Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Crossing borders

 Hey sweethearts, how are you doing so far?! =D

I'm very sorry for my absence, but there were lots of important things going on in my life recently! I had to sacrifice blogging therefore, I'm very sorry. =/

So, what happened?

Got my nurse degree!

I had to go through my final exams in nursery the past couple of weeks - the tests were really difficult this year! x___X (I saw the exam documents of the last years - they were such an easy bite compared to this year! So unfair! xD")
Some of the topics were Anorexia, M. Parkinson, Alcoholism... ugh, I had a really hard time remembering all the details of those! But somehow I managed, haha. I passed with excellent degrees, YAHOOOOOOOO!

That's the end of my study nurse period... nothing can stop me now, I can even go to work abroad - so happy!

Quit my 2nd Job!

I also quit my 2nd Job in the outpatient care service - it was very time consuming and gave me a lot of pressure (especially when the exams were coming up...)... but it was also a very important experience in my life. I don't regret taking the job at all! I got a lot more self-confidence because of it, and I also learned to work very independently. 
Anyways, in the future I'm earning enough with my full-time job only, so no need to do the extra shifts.^.^

Celebrated my weight loss!

My weight loss started exactly 1 year ago, during my summer vacation - I just couldn't stand my look anymore, so I started dieting and exercising after I saw a thinspiration gallery online. It all started very suddenly, but cost me a lot of time in the end, haha - but well, slow weight loss is the healthy weight loss, right? ;D

During the past 1 year, I dropped:16kg
-11cm breast measurement
-14cm waist measurement
-14cm hip measurement
-10cm thight measurement

At this moment, I feel very comfy with my body. I'm not stick thin, I still have some curves left here and there - but I can comfortably fit a EU 34 / XS size without squeezing anything. =)
I'm very proud of myself, I didn't think I would ever make it this far - and I'm still motivated to keep going, haha! ;D


Oh well, there was a reason I took the 2nd Job... you might remember! ;D

I was saving up for a big 1-month-trip to Taiwan & Japan... which I'm starting TOMORROW, haha!
So that's one more thing that kept me busy recently! ;D

Tomorrow's gonna be really exhausting, awaiting a nearly 24-hours travel to our appartement in the south of Taiwan... thanks god my boyfriend is with me! He's gonna be the perfect guide during the trip, beeing a native taiwanese.

I can't wait for him to guide me around!
He promised me to take me to the beach at a national park, I can't wait
Germany is freezing cold already, so I absolutely can't wait to throw on my bathing suit once more! :´D It's like time travelling back into summer! :´D

After exploring Taiwan, we're gonna go to Japan for a couple of days - I'M SO EXCITED THERES NO WORD FOR IT!
Even though I'm a bit afraid of taking the railway in Tokyo... Suica system is confusing me, lol. I guess I have to find out when we're over there, haha. =)

I'm gonna blow my money in 109, get a nice set of hair extensions, take tons of purikura, raid donki... and most importantly: Go to Disneyland to see their Halloween setup 2013! Can't wait! >////<

Sounds like I'll just drag my BF along, haha. xD" 
No worries, I'll make sure he will have a blast, too. ;D (*secret*)

I don't think I'll have a lot of spare time for blogging, so I might only write every once a while... but I'll do photo updates frequently! I also created an instagram account for live updates, please follow me if you're interested! =)

Well, that's it for now - I'll go back packing my suitcase then. x___X

Have a great time beauties!

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. Sounds so amazing, congratulation! *^* Have fun <3

    1. Thank youuuu so much ♥

      So happy to see you on my blog, you are one of my fav. german Gals ♥ (^///^)

  2. Wow wow! You've been working really hard!
    And the weight loss is really impressive! Over the past two years, I went from 70kg to 57kg, but I still want to lose more! (And I think I've gained a little back since I moved home and have to take the bus rather than walking. :P) But I could fit into everything except shorts when I was in Tokyo, so I was happy. ;u;

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, dear! ♥

      WOOOOOW, your weight loss is really awesome as well! Congratulations and endless respect for you, thats really a lot of work! Awesome!! =D

      Haha, I can absolutely understand your feeling! I am also still working out, going to the Gym at least 3 days a week - and keep a low carb diet. I am happy about what I have achieved already, but I am still not having my dream-body. Good motivation. ;D

      Waaaah, yes!!! Shopping clothes in Tokyo has worried me a looooot beforehand - for me it was exactly the same, could fit anything except of d.i.a shorts! xD

      I am following you now. ;D