Tuesday, September 28, 2010

♥KeYwOrDs September 2010♥

Sorry for the lack of blogposts recently, I had to work hard the past 8 days (in a very annyoing and fast changing shift system, btw. ~__~)... so I didn´t feel any inspiration to continue writing my blog. xD"
lazy girl is lazy ^^"

Well, I still don´t have any inspiration about writing a new entry. lol
So I`ll come up with another keyword spam - I wanna do this every end of the month now, since there are so many amusing tags every week. xD"

(keywords = Since blogger is an google application, it allows me to take a look at the keywords that visitors used on google and finally got onto my blog page.)

♥KeYwOrDs September 2010♥

do you wear stockings with a dirndl?
Hell no! Stockings were trendy maybe 200 years ago, but nowadays Dirndl is mostly worn with bare legs or thin nylons - it´s a lot sexier as well. ;D

oktoberfest dirndl
Yeeees, Oktoberfest rulez! The hell of a party. 8)

site: blingup.net
Review here: I`m a link. ^^

"prisila" blond
Showing off my blonde prisila wig and some more info´s here: Hey, I`m a link as well! x3

+dirndl bare boobs -kardashian
just lol

bodyline jsk review love nadia pink
Sometimes I can really understand why some ppl get pissed off from bodyline reviews.
The quality for EVERYTHING is okay, you get what you paid for. But don´t expect them to be brand quality.
That´s the essence of every BL review, seriously... <.<
btw, I really like the "Love Nadia" series - they´re just as cute as Miss Nadia herself. =)
bodyline jumperskirt
bodyline dress
Get new one here,
get used one here! =)

cyperous hime wig
You can get some information from my earlier blogpost: OMG, it´s another LINK! Dx

wearing cyperous wig
I´ve got some photos of myself wearing my Cyperous wig, I will search for them and make another photopost. =) Aaaaah... my PC is a mess right now, so it might take some days for me to find it. xD"

dirndl oktoberfest images
You can check the galleries here. =)
There are so many Dirndl-fail photos in the galleries as well... just like this one: Ouch. Seriously... ouch. x__X
I need to go and wash my eyeballs now... She´s looking so cute! But with this ultimate fail Outfit on... nay. =/

That´s it so far. =)

Bonus Pic:
Recent buy ~ Liz Lisa Overknee Boots!Purchased them with the help of a shopping service! They´re already sold out in japan now (yup, that´s typical Liz Lisa - sold out within several days. xD"), and I`m so lucky that I`ve got a pair of them! :´D
When I´ve seen those boots, I fell in love with them instantly.

The color is very light cream (originally called "milk tea"! xD Haha, seems to be the new fav word in jp marketing campaigns... I`ve seen lot´s of milk tea hair dye, lipgloss and fashion accessory recently. xD"), I know it´s pretty hard to see on those photos. =)

Those boots are made of stretchable material, so they´re just perfect for my calves. (Well, I won´t say I`ve got fat calves - but it´s almost impossible for me to fit into boots made in Asia, because the measurements vary a lot from european size range, as everybody surely knows. xD")

I especially LOVE the ruffles on the top, the fine stitching and the lacing with satin bow ~ or, simply said, I LOVE EVERYTHING on them! ♥ xD

Can´t wait to get them with the post soon ♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

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