Sunday, March 2, 2014


Hey sweethearts, thanks for staying tuned!
So happy to see that I didn't loose any followers so far, but gain some instead! Thank you so much, I'm the happiest girl in the world! xoxo

Seeing how "My Idol is..." posts are ever-so-popular, I thought I might as well make one! ;D 
Sakurina used to be my fav. for really long time, but now my taste seems to have changed... I still love her style, but other Models inspire me far more nowadays! Maybe because my own style changed a bit?

However, here's my listing! ;D (No particular order)

 She is not sooo famous nowadays, but neverthless has an AWESOME taste in fashion ♥ I love her rocking so many different styles and haircolors/hairstyles, and her face is just soooo cute and perfect

Come on, everybody loves her, right? :´D
She's a bag of surprises, and she's so *** funny! I absolutely love the positive aura of hers, and her style is RAD. She never fails to give me inspiration - and she's the reason I got into D.I.A at all

Goshikku at its best ♥ Whenever I think about this style, she immediately pops up in my head ♥ In my opinion, there's nobody that can compare to her. You are perfection, Amihamu  

She's so perfect, I don't even know where to start. I adore her fashion style so much, there's no word for it! She never fails to motivate me to work on myself even harder (style and weight-loss), if I could just reach half of her level I could die peacefully. :´D
Even thought about cutting half bangs like her. Didn't have the balls for it yet. ~__~

She's a very well known AV Gyaru - and not only famous for her AV movies, but also for her rad style and make-up! 
Now that Gyaru style is shifting towards natural style, I just wanna kling onto Gals with heavy make-up like hers... This is how I would like to see Gyaru ♥ I absolutely adore any of her make-up styles, that heavy eyeliner is simply PERFECT

I am trying to work really hard on myself, in order to become as perfect as they are... I might never ever reach that level, I am quite sure - but it still keeps me motivated to see their photos! I got so many ideas from them, I wish I could thank every single one of them personally
THANKS GALS! ♥ You're forever perfect to me

Oh well, before I end this post, I might as well photospam a bit. =P
Took them on the same day, was not sure about my outfit. =/

Dress: Liz Lisa (Sailor Dress)
Leather Jacket: Lodispotto
Boots: Esperanza (OMG I LOVE THEM)

Dress: Ma*rs
Boots: Offbrand
Garter: Ageha

Now I feel like the outfits were kinda boring and under-accessorized. Gotta do it better next time. =/
But I was really fond of my hair ♥ I wanna stop using prisila hairpieces and use my own hair + extensions in the future - I find it suits me a lot better

Ooooh, and a photo of the latest Iphone5 case I made
My Mero

See you next time, bye bye ~

xoxo Chira


  1. Lovely outfits! <3 U look so cute, this hairstyle <3

    1. Ahhhhw, thank you so much, Rose!! ^/////^ I really appreciate to hear this from a great Gal like you! x3 ~happy happy~
      I am trying to do more hairstyling like this recently, i think it suits me better then prisila hairpieces now. =3