Friday, March 11, 2011

My heart is with all of you!

I got to know all the bad news about earthquake & tsunami after work today... and I was shocked (my body even started shaking) - fortunately, my sis was with me to calm me down.

I´ve got many friends in Japan and overseas, so my brain was rushed with sorrows. Meanwhile, I managed to contact most of my friends - thanks god, they´re doing pretty okay according to this situation.
The stories they told me are just beyond horrible, and far more serious then what german medias tell.
Mai chan: "It felt like an apokalypse movie, but this time it was reality"

I´ll try to reach the rest of my friends now, hopefully it´ll work out now.

I didn´t make a serious prayer for long time, but tonight I´ll pray for all of you, for your family´s, neighbours, and all the people you treasure. Please be well and be sure my thoughts are with you! (It might not help you at all, but still...)


  1. Danke für dein Liebes kommentar ! ich lese deinen blog jetzt auch *O* total toll *O*
    hab gesehen du kommst aus bayern??? wo wohnst du? : D ich wohn auch in bayern XDDD
    bitte schreib mir in meinem blog ein kommis zurück.
    hast du facebook?

  2. sorry für die späte antwort !
    mal wieder posten?
    bitte bald ! XD

    ich komm aus bamberg *G*
    rosenheim kenn ich :D
    hast du facebook?

    bitte schreib mir bei mir ein kommi zurück :D