my own haircolor very nicely - so I don´t have a problem with it. =)

The inside...
This halfwig is pinned on a bun of your own hair, therefore the comb and the elastic band on the inside. =) (The elastic band get´s stuffed inside of the wig net, so that it´s invisible on the outside!)
Super easy to put on, has got a great hold and fit´s comfortable!

The side...
As you can see, the curls are very defined and falling nicely.
The bump in the back is part of the wig itself (not cause by my hand on the inside! lol), since this is a hime-style hairpiece - adds some extra volume to the hairstyle! =)

From the front...
...just to take one more look at the curls. =)

Prisila is definately my FAVORITE when it comes to wigs! x3
Their wigs are just perfect for Gyaru styles, the Ageha/Ranzuki/Popteen/fill-in-name-of-a-random-japanese-fashion-magazine models are wearing them for a good reason. ;D

But now, up to the second part of this post...


Cyperous does have a webstore that offers international shipping, just click here! =)
To visit the japanese site, click here!

Cyperous is mostly famous for Cosplay and Hime wigs!

Some examples:
~Hatsune Miku wig
~Hime wig with bangs
~Hime wig without bangs (I do own this one, so following photos are taken of this wig!)

Most Cyperous wigs are FULL WIGS, but they´re selling EXTENSIONS, HALF WIGS and HAIRPIECES as well!
It´s pretty easy to seperate them because of the shop´s menu. ^^

Cyperous wigs are heat risistant until 160°C - for further informations, plz take a look at the items description or ask the seller!
I didn´t use any hot tools on my Cyperous wigs yet, since the hair has got a very weird structure... more about it later!

The wigs are available in several colors, you can just check them up with browsing the store - it´s a bit uncomfy compared to Prisilia. ^^"
The color range includes pretty natural tones from dark brown to ash blonde, over cherry red and purple black.
Cyperous wigs don´t have highlights and shades, they´re just one plain color. =)

About the price range... I must say, I paid too much for what I got in the end.
I bought two hime wigs from Cyperous, both around 70€.
The hair has got a very weird structure (super dry looking), and it´s felting super easily - impossible to comb it out, I had to cut it! The roots were already broken and frizzy when I got the wigs... <.<
BUT... The curls are just lovely, and they got a nice hold! Since I bought hime wigs, there´s a bump in the back part of the wig to add some extra volume - it comes out very nice! =)

I´ll show you some photos of one of my Cyperous full hime wigs as well. =)

On the inside...You can see the cyperous tag. =)

Cyperous full wigs do always come with a wig-net to gather your natural hair easily. =)
Here you can see all the beautful curls such as the typical hime-style bump in the back of the wig. =)

On this side view...
...the bump is even better visible. ^^
The wig is really long, so it´s pretty heavy (that´s why I don´t like to wear it during summer... xD").
I cut out all the felted and frizzy some weeks before, so the curls are looking pretty neat again... I wish I would have taken a photo before. =/

But from the close view of the upper part...
You can still see some frizz. =/
It´s because I didn´t want to cut the outer layers of hair even shorter - I´m pretty sure they would pop out even more then.
I´ll try to fix it with some tips I got from my girlfriend some hours ago. o.O"

Nay part of the wig... ~__~
The roots.
This is a mess!
The zig-zag parting was looking so nice on the stock photo - so I was pretty disappointed when I got this. =/

Well, that´s so far for the Cyperous part.
My conclusion... I would not buy from cyperous again, unleast they´re having a sale. <.< For my personal use, Prisila is the better choice.

Now up to the last part, the...


To make it clearly visible, I made this comparison
As you can see, the color of the wig is true to the color of the wig on the stock photo here!
It´s plain ashy blonde color without any highlights and shades, BUT - it works with the light to create nice effects. =)

This halfwig is in the color LIYE, it´s pretty easy to see that it´s a lot darker then the tone LIYE that is visible on Prisila´s color range here!
On this photo you can see all the highlights and shades pretty well, that are causing this effect.

Alright, that´s it for now.
Sorry for the giant blogpost, I just wanted to put together as much informations as possible ~ I hope I could help a bit. =)

For further informations, photos, whatever... don´t hesitate to give me a comment under this post, or just send me an Email. ;D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. This long curly wig is really cute :)
    I also buy some wig, some time ago -black and brown, coz i wish have some times different colour :p

    I love wig's from Moko shop, they have lovely wig's, but is hard for me use wig coz i have my natural hair long, when somebody have short hair, then is easy for her.

  2. Thanks for the review! I have been looking at the two tone prisila wigs for a while now and ive been wondering how comfy prisila wigs were. This was very helpful, i hope you do more reviews like this!

    On a side note, I love your style! Youre absolutely adorable!

  3. That is not true for every Prisila wigs/extensions.
    TNC has only one shade and not highlights. You can easily see that is not real hair because of the texture and how it shine. It's not like a cheap neither but it not like real hair neither.
    I own the almost exact color, Dakudakuburaun, from Cyperous. It seems way more like real hair because of the shine and the texture. It is only a plain color too.

    I only buy from Cyperous now, because I was highly deceived by the Prisila one !
    Maybe it depends of the hairpiece and the chosen color ?

  4. @BlondHime: First... where´s your blooog?! Dx
    Second: Oh, yes - long hair might really be a problem for wearing wigs! o.O I do have a very tight wig-net that I wear underneath the hairpiece, so it´s keeping my hair gathered without any ugly bumps. Maybe you can try so, too? o.o (My natural hair is still so much shorter then yours, so I`m not sure if it´ll work out. xD" But maybe it´s worth a try? =D)

    @Anonymus: Ahhhw, thank you so much! And you´re welcome, of course! =D
    I hope I can do better reviews soon. =)

    @madohatteru: Wow, thank you so much for that info! o.O I didn´t know about that coloring issue before (I only bought wigs in lighter shades, so it might really depend on the color range!).
    I just wonder if you have a review with a comparison? I would love to link to it, if you have one. =) (Making this review more authentic)

    Hmm, but still. Due to my experiences, prisila wigs are better. But you made me curious now, so maybe I`ll give cyperous a new try. ;D

  5. I hope you don't mind I link this post to one of my blog entry :). This is a great, helpful post xD

    1. Oh, I didn't see this comment yet, sorry! x__X

      Haha, you're very welcome - thanks for linking my blog, I got some traffic from your blog (which is AWESOME)!

  6. I take meticulous care of my Cyperous babies (I own at least ten products by them, 1 set of curly extensions, 3 half-wigs, and 6 full wigs), and have a wig similar to the one you showed. I've owned a wig in a similar color by Cype for almost two years now, and it's very soft and feels like natural hair.

    I find that the strait wigs like my favorite ( are much more resilient and durable, but my hime wigs were much more prone to felting. I usually clip the curled half-wigs to my natural hair, which has the same desired effect, and are very durable and silky. I don't own a hime wig by them anymore, because I now use the half-wigs.

    Also, the Docile- and Milky-Blonde are almost sure to be damage-prone. I buy 30_27 (Golden Brown), which is my favorite color and has an overall superior texture to the lighter Cype wigs.