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♥ LOVE LOVE KERATINE ♥ ~ Do your hair a favor ;D

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What is Keratine Treatment?
Keratine are fibers that are naturally included to any human or animal hair.
However, they can also "fall" out of the hair - for example due to hairdye. Your hair structure will sooner or later end up looking like a sponge, having holes all over - visible as frizzy hair. 

With a Keratine treatment, you simply fill up those holes - which makes the hair look really healthy again! But that is not the only benefit!

- Makes hair less frizzy and easier to brush
- Makes the overall hair structure even and soft
- Gives a healthy shine to the hair
- Changes wavy and curly hair into straight hair

Last point is the reason I used the treatment. lol
My hair was ultra damaged... I am bleaching my natural brown hair into blonde since I turned 17 years old - long history of damage on my scalp. lol My hair turned out to be crispy dry the past years (especially the tips), so that I had to spend LOADS of money on hair-care products (especially hair oils and masks) to at least make them tame-able. 

My hair BEFORE the treatment:

The roots
The hair already started to split off here...

The lengths 
Some damage here and there...

The tips
Super dry and frizzy, spliss everywhere... Sad! Q__Q

I always wanted to grow my hair long, but it was impossible for me to get them longer then collar-bone length - the tips were so damaged all the time, I just had to let them cut off. 
It got me so frustrated over the years, that I even thought about switching to short hair again. BUT THEN my hairstylist recommanded a Keratine hair treatment als LAST ESCAPE FROM THE SCISSOR. Dx

Keratine hair treatments are usually quite costy at a hair-salon - the treatment itself is quite easy, thats why I would recommand to diy at home. ;D 
Theres basically nothing to do wrong!!

I used Revlons "EXTREME MAKE-OVER KIT / EMK", just because I am a sucker for Revlon products. lol
Like most Keratine treatments, it consists of 4 steps:
- No. 1: Detox Shampoo
- No. 2: Keratine treatment
- No. 3: Sealing Shampoo
- No. 4: Nutritive Serum

It actually has nothing to do with detoxing. lol
This shampoo will clean your hair to the core, and make it rough - it will basically open up all of the pores of the hair, in order to fill it up with the Keratine later.
BEWARE: It will really have a massive impact on the hair, mine got SUPER TANGLED and felt crispy dry even though it was still wet from showering! 

Had to brush that out... itai. Q___Q (Thanks god I got my tangle-teaser brush, though. lol)
Well, but thats an essential part of the treatment. xD"

After the detoxing, the Keratine is beeing applied on the towel-dry hair. As for the Revlon EMK, each of the 4 products were more then enough for my shoulder length hair. I was happy to apply as much Keratine as I could. :´D
I pinned my hair up to the top, and covered it with a towel (it came with the EMK, looks like a cap). 
You should leave the mask on for at least 6 HOURS, best would be 8 HOURS - thats why its recommanded to do the treatment overnight. However, I was sure I cannot sleep with that stuff on my head, so I did it on the afternoon of my off day. lol
I left the mask on for 8 hours, and it was quite comfortable. The smell was very light and pleasant, nothing chemical. =)

After 6-8 hours, you get to wash off the Keratine with this kinda special shampoo. It will remove all the leftover Keratine, and seal the hair structure to conserve the filled up Keratine. Your hair will be instantly soft and silky for the next 2 to 3 months. ♥

Its like a leave-in hair mask, that will give some extra protection to your hair. Its put into the towel dry hair - make sure to cover the tips very well, since they are usually the most dry. 
Since you will only need VERY LESS of this product each time using, you can apply it every time after you wash your hair for the next couple of weeks (mine lasted over a month). 

For the best result possible, dry your hair on lowest heat with the hairdryer. Then straighten all of your hair, layer per layer, very carefully. This will seal off the Keratine most perfectly, and make the treatment last even longer / makes it more visible. 

Now you should have super silky hair like never before ♥
I felt like an actress after the Keratine treatment. :´D My hair has never been that shiny and soft, it was falling so beautifully - like a girl in hairspray TV-advertisement. :´D

My hair AFTER the treatment:

 The roots
The broken parts were softened up, and no longer sticking up like I just got hit by a taser. lol

The lengths
Same as with the roots, the broken parts were softened up and merge in perfectly with the hair. Overall, the lengths got super soft and easy to style into any shape I want. ♥

The tips
Even better then a haircut! The frizz was reduced drastically, no more tangles and less visible spliss! The Keratine treatment is most obvious here ♥ Super happy! ♥

Keratine treatments should be repeated every once and a while, depending on your hair - I will do it every 3 months, though its a bit expensive. But at the same time I can constantly save money because I do not have to invest in hair-oils and expensive masks anymore. :´D *lucky* ♥

My 50Cents:
I recommand Keratine hair treatment to all those girls, that have massive problems with their hair - and even think about cutting it off. This treatment can definately rescue your hair - but be vary that one treatment might cost up to 60€, and about half a day of time. 

XOXO, Chira ♥


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