Saturday, August 6, 2011

A day in the life of Satomin ♥

Today, I wanna share an article with you - maybe some of you know that one already. =)
It´s a report about the daily life of Ageha model Satomi Yakuwa, aka Satomin!

A team of CNN reporters followed her on a photoshooting for one day, also asking some personal questions about her work as a hostess as well! It´s a very interesting article, check it out here:
A day in the life of a japanese "hostess"

Did you know that some of the gyaru trends are started by the models themselves? I didn´t know that they often bring their own outfits to the shootings - they´re influencing the latest trends, so gorgeous!
Stupid me always thought that there are a lot of stylists around the models everywhere. o__O"

Now all those beautiful Gyaru models deserve my deepest respect even more then ever before. They put so much effort in everything!
It does really encourage me to put some more effort in the style, too! >///<

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. wow that's awesome! they really do style themselves! :D

  2. Hi du :D ich hab dir eine mail geschrieben ! und in skype geaddet. hoffe du meldest dich <3

    liebe grüße

  3. @Tatat Roses: I thought exactly the same! They can do magazine-ready make-up themselves within just some minutes, that´s so amazing!!!

    @Suzu: *gleichmal die mails check* xD

    @Principessa: un, and her eye-make is so gorgeous too! But she´s always pulling the same smile, unfortunately. =(

  4. Wow I guess I always thought stylists style them too! Thoese models are really good!

  5. Oh, I wish there where more atricles like this one><


  6. @Nana: Yes, they´re so admirable! I will work hard so that one day I might at least get close to their skills! ~///~

    @EmixLea: You´re so right! That´s why I was so happy when I found that article, even if I`m not a big fan of Satomin herself. :´D

  7. haha, yeahxD
    I did not even know who she was, since I only knew Sakurina, Guri and Gura from Ageha:s


  8. mmhh i read this article i cant rem when but...well I knew they are not blessed with a stylist who gives them those wonderful clothing
    When is another person who choose you can easily see it cuz the model dont look 100% fab in when you see some AGEHA-SHOP ads or in ANE COCO (that is a kyabajo magazine I ordered once) ANECOCO you can see that the models are not clothes real owners ...there is sorta fakeness you know <3 IMHO for VIVI and other magazines with a different target (JJ ecc) there is a stylist for sure but the model style is fixed even outside their work time cuz they gotta mantain the magazine style. I think they give some of the clothes as 'pay' for them <3