Tuesday, December 28, 2010

♥ Black hime & lolita ♥

Recently, I´m very much into the darker styles of hime and lolita.
Seems I`m going back to my kuro lolita roots, somehow. o__o" (I started with this style long ago)

While pastel colored dresses are super cute and feminine, I think that black dresses are a lot more elegant and sexier.

I picked out my favorite examples of JD. x3

Classical hime cut of the dress!!
I love the big lace border on the bottom! ♥

The top of this dress looks less fiminine since it doesn´t give the boobs any shape... but still so cute!


Very cute bow details mixing up with plain black - simple but so stylish!

Such a simple cut of the dress, but still so flawless and elegant!
The skirt is falling so lovely and wide! ♥

And since i´m so in love with this style... I bought myself a new black lolita dress a while ago! x3
Check the shops images since my photo sucks. xD"
It´s such a great quality, and so elegant due to all the details!
It´s also very sexy since the dress features a corset top!
I`m going to wear it for both, kuro hime and kuro lolita - I already got so many coordination ideas, can´t wait to wear this baby out! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Wow, those all outfits looks gorgeous *o*
    I like this style~

    dont look back ihihih [kidding...but i wish ]

  3. @Meri and Anni: Yes, so typical JD - always perfect! x3

    @Queenie: XD You´re so sweet!
    But I still love lolita, and I`m not thinking about leaving this style right now. ^^

    I´m only a weekend / special occassion lolita anyways. o.O

    I´m dressing gal on a daily base - better said, I´m trying my best! XD" I can´t say I´m perfect at gyaru yet, but I`m trying hard every day. >///<
    And when I´ve got the feeling that my look will be recognized as "gal" by most people, maybe I`ll have the courage to post on everyday gyaru, too! =D

    I´ve got the feeling that my english is very bad today. I don´t know if I managed to express myself well. o__o"
    Let me know if it sucks. XD"

  4. So cute :]
    I like black colour, especially mixed with pink xP

    The first dress look so Princessly :*

    but wait the second... what is thissss ? :o