Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Award ♥

I didn´t even think about that something like that might happen to me one day... but I got a Blog Award! O__O" It´s so amazing, and I`m so thankful! That really motivates me to keep on blogging, making every entry more interesting and fashionable! (Still not satisfied with my blog now! xD")

Thanks a thousand times to the lovely Emilie Bailly, who has given me the award! Check out her lovely blog koakuma closet, she´s got such great style! She´s in Japan now, and will surely blog about the latest trends and 109 soon - can´t wait! x3 And even just the layout of her blog is worth a taking a peek - smokin' hot! ;D

Following the rules of the "One lovely blog" award, I gotta write down the following things! x3

7 random facts about myself:

1) I used to be a tomboy until I turned 16 years old. xD" I was growing up with a lot of boys in the neighbourhood, family and friends. I even wore boys pants, and cut my hair really short. ^^"
2) I don´t have a driving license. ~ I`m weak when it comes to seperating left side and right side, and there was pretty much no need for me to do the test yet (I`m living at the city, so driving a car around her is pretty much stressful anyways. xD"). But I feel I`m getting too old now, so I`ll start taking lessons next month. xD"
3) I´m the most clumsy person in the universe.
I drop everything. I accidentally hurt myself every day. I stain my clothes at every meal. ~__~"

4) I´ve got extremely good eyes and ears
- that´s why I`m bothered by noise easily.

5) My favorite movies atm are Transformers part 1 to 3! (Even though the acting of the chick in the latest movie is freakin´ annoying. I want Megan Fox back! Dx)
6) One of my worst habits is drinking too much coffee every day.
I need about 4 cups in the morning, at least 1 or 2 cups while work, and very often 2 more cups after I return back home again. ^^" It´s really unhealthy, so I try to decrease the number of cups now. xD"

7) My sleeping/living/dining/working-room (lol. It´s one big room used for all those purposes) is perfectly pink, a real princess room! Pink walls with crowns and butterflies (like my blog design! x3), a pink princess bed, pink curtains, pink bedsheets, giant pink plush pig (his name is Hector, I´ll introduce him some later. xD)... but there´s still some deco missing. As soon as I finished mission "princess room" perfectly, I´ll show you some photos! x3

It´s a honour for me to give this "One Lovely Blog" Award to:

I could continue this list forever, since I`m following so many gorgeous blogs! But those are the ones that inspire me the most, or thought me the most! =)

A Few Rules for everybody getting the award:
1. Link back to the person who passed you the award.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3. Award 15 blogs.

4. Drop them a note and tell them about it!



Sponsored by photoshop. xD"
Dammit... the unbeatable evidence that I`m horrible with using that software. ~__~ I should continue using it only for cropping images. xD"
Sorry for molesting your eyes ~

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. omg sweetheart thankie <3 ahahah we love the same blogs LOL i'm a roseliette and all the others u posted except http://ameblo.jp/ceased-to-exist/ [that i didnt know about] super STALKER

    I cant stop telling you how much i love u <3 but you know what I mean xD

  2. Thank you for the award! I am very honored that you've been a longtime follower. I will get around to passing on this post lol!

  3. omg but http://ameblo.jp/ceased-to-exist/ = http://koakuma-sparkling.blogspot.com/
    I rem I fell in love with her but couldnt find her blog!!!!thank youuuu I

  4. @Aimiya: Thank youuuu! =D

    @Queenie: Oh god, we´re really on the same vibe. xD
    I´m happy I could help you with the blog address! x3

    Now that I found your tumblr, I´m stalking you even more - I hope you don´t mind. xD" You´re so inspiring - your sexy skinny legs make me do some more exercise, did you know? XD

    @KatoKathy: Thanks for the reply, I`m honored to see you commenting at my blog! >///<
    You deserve that award anyways, even if you don´t find the time posting about it! =D
    Stay gorgeous! x3