Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gal-Lolita coordinate ♥

Oh man, I´ve got exactly 12 minutes to do this blogpost now ~ my Internet access is a bit limited now due to busy working schedules. lol

But still! I wanted to do this post for long time, so I`ll just go for it now! Ò__O/

Gyaru and Lolita - those styles seem so perfectly different.
While Gyaru is mostly about beeing super up-to-date in fashion and sexy, Lolita is more on the pure side and related to the fashion of the victorian age.

But even though those styles seems so different, I strongly believe they can mix up well.
Fashion is about beeing creative and open to new things - always developing. That´s how I feel. =)
And if you´re a reader of the Ageha magazine, you surely have seen all the great Gal-Lolita attempts in the last few mag´s! (I really LOVE them!) EXAMPLE HERE ♥

So I was often imaging how to mix up my two favorite fashion styles... I have so many coordinates in mind!
Today, I wanna show you one of the coordinates I threw together (just in my mind ~ I don´t own all of the items... not yet. *__*)

Kind of... Liz Lisa Lolita? XD"
When that dress showed up on the Bodyline webstore, I immediately thought of Liz Lisa´s winter collections... maybe because of the florals? =) Anyways, that inspired me to create this Gal-Lolita coordinate.

The hairstyle is a very simple side tail. The cream colored headbow should be sitting on the roots of the tail, while the canotier is worn more on the right side.
A very important part is the eye-make up ~ to mix in some Gyaru elements. Long, dolly lashes and warm colors would be fine, I think! =D
I don´t think I need to explain the rest, it´s pretty obvious how it is worn. =3

BODYLINE ~ One Piece, Canotier, Hairbow
Baby, the stars shine bright ~ Parasol, Necklace, Earrings, Wristcuffs
Liz Lisa ~ Overknee Boots, Strawbag
Prisila ~ Hairfall wig
Dear Celine ~ Cardigan

I think it´s a pretty nice balance of lolita and gal elements - and I`ll definately try that one out! Ò__O/
I already own some of the items shown above, and I`ll go for the rest soon. x3

Did you ever try a Gal-Lolita coordinate? How was the reaction of other Lolitas and Gals?
I know mixing those two styles is a very troublesome topic, so I really wonder about this! =)

One more...Haha, this one was taken weeeeeks and weeks ago. My first time wearing out my Rose Toilette OP - I was soooo proud! :´D

Angelic Pretty ~ Bonnet, OP, Socks
Baby, the stars shine bright ~ Parasol
Bodyline ~ Cardigan
Dream of Lolita ~ Bag
Wig ~
Random ~ Hairbow clipped onto the bonnet, Jesus Diamante style shoes

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. i was a Lolita for 2 years before i moved to Gal. every now and then, i make it a habit to mix Lolita with my Gal coords, because it makes me remember the old days of frill and laces! haha~

  2. I thought I'd let you know that i've given you a "One Lovely Blog" award! ♥ I always enjoy reading your posts ♥ :3

  3. U look so cute! I love your bag and shoes! You have such a lovely stuff!
    How re U dear Princess?

  4. @Tatat Roses: Ahhhw, so you´re a former Lolita too, haha! =D I think some Lolita items go really well with Gyaru, too - fashion is freedom and has no borders, I think. =D
    Btw: I keep reading your blog, but I´ve recently I`ve been too busy to write any comments - sorry for that! I love your eyemake! =D

    @Emilie: OH... MY... COOKIE! Dx
    I really don´t know what to say, that´s so much more then I deserve... and every imagined! >///< I follow a lot of gyaru blogs, and I often saw the gals getting blog awards... but I never even imagined getting one myself! Thank you a thousand thousand times, that´s such a honour! >////<
    Oh... and follow you now! ;D (koakumacloset... even just the name of your blog makes me wanna follow you! xD)

    @Rose: How are you doing princess? Your blog has become so gorgeous recently, I love every post of yours! Your style has improved so much! =D
    Thanks for your compliment! x3 I`m doing okay - I`m pretty worn out from work, but that´ll be okay soon. =)