Sunday, February 27, 2011

H&M finds!

I´m doing quite bad now... so it was time for some window-shopping.

I found some random stuff on H&M that remembered me recent gal trends, and so decided to share it with you. =)

College jacket
(also sold in blue colorway)

Remembered me of one of Tsubasa´s latest coords so much! Mostly because of the big "M" emblem, I guess. xD"
This pic is taken from Universal Doll, check out this great Gyaru blog HERE! =3

The jacket definately has got the "school-girl" vibe, but I´m not sure if it´s as flattering as the light cardigan that Tsubasa is wearing - I didn´t see the jacket modeled yet, unfortunately. But might be a nice fit, I`ll definately try it on during my next visit at H&M! =)

Chunky high heeled clogs
(spring 2011 collection)

This style of shoes have already been famous amongst japanese Gals for about 1 year ago, if I remember right. Liz Lisa released a lot of shoes in this style - I´ve seen some with lace and flowers deco, and also some pairs with lovely fluffy fur! =)

By Liz Lisa, with cute flowers deco! x3
The style is almost the same - the H&M clogs just miss 2 fancy flower clips. =)

I´m not sure if this is new to you, but...
H&M is selling usamimi hairbands for quite a while already.
(You get a set of 2 usamimi. Those hairbands are also sold in grey colorways! ^^)

I got those two, they´re really cute!
These usamimi are even cuter, don´t you agree? :´D
This lovely millefleur design is so sweet! Sold @ yumetenbo. =) (But they might be sold out already)

Thanks for reading! Have a great start into a new week (wishing you all a stress-less Monday! xD")!

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

P.S.: My exams went very well! I studied hard for it, and it was really worth all the effort. I`m feeling so relieved now. x3


  1. This hairands have so cute print.
    I love flowers print ♥

  2. I buy usamimi, but in gray/black whit polka dots^o^!! I love them!!
    I've also buy the shos that you have was really hard to find, they were all sold XD!

    Look fantastic, as usual ^_^! bye dear

    PS:If you like, come take a ride on my blog ^ ^!

  3. I love the Liz Lisa shoes with flowers *o* they are amazing *o*
    also the usamimi are so cute!! *o* I would like to get one! ahah-
    Btw I really like your blog! ^-^

  4. uuhhh I bought the same jacket with MY name initial!! ihihihihi LOL
    it was the ONLY purchase I made at H&M clothing store....I avoid H&M ....I dunno...too famous...AAHHH I DUNNO I AVOID IT!!! xD
    I want the clogs or whatever Kanan said they might be all sold out....I'll never know cuz I won't go to H&M without knowing they are in and looking around like a stupid (yep I hate H&M ...) ok stop it >___> I LOVE YOU C.

  5. @Rose: I agree! The yumetenbo usamimi are the prettiest! ♥

    @kanan: Haha, yes! I got the same problem about the sabot shoes here - my local H&M store sold them out, so I had to wait for weeks to get them! xD"
    But you know what... I´ve NEVER seen anybody wearing those shoes around here - even though it´s so warm spring weather already! o__o" Where have all the cute shoes gone?! Dx
    I`m now following your blog! =D Ahw, it´s such a pity that I don´t understand a lot of italian. XD" But I love the photos you´re posting, though! lol

    @Ama Maiden: Oh thank you a thousand times! ;__; Your blog is so stylish, too!
    AND! I love your hair! Mine has got the same length, so it´s very inspiring to see what you´re doing with it! =D

    @Queenie: Haha, yes! Now that you remember me of that... this big "M" jacket seems to be so perfect for you! XD
    I used to avoid H&M for about 2 years, too. I bought 2 shirts from them, but both were horrible quality after I washed them twice... now they seem to have fixed that quality issue. The last pieces I bought there were pretty nice. =)
    What shoe size do you have, Honey? o.O
    I`m going to the local H&M store here to buy a pair of jeggins by the end of this week (need it for crafting... kihihi. x3 I´ll turn them into MA*RS style pants, if everything turns out well! XD) - I can look out for a pair of those shoes for you, if you like them. =)

    Love ya even more! ;D

  6. hatin h&m iihihih

    mmhh how much are those clogs? ^^

    C. I could translate Kanan blog entries for you ^^ we are in the same 'work in progress' gyarusa also *hello Kanan*

    mmhhh i gotta go eating!!i made meat,smashing potatoes,sweet-chilly souce and gohan/rice !!!

    is it possible i'm at university but check out your blog????? >,< I want to visit you...and say hello !!if i come there may I offer you a sushi meal? KISSES