Thursday, May 16, 2013

♥ Gal on a Budget ♥ GO GO KLEIDERKREISEL! ♥

Today I passed my last mid-term exams, wohoooo!!! I'm very satisfied with my grades, I ended up with 2,0 in all topics, which is a very good result considering that I didn't study 100% of topics yet. xD" I'm super happy and in the mood to party hard tonight! ;)


Back on topic!

This is for all the Gaijin Gals out there that have the same problem with me: Shopping those ridiculous awesome clothes from Japan. I wanna get ALL OF THEM! >///<

Well, but that's where all the problems start - even the cheapest 2nd hand catch on mbok can turn out beeing a rather expensive deal, adding the shopping service + custom fees. Q__Q (Not to mention that going to customs office isn't a pleasant experience nonethless. ^^")

Luckily there are some alternatives! ;)
My absolute favorites are the european sellers on Gyaru Community Sales (because within Europe, no custom fees will apply for me), for insanely cheap catches (unfortunately 98% are replicas), and for all residents of Germany & Austria: OMG I GOT A CRUSH ON THAT WEBSITE, SRS. 

Kleiderkreisel is a 2nd hand base were you can find countless clothes for Girls, Boys and even Kids! It's not really Gyaru related, but they do have some Gal pieces tagged in - just check here!
Can even find japanese brand for a nice price ♥ I got my Tutuha Onepiece and some Ma*rs & d.i.a stuff from there, lucky me! ♥

Considering the Gal section has only 5-6 pages mostly, I suggest you to dig into the other categories to find some nice items - it surely takes a while, but there are great deals hidden everywhere! If you already have an outfit in mind, it should be an easy bite for you to find your desired clothes for really cheap! ;)

Let me give you some examples! =D
Some posts earlier I was talking about some coords out of EGG magazine that really inspired me a lot! Check here ♥

 God... Awful feeling to see my pity self beside that hot chick model... xD"
Obviously it was impossible to get exactly the same style of clothes that the model is wearing, but I did my best to get as close as possible - and I'm very pleased with the outcome! ;)
My No. 1 focus was the flower print on white ground ♥
That coordinate cost me ~35€! LOVE LOVE 
If I ordered all that brand stuff from Japan, it would have taken me at least 250€ I suppose - what a big hole in my wallet, haha. :´D 

I also absolutely crushed on that High-Waist Jeans, OMG ♥ Instant sexy ♥
I didn't really dig the shirt of the model, though - so I switched to pieces that suit my taste a little better! ;)

First attempt on the left side is "Glamorous code" - Full coordinate for 15€, LUCKY ME ♥ I liked it a lot, but it's not exactly matching the Gyaru-theme, I guess. It looks more like european fashion, beeing kinda tight on the body. =/

My 2nd attempt on the right side is "Casual / Boho Code", it cost me 20€ alltogether ♥ (Sandals were a present from my mum). That one fits the gal silhoutte a little better I think ♥

CONCLUSION: High-waist jeans are unforgiving, gotta work out a lot more. lol (And god, how a camera angle can change you from SUPER SEXY BITCH to OMG FAT LANDWHALE instantly... its sad. Q__Q)

Okay okay... xD"
REAL CONLUSION: Awesome 2nd hand clothes database + some spare time to go on clothes hunt + creativity = sexy new code for less money! ;) 
 Its so much fun, and also a big satisfaction! I'm addicted ♥ 
You should try it out, too! ;)

Since I was already about to take photos... some recent make-up ♥

Nyah, not perfect - but I'm getting there! ;)  
Dammit, I need new hairpieces. Hate that ratty hair! (Tried to dye in some strands some weeks ago, but they ended up beeing quite bold and too visible. Q__Q I ruined that hair even more... ^^")

Doing my work-out routine now to get that sexy body for summer vacation! (Bikini time giiiiirls! ;D ) 

After that I'll celebrate todays effort, oh yes. Some champaign waiting for me in the fridge, wohooooo ♥
Wishing you an awesome time, too! ;)

P.S.: I got the "one versatile blog award" from 3 really awesome bloggers, so looking forward to do this as my next entry! Stay tuned ♥

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. U re so beautiful *_*
    I like your both hairstyle's, really nice! <3 and white shirt from second outfit <3

    1. Ahhhw, thank you princess!
      I'm happy you like my style, it means a lot to me to hear that from such a talented hime! ♥

  2. Love the high waist jeans coordinate! <3

    1. Thank you so much dear!
      I actually considered posting those photos in high-waist jeans at all, because they make me look a little chubby. xD So I'm very happy you like it! Can't be that bad then. ;D

  3. You are so beautiful! And you inspire me to work on my gal style!! How did you do your hair so well?? I need a tutorial from you! XD

    1. Thankies, you're so sweet to me! Aaaah, I'm blushing, I'm blushing... ^////^
      I never though I could inspire others in Gal style, because I don't find myself that awesome at all... xD" (I still have to learn and improve a lot myself)

      My hair is actually an arrangement of 2 prisila hairpieces. xD"
      I do own 8 different prisila hairpieces - I arrange them differently on my head each and every time, its so much fun to create new styles! My own hair would be too short for that, and it doesn't have enough volume. =/

      So I don't know if its really helpful for you, but I'm planning to do a prisila wig tutorial in the future. ;)

  4. omfg WOHER HAST DU DIESE HOSE D: (sorry falls ichs überlesen habe ^^'')
    ich such schon ewig nach einer high waisted jeans weil meine alte mir nicht mehr passt nachdem ich abgenommen habe -.-'''
    ich find die idee super das du zeigst das man auch mit nicht gyaru sachen gyaru aussehen kann
    mach das öfter <3 *__*
    und toll das du die anonymus funktion drine lässt danke

    1. Danke für das süße Kommi <3 ~ Und sorry das ich erst so spät antworte, das ist eigentlich nicht zu entschuldigen. =(

      Die Hose hab ich 2nd Hand auf gekauft - ich kauf da mittlerweile alle meine Sachen ein, haha. XD" Da findest du bestimmt auch etwas, die Auswahl ist ÜBERWÄTIGEND! Kann's dir nur ans Herz legen! =)

      Ich bemühe mich ganz oft den Gyaru Look mit Offbrand-Sachen zu erzielen - manchmal klappts ganz gut, manchmal eher nicht. xD" Mit der Highwaist-Sache funktionierte es aber ganz okay. ;D
      Danke für das Kompliment, das ist lieb von dir! x3

  5. So hübsch ^^ und ich komm kaum dazu vorbeizuschauen (シ_ _)シ
    Ich finde Kleiderkreisel auch toll, hab auch schon ein paar Sachen gefunden, die ich für Lolita benutzt habe. Ich hab nämlich ewig nach Schuhen für meinen IW-Rock gesucht und nie den richtigen Braunton gefunden :/ Zum Schluss hab ich mir braune Budapester auf KK gekauft XD

    Ich freu mich so, in nicht mal mehr 6 Wochen sehen wir uns endlich mal wieder <3


    1. Aaaah, noch kein Kleiderkreisel-Fan! xD Super, da findet man wirklich immer was!

      Ich fahr morgen nach Taiwan und danach nach Japan, ich bring dir auf jeden Fall was mit ;D Hab immerhin was gut zu machen. =/

      Fühl dich geknuddelt <3

  6. What a nice blog, I love your hair!

    I follow you on bloglovin!

    1. Thanks for the compliment, sweety!

      I follow you back <3

  7. gibts bei dir eigentlich hochwasser ? du wohnst doch in bayern oder?

    1. Sorry, die Antwort kommt viel zu spät... =/

      Ja, bei uns gab's auch Hochwasser! Aber die Lage war nicht so dramatisch wie in anderen Gebieten, nach ca. 5 Tagen war der Spuk vorbei. =)

      Ich war vom Hochwasser nur während eines Dienstes in der mobilen Pflege betroffen - hatte ausgerechnet an Katastrophen-Tag 1 den Spätdienst abgegriffen. xD" Ich dachte zwischendurch schon ich komm nicht mehr heil an, war aber dann sehr stolz meine Liste doch noch vollständig abgearbeitet zu haben. lol

      Auf jeden Fall vielen tausend Dank das du an mich gedacht hast, das rührt mich wirklich sehr! Q___Q *flausch*

  8. Wonderful post...I really like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. Thank you very much for your compliment! That's so sweet <3

      I'm following you <3

  9. That was really creative!
    I love your style so much!
    You carry it off perfectly!
    This is a really great post, good job!!

    1. Wow, hearing that from you really means a lot to me, haha! Thank you millions dear!

      Btw your blog inspired me a lot for my upcoming Vacation in Tokyo! Can't wait to visit that giant sexshop. lol (Just for the laughs... of course... lol)

  10. I love your style, you look so pretty! Looking forward to your upcoming posts!♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products like Dollywink, Diamond Beauty, etc! )

    1. Thank you very much for your sweet comment! That really means a lot to me! <3

      I'm following you, dear <3

  11. Ich liebe Kleiderkreisel auch hehe <3 Hab da auch schon Kleidung von Liz Lisa, ma*rs, w <3 c und diversen Lolitamarken preiswert bekommen, hätte am Anfang nie gedacht, dass man da sowas findet ^__^ Und kann mich nur anschließen, du siehst so schön aus, waah <3
    Liebe Grüße!

    1. Hi, danke für das liebe Comment! <3

      Jaaaa, ich bin auch immer ganz überrascht was für Gyaru-Schätze dort zu finden sind! Die Hälfte meiner d.i.a Sachen sind von dort, haha. xD

      Ahhhw vielen tausend Dank für das Kompliment! Das bedeutet mir wirklich sehr viel! <3
      Ich folge ab jetzt deinem Blog <3

  12. Congratulations!! Make sure you party hard!
    Love your style, btw! :) Lovely!

    1. Haha, I sure did! ;D

      Thanks for the compliment! Hearing that from a hot blood Gyaru-o like you really flatters me a lot! Means I'm on the right way, haha! =)