Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Did you know that the japanese Team won the woman soccer worldcup some days ago? =)

Haha, I guess the woman soccer worldcup was more or less a big deal just in Germany, since we were the hosts this time. A lot of people might not have even realized... unfortunately! Some of the matches were really exciting! =)

As far as I know, it´s the first time EVER that a japanese soccer team (woman AND man) won a worldcup.
OH YES GIRLS, you´re all gorgeous! Show the guys how it´s done! xD

Found this freakin' cool little girl at a prisila halfwig advertise. Such a cute little rockstar! xD

Looks like I´ll have a bit more spare time in the future weeks, so I`m back to blogging now! x3
I´ll start off with answering all the comments I got, sorry for late reply! >///< But I didn´t want to answer the comments in a hurry, that´s so impolite. =(

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. yep !!!is a sweet and gorgeous life !!!

    what a great news you wrote!!! *happy happy*
    cant wait to read about you

    kisses huny *3*

  2. @Queenie: *hugs* Thank you so much, you encourage me a lot! >///<