Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oktoberfest starting TODAY! :´D

Oktoberfest is the worlds biggest fair!
Famous for beer, fast rollercoasters, and sexy girls wearing Dirndl. ;D

As I mentioned on my huge post about traditional german dress "Dirndl", I bought myself a new pinkxblack midi (half length) Dirndl and hime-fied it a bit. =)

Here´s what I got:
Only 23€ at a Sale! :´D
My friends all told me it looks worn out and used... but somehow I saw some potential in it. xD"
And after some ironing and fixing loose threads, it was looking gorgeous again! x3

And here´s what I made out of it. =3
(I wore it at my citie´s smaller version of Oktoberfest last week. ^^)(sorry for the bad pics, I really suck in taking photos. xD")
Outfit rundown♥
~Half-wig: Prisila (bangs & tail) ~ btw, big blogpost about prisila and cyperous wigs coming tomorrow! x3
~Dirndl: SKANDAL Trachten
~Organdy blouse & apron - super trendy this year!
~JD accessory (replica): Mules, necklace
~Random accessory: bow & rose pin in the hair, 2x rose pins on the neckline, ribbon & deco chain lacing, pink pearls belt, anklet
~Nails: blingup´s heavy deco-ed nails

Silly face expression photo. lol
(My best friend was standing on my right side, telling me: "Go catch your boobs, they´re going to fall out of the dress!" xD")
Let´s call it the "eeeeeeeeeeeee"-pose... xD"

No photopost complete without chu-photo. x3
Give kiss! :-*
Haha, at least you can see my deco-nails here. =)

Oh, and my eye make-up that day.
I have always put on too much eyeliner, so I wanted to draw thinner lines now - satisfied about it this time. =)
BUT... looks like no eyeshadow at all (the cam ate it! Dx), and the liquid eyeliner is reflecting the light! o__O" (...need new one now, I guess. ~__~") Need to get some cream eyeliner for my bottom waterline as well, the one I´m using now is not working out at all... <.<
Satisfaction: 40%
...I need to practise practise practise... xD"

btw... Lashes are from Dolly Wink. =)

Thanks for watching! =)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. wOw! xO
    U look so beautiful!!!
    I wish have this dress!!!!

    u make very careful make up!!! nice :]

  2. @hime: Thank you so much! *blushing* ^////^
    Oh well, my make-up kinda sucks in this photo. It was taken months ago, and I`m glad to say that I improved well since then! x3 ~ But still not perfect, so I´ll keep on trying to improve!

    @Queenie: Thanksssss! x3
    I´m sure you would look HOT in Dirndl, you´ve got the perfect body for it!
    Come and rock Oktoberfest with me next year! XD