Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gyaruo Yukata LOVE ♥

I´m currently working on the nightshift, so my day-night rythm is messed up perfectly. I feel like a vampire now... everytime I see the sunlight, I feel a horrible headache. Too liiiight! xD"

Anyways, I´ll get over that.

Time for blogposting now! =D

A very famous trend for Gyaru around summer(festival) time: Wearing a super cute over the top deco-ed Yukata!

Sakurina is showing it off so well... I still love her for all the Yukata photoshootings she did.
Some possible elements of a Gal Yukata: Less traditional print (lace, butterfly´s, bows, etc.), lace details, big hair and hair accessory, a lot of deco on and around the obi belt.

And now for the best accessory: Sexy Gyaruo date/boyfriend/whatever who´s wearing a smokin hot Gyaruo Yukata. xD
*lame joke is lame, sorry - blame it on my lack of sleeping. lol*

Finally getting to the point: Today´s post will be about Gyaruo Yukata - I´ll also provide you some webshop links, where to shop for them! =D

But first...
Ahhhw... how gorgeous they look alltogether! Main pieces (visible) of a Gyaruo Yukata: Yukata (main garment), obi (belt), geta (sandals)
Some possible elements of a Gyaruo Yukata: less traditional pattern (pinstripes, leo print, tiger print, etc.), obi worn in a low position, necklaces

I really love the Yukata that CRAZE is selling atm, check them out at their webshop:
They also have got a lot of other really hot Gyaruo items, including some really nice jewelry! =)

Leo print Yukata set (Yukata, obi, geta)*__*
I´m a sucker for leo prints in grey or blue, so I can´t help it but love this one! ~///~
Even though I don´t really like the model in it... he looks lost a bit. xD"

Pinstripe Yukata set (Yukata, obi, geta)
Ever since I saw my first pinstripe Yukata somewhere, I deeply fell in love.
But I got the feeling that a silver-ish obi might be looking even more gorgeous with it. o.O"

Next store on my list is VICE FAIRY - my absolute all time favorite when it comes to Gyaruo fashion! ~///~
Come to visit their webshop here: royal courageux - vice fairy

A bit more colorful... (Yukata, obi)
Obviously, most Gyaruo Yukata are dark colored - for example grey, blue, black. This is the first lilac one I stumbled upon, really nice! =D
And gosh, that model is gorgeous! I wish I knew his name, he´s pulling every pose so perfectly! Maybe one of you readers can help me out with it? I would appreciate a lot! ~///~

My favorite! (Yukata, obi)
Oh yes, I deeply love this coordinate! The cool silver Yukata with a bit more traditional pattern, combined with a black obi with leo print (not really visible, sorry).
And look how low he´s wearing his obi! Must look kinda sloppy to most japanese people, but I can´t help but find it handsome! ~////~

The little black one... (Yukata, obi)
...with a smashing red obi! *__*
Simply hot! And again, a low worn obi ~

The last store on my list is SILVER BULLET, which is selling a bunch of lovely Gyaruo Yukata by CavariA! Come to check them out here: silver bullet

Rather simple look from far... (Yukata, obi)
But the print of the Yukata contains a very fine leo print and pinstripes combined together! :´D Haha, it´s a nice detail I think!

Black feather Yukata (Yukata, obi)
This print is just stunning to me! *___*
I´m a sucker for feather prints, and this one is just EPIC! I especially love the combination with the grey leo printed obi ♥

Haha, I kinda feel like playing dress up with my BF now ~ xD

Anybody sharing my weird Gyaruo Yukata love now? =)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. ahh wie heiss die alle sind ´//`
    ich steh voll drauf wenn der obi so tief getragen wird und die muster sind auch geil auch wenn ich den mit den federn und streifen nem leomuster schon vorziehe xD (zumindest wenns ein großes ist was man schon von 40metern entfernung siehtxD)

  2. @Caro: Jemand teilt meine Leidenschaft, wie toll! :´D
    Haha, also mit den Streifen hast du recht - manchmal erinnert mich so ein Leo-Muster (besonders in beige-schwarz-weiß) an diese übelst hässlichen Leo-Tangas für Männer. Eine doofe Relation, ich weiss. XD"