Friday, September 10, 2010 review - where to buy high quality and gorgeous deco nails ♥

As I already mentioned some posts earlier, I´m totally in love with decoden.
And since I`m a Sakurina fangirl, my love is focussed on deco nails mostly. xD"

I often decorated nail tips on my own, but I always failed. The deco pieces were falling off every once and and a while, and the nails itself were no perfect fit on my natural nail.
Since I´m a perfectionist, I never left the house with those weaboo gal nails. ~__~

Then I discovered some while ago - it´s a place where people sell their handcrafted stuff like jewelry, paintings, accessory... and so much more. =)
I found some very nice looking deco nails on this database - and so my friend did a group order. But what we got was no satisfying at all. =/
(The same weaboo gal nails that I could make on my own as well... the pieces were falling off after short time of wearing the nails, the tips were no perfect fit at all, and on top of that: they were FAR OUT from what the seller promised us the nails would look like.)
While my friends gave up on wearing deco-nails after this giant fail, I couldn´t give up easily. Dx It´s my pride as a Sakurina fangirl... lulz

So I searched etsy again... and I found a store named blingup. The shown images were really impressive (just look at this nail set... so HOT! *__*), such as the description.

~ A team of professional US nail artists are working on high quality nail sets
~ They also do custom orders (basing on a sketch you´ve drawn, or on a photo, your ideas and wishes... ;D)
~ The nails are custom made to your nail size and shape
~ The nail artists are using deco pieces made in Japan as well

* Their contact person does reply super fast & friendly on messages (even though my english was so messed up... xD")
* Since I was under pressure of getting my nails within 2 weeks, they made and shipped my nails within super short time! :´D
* They offered me a discount on their webshop (beware: only for US customers, but if you contact them via using etsy, you can order from this store as well! =D), because shipping came out a bit more expensive then supposed
* They gave me lot´s of suggestions, for example how to attach the tips to my natural nails! Great service, I never got so "pampered" before. :´D

So now about the main part of the review! =3

I contacted blingup with using etsy´s mail system on August 29.
I asked them if they can customize this heavy deco-ed nail set (found it on the web) for me until September 11...

...because I need them for a lolita photoshooting on this Sunday. xD"
2 weeks are a horribly short time for customizing nails AND shipping them from LA to Germany, so I was aware that it might be impossible...
I got a reply on my message within the same day! The seller was telling me that the nail artists can do it and that the nails would arrive right on time with using express shipping with USPS. They also gave me a quick price estimate, which sounded fair in my ears.
So I took the chance! x3

At first, I had to take the required measurements of my nails - I used blingup´s tutorial therefore. They also asked about the shape of my nail bed ~ curved or flat.

During the process of customizing , I always got the latest informations about the progress of my nail set.
I felt really safe and relieved since I was sure they can make it right on time! Great service! =D

blingup finished working on my nails on September 4., and they posted them within the same day!
6 days later = September 10. = today (xD") - my beautiful nail set arrived at my house! x3

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the parcel. =/
But everything was packed super well in 2 thick and air-cushioned envelopes - so no damage at all! =)

Here´s what I got:

~ Nail tape (as you can see, made in Japan xD). I got it from blingup´s webstore after they offered me 10% discount on everything after shipping costs turned out higher then supposed. Hey, they gave me one set (10x tapes) for free! :´D
~ Mini nail file. Got it as a gift as well, so nice! ♥
~ Nail glue. For free as well! x3 I think it´s the leftover of what the nail artist used to glue all the deco pieces on my nails (?)
~ Extra deco pieces. So that I can fix deco that fell off.

Let´s take a close look at them...

When I opened this small box the first time, I just had to stare at those nails maybe 2 minutes - so much glitzy and bling bling, I thought I´m taking a sneak peak at paradise. :´D
This photo does not do them justice, they´re so much more beautiful in reality.

The nails are extremely well made, I never got such high quality and kawaii looking nails before!

Most impressive: I don´t know if you can see it well on my photos, but there are small rows of tiny golden pearls on 4 nails. Those pearls are maybe 0,5mm SMALL, and every single piece was glued on the nails SEPERATELY without ANY glue stains! ♥

The nail artist that created this set would probably kill me because of saying this, but I tried to pull off one of the big bows on the thumb tips. xD"
I just wanted to try if they can survive normal pressure... since such heavy deco-ed nails are predestined for fallen off deco pieces. ^^" I´ve chosen the big bow for this experiment since I was sure that even a clumsy person like myself can glue this big thing back on the tip... xD"
Anyways - nothing happened, and I´m sure the tips could even survive a lot more pressure! But I didn´t want to take it any further, of course. xD"

There´s not one single stain of glue on the tips
They fit perfectly to my nails measurements!

You can definately tell that a pro worked on them... those nails are just flawless, and I love them to death. ♥
They´re worth every Cent I payed for them, and I will definately buy from blingup again! (Haha, one of Sakurina´s nail sets already cought my attention. :´D)

If you want high quality (custom made) nails, I strongly recommand blingup! It´s not the cheapest way for sure, but worth every Cent!

Last but not least... photo of them worn:

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: My 6th follower ~ Yay, thank you so much! Welcome here! =D

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