Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can´t wait until new Ageha is out! O///O

I feel like I really slacked off in fashion recently. =(
I didn´t have a lot of time to read fashion magazines, dress up pretty and style myself every day - and to be honest, most days I didn´t even feel like it. xD"

For work (nurse), I have to dress up in a dull uniform... long nails, fake lashes and hair accessory is not allowed, jewelry is forbidden too. And of course, hair has got to be tied. I usually dont´mind and dress up in my freetime only, but since I didn´t have a lot of freetime recently... well, you know the result. xD"

Anyways. I`m back on the train now! Ò__O/
I read the past issues of Ageha, and I LOVED the Yukata & Kimono styles! :´D Makes me wanna wear my Gal Yukata again
I already thought about selling it actually, since I just rarely have the chance to wear it... but now that I saw all those gorgeous photos on Ageha, I really feel like wearing it again soon - maybe on next week´s summer fireworks in my town

I can´t wait for the next issue of Ageha! So many new trends I already missed due to my hiatus... I really need to check up on the latest fashion, or I`ll never be satisfied again! Ò///ó

But even though I didn´t do any Gyaru attempts recently, I didn´t loose my passion for this fashion style - and bought some new items! x3 I took photos of a few of them...

New Bikini!
I already have a very princessy pink Bikini, but this year I wanted something more Agejo
I so love the pink lace and the cute bows!
Unfortunately... the weather in Germany is ***. ~__~ Freakin´ cold and rainy, so no need for a Bikini yet... BUT my time will come. *__*
Found it at a store at rakuten

Liz Lisa Replica
I was doing a taobao order to get the boots below, when I found this dress for incredibly cheap - so I just had to go for it! >///<
It´s so wonderful! Perfect shape, lovely rose print, light but not seethrough, and soft nice quality lace! I`m super happy with it... but it´s really short on me, so I gotta wear lace shorts underneath. xD"

Liz Lisa Replica OVK boots
You might remember that I desperately tried to get the original Liz Lisa boots looong time ago. I already paid to the shopping service, she bought my boots, but then the parcel got lost somewhere in China. ~__~
Of course they sold out soon after. But I so fell in love with those boots that I just had to get them... and I went for the replica, which is about a quarter of the originals price. xD"
They´re not perfect (especially the shoe laces... they´re different, I would have preferred the ribbons. =/), but still okay.

New Yorker´s romper
Saw it at the blog of a german girl and I knew I just had to go for it! *__* It´s such a gorgeous find, so comfortable and sexy!
I had a big surprise when I went shopping for it. Apparently I have lost some weight. O__O" I didn´t even realize it, since I don´t have a scale at my apt - but now I fit into an S size at every german clothing store, I can´t believe it! The last time I wore S... I was around 17 years old, dammit. XD"
So working too much all the time seems to have paid off. xD" (At least one good thing about it... ^^")

Since a lot of Gal´s are interested in this romper, I even thought about doing a shopping service for it - my local New Yorker´s store still has some of it in stock.
Spread the Gyaru love. =)

That´s it for now! I wanna finish off with one of my favorite photos that I took during my hiatus...
On the way back to my apt - isn´t it lovely? =D
So rare to see a rainbow around my area, it´s probably only the third one I ever saw in my whole life. The colors are so bright and warm!

How´s the weather around your area?
I hope far better then in Germany - have a nice summer all of you! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. WOAAAA so geile Sachen !!! omg *___*
    Das kleid die schueh und alles omg ! LIEBE !!!

    Sagmal bist du jetzt auf Facebook? :( ich würde so gerne mit dir chatten! Oder hast du msn? oder skype?`oder schick mri deine email adresse :(

    Biutte antworte mir mit einem kommentar in meinem blog :( Bidddöööööö

  2. wow i love the replica dress and the romper!!!

  3. This dress LL replica is so cute.

  4. Love that romper! I adore that trend!

  5. Where do you buy your replicas? : D

  6. @Tatat Roses: Thank you so much! x3 I just wish I had more chances to wear them right now - weather is so cold here! >////<

    @Rose: Thank youuu! It has got so many flowers on it, maybe it would suit your style, too? =D

    @Principessa: Oh yes, I´m so into it too! I never thought I could love Leo-Print that much, but since it´s available in grey-ish and blue tones everywhere now - I just have to go for it! *___* (not a big fan of beige leo-prints, though. o__o")

    @blackkoi: Thank you very much cutie! Are you participating at the kawaii facebook contest too, just as your sister does? =D I really wondered about that! x3

    @Nana: I mostly buy from taobao.com (like chinese ebay), but also from ruten.com.tw (like taiwanese ebay). =)
    For non-replica shopping I prefer mbok.jp, y! japan, and yumetenbo. ^^

  7. Where did you get the replica boots? :)

  8. Love the Liz Lisa dress, someday I order one ;) Also a Bikini from them, sooo sweet.