Monday, December 27, 2010

Just a Quicky. ;D

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas holiday! x3

As for me... I got a christmas cookie overdoze now. I think I`m going to vomit if I see one more macaron. x__X
Time to head to the gym now! xD" <- not joking - that´s the reason why I`m only writing a Quicky now. ;D

My christmas presents! x3
Big big biiiig thanks to my family, nao chan, mai chan, yuya chan and Laurie! I love all of you so much! >///< (And you know I would love you without getting your presents too, ne? ;D)
You all were so creative, trying to perfectly hit my taste! It´s so touching that you all thought about me and my weaboo taste xD" so carefully... I hope you all feel the same about the presents I gave to you! x3

Just some of the things I got:
♥Koakuma Ageha Dec. 2010 issue♥
♥Milk chan usagi cellphone pouch♥
♥Nyanpire plushie♥
(if I push his hand, he´s saying: "chii kure nya!" -> "I want your blood, nya!" So cuuute! :´D)
♥Hello Kitty calendar 2011♥
♥Sushi starter kit. lol♥
♥Hello Kitty pajama♥
♥"Angel Heart" perfume♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Awww, you got so cute presents ;w;
    Hello kitty is love<3

  2. Ahhhw, thanks to (both of? xD) you so much! x3

    I just checked your blog, and I couldn´t stop staring at your photo! O__O
    I swear to you, you´re looking like my classmate! I mean... the face, the blonde hair, everything!
    Makes me find you even cuter ♥