Saturday, June 2, 2012

Photo Dump ♥

Hey sweethearts! ♥

During my absence, a few photos have piled up. =) ~ Just wanna show you I am still alive. ;D

Photo taken during class
Argh, my classmate wanted to try her new phone camera, and cought me... not so... following the class. xD"
Look at that bow overload. lol ~ It was a rainy and cold day, so I just wanted to wear something cozy and cute to feel good. ♥

I also got my Ice Blue lenses in the mail! ♥
 (upper left corner: "This could be the perfect place for your advertise! lol")
 I was a little disappointed, because they don't really pop out on my dark eyes. =(
Maybe I'll do a review about them later!
That day, I was wearing a Kogyaru-like outfit, but I didn't manage to take a decent photo of it. ;___;

Therefore I'll serve you with a crappy webcam shot. lol

When spring finally got here, I started to feel like wearing something Hime-like again - my favorite style of all ♥
It really sucks that I can't wear it every day. ;___; I feel so comfortable with that style!

Just wanted to play a little with my wig...
But I am not really satisfied with the result.xD"
This time I wanted to leave out the fringe, because it does tend to make my face look even more chubby then it already is. Q__Q But well... fail. =/
At least the outfit is okay! xD"

And of course... the notoric webcam snapshot! xD"
I also used this one in the header. =)

I'll be trying to create a cute new signature for my blog now, wish me luck! ;D

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. wonderful pics ^.^ you looks so sweet
    and your hair are so pretty :3
    i like it

    1. Ahhhw, ich danke dir vielmals. <3
      Ich wünschte nur das wären meine echten Haare. XD ~ Sind eigentlich nur Haarteile!

      Dein Blog und Style ist sooo toll, ich folge dir von jetzt an! x3

  2. How do you dare to say that your face is chubby?? o_ò
    I will protect your beautiful face from.. er.. you? XD So don't try to say it again!
    You're just lovely.
    Have a great day hon!

    1. Oh you cutie, you make me wanna hug you! xD *hugs*
      How come all italian girls are 100% sugar? All italian gals I got to know are such wonderful people, super kind and cute! <3

    2. i think it's cuz you are a candy ** and we love candies lol

    3. Ahhhw, you're always the best, my Queen ♥

  3. Replies
    1. Ich danke dir Prinzessin <3
      Ich hab's leider ganz versäumt dir zum Geburtstag zu gratulieren, aber... alles Gute nachträglich! Ich hoffe du hattest einen wundervollen Tag, und ein noch wundervolleres weiteres Lebens-Jahr vor dir! ;D

  4. Ahh the one sided ponytail suits you so well ;_; you look so cute with it :3 And the dress is so pretty *__*

    1. Thank you so much darling, you make me blush a lot! >///<

      Since summer finally reached Germany, I'm very much into styling mood ♥

  5. I just find your blog and i really love it! You are very pretty and your blogs layout is so sweet! Greetings from Finland!


    1. Thank you so much sweetheart, what a sweet compliment! ^////^ I'm happy you like my layout, since I worked so hard on it! :´D

      I tried to follow your blog as well, but I cannot reach your blog address unfortunately. ;___;

  6. uhmm...this entry almost made me cry <,<
    you're such an angel

    1. As long as they're happy tears, I can live with it! ♥

      If you ever cry sad tears because of my, I want you to punish me really hard, my queen! ;)
      (That sounds more sexy then I actually wanted to put it. xD")

    2. ahahahahahahahahahah LOL just a bit sexy !!!!! i like it (PERV mode on)
      I got PRISILA hairpieces and wigs in TMB, TMGX and TAY and now i want to go to LIYE since it looks so cute !!
      You're so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the tears are of happiness for such an angel ^^
      oh i was forgetting ....
      ** are u usually free on sat and sunday?? cuz I got to visit my friend living in Monchsambach ( the O mit Umlaut LOL ) and wonder if its far from you ( gotta check )

    3. Haha, I love your perv mode. xD

      I only wear LiYe hairpieces since it used to be the lightest color in prisila's range, but now they came up with one lighter shade... argh, I wish I had the change to buy the lightest color from the beginning! xD" (*blonde forever - then lighter, then better! xD"*)

      Oh I am so sorry to tell you, but I usually work on the weekends since I can get some bonus money then (...the driving license cost got my bank balance into TERRIBLE state. xD"). Whenever I'm off, I'll stay with my grandma since she's in need of care. =/

      If you could tell me an exact date, I can try to get an off day, though! =D (I always need to plan everything far ahead, I'm really sorry. xD")

  7. Your make is so beautiful :)
    Love your coords too~~

    1. Woah, what a big compliment to hear that from you, thank you so much! >///< You're one of my inspirations, so that means a lot to me! ♥

  8. I kinda like the hairstyle you did! My face also looks really chubby with bangs, I grew them out just recently! >< Your outfit is really lovely :)

    1. Oh I can understand you so well! Haha, I also let the bangs grow out of my natural hair, but it takes so loooong! x__X
      Thanks for your compliment! ♥

  9. woooaaaa your blog is soo soo cute. I lov your outfits !!!!!
    You are a gorgeous hime *O* <3<3<3<3<3

    1. Oh mein Gott, Sui in meinem bescheidenen Blog! *fansquee* *___*
      Ich verfolge deinen Blog seit Jahren! Besser gesagt... sogar als du deinen Blog noch garnicht eröffnet hattest, hab ich immer deine Fotogalerien auf mexx angesehen! (/stalkermode OFF. xD" Ich komme bestimmt creepy rüber, aber was solls...) Du bist so eine inspirierende Person ♥

      Danke für das Kompliment, das bedeutet wir wirklich total viel! >////<

  10. You always look so sweet. ;u;

    Your makeup and hair are always perfect!

    And I really love the giant mega-curls. Are the photos with the unicorn collar (photos two and three) with a wig, or do you style your hair like that? I've never been able to figure out giant tails on my own hair, let alone the one giant swirl. :p

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart! ^///^

      I won't say I'm perfect, but I'm always trying my best! =D

      I mostly use prisila wigs for my gyaru hairstyles, since my natural hair is rather short and not voluminous enough to create great styles! I think we kind have the same problem. xD
      On the photo you mentioned, I'm wearing a short curly ponytail extension + straight bangs. =D