Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm still standing

Hey sweethearts 

Sweet Queenie mentioned she can no longer access my blog... would even make sense since I abandoned this site for SO *** LONG. lol
It was a big shock, since I actually always loved blogging... the more relieved I was to see that I can still enter my dashboard, and see my blog. 

That tought me a lesson.
Here I am.
Time to write some entries!! (ò___O)/

And I actually really have something to talk about! lol And its Gyaru-related, YAY!
Recently I really got into crafting - my latest passion is deco-den 

I always thought I am way too clumsy to do some fine artwork like that - until my BF encouraged me to try it out. =)
So I got myself some blank Iphone cases, kabochons and rhinestones online, and started remodeling cases of chinese deco artists to begin with. 

And the outcome is not bad at all, I think. ;D

Kitty Case ~ Iphone5
Kuronba Case ~ Iphone5
Glamorous Case ~ Iphone 5

I am very happy with the outcome 
Now I feel confident enough to do own designs, and various cases / Items. 
I am very happy that I found a new hobby ♥ Its so relaxing!! 

Now I am gonna bling up my overknee boots, kihihi 

Sorry for this shortie, the next entry (or one of the next entries) will be about keratine hair treatment ♥ That will be a more refined post, I swear. lol

xoxo Chira 


  1. So lovely deco <3 I like especially black <3

    1. Thank you so much, sweetheart! x3 The black one is also my favorite! x3

  2. Oh wow those cases are amazing!! If you ever sell any I will have to keep an eye out to get one ;D

    1. Ahhhw, thank you so so much for the compliment!! x3
      Well, actually I am selling them already - I just did not want to advertise them so bluntly on my blog. ^///^"