Monday, December 20, 2010


First of all... it´s an old story, but I wanna mention it again. xD"
I`m very sorry for the lack of updates and request to comments (especially super sorry about the comment thing, because I really don´t want to be rude! Plz don´t feel offended! >///<) but I`m just really busy now. Horrible shift plan + overtime + christmas preparations = taking way too much time. xD" It´ll be better around new year, when the big festival days are over. ^^

Anyways - as I mentioned some weeks ago, I did a big shoe and bags order at!

Some years ago, I did participate in a group order for lovelyshoes, and I got wonderful items from them! I definately had a positive feeling about them, so I decided to order again. ^^
I just needed some new fashionable shoes to match with my outfits, and since lovelshoes is offering really cheap stuff... I went for a big haul. xD

Here´s my review about them!

Soon after I placed my order, I got a message from lovelyshoes staff. She told me some of the shoes that I ordered are sold out already, even though they were shown as available when I put them into my shopping cart. She mentioned that stock changes quickly at their store, since a lot of customers purchase from lovelyshoes. Sounded like a rather bad excuse in my ears, of course - they should rather take care of updating their site quickly. =/
Fortunately, none of my MUST-HAVE items were sold out. :´D

The girl offered me to switch to other items, or getting a credit for their site that I can use for my next order. Refund is NOT possible. =/

Anyways, I switched to other items. ^^

Due to the stock problem + no refund rule, only 3 of 5 points here.

♥ REPLY ON MESSAGES (5/5) The staff girl replied super fast, and she´s always been very friendly! Her english skill was fabulous, so no communication problems at all! ^^

♥ FEES (5/5)

The shipping fee´s that lovelshoes does charge depends on the items weight and size. Since shoes are pretty heavy in general, and boots (just to give an example) are quite big, SHIPPING is what increases the price of the order.
Anyways, since the shoes are unbeatable cheap and you can get lot´s of different styles at once, I didn´t care about the shipping fees that much.
What they charge is really fair in my eyes (cheap shoes + fair shipping price), I`ll give them 5 of 5 points!


My items arrived in a very big box, and dammit - it wasn´t taped all over! xD" What a giant surprise! The first parcel from China that isn´t taped all over! xD"

But maybe that ridiculous amount of tape would have been useful, since my parcel arrived with a little hole on the side. The heel of my boots caused the damage, I think. =/

Even though there was a hole in the box, and it looked squished all over, all of my items arrived undamaged. ^^

Shipping was done by EMS China, and of course... it got cought by the german customs. ~__~ (Pretty usual for parcels carried with EMS China...) Again, handling the customs wasn´t a big thing - I was just bothered because they held my precious items for 3 more days! I´m too impatient for such happenings! Dx
But I admit that it was my fault - lovelyshoes does offer different ways of shipping, and I`ve chosen EMS myself since it sounded most reasonable to me. Can´t complain therefore... XD

4 points of 5 because... tape, plz? ^^"

♥ Quality of items (4/5)
It differs from one item to another, since the shoes are made by different manufacturers.
What I can say is... the quality is usually okay! You get what you paid for, and sometimes even a bit more. ^^
The common issues about the shoes are loose threads and glue stains, but they can be easily removed with scissors and nail varnish. ^^

(21/25) points for!

Since photos are sometimes telling more then 1000 words...

The giant box! xD
(almost as big as the box with TaoBao items that arrived one day earlier then this baby!)
As I mentioned... a hole in the box, caused by the heel of my boots. =/
The heel was popping out of the box when the postman handed it over, and he nervously mentioned it was there before he even touched the box. xD" (really cute, somehow)
The box itself was made of quite soft paper-card material, so it got squished easily. Fortunately, none of my items got damaged by that! ^^"
It was really hard to figure out a place to cut in there. x__X

When I cut off the top...
...I got a first positive surprise: All the items were packed seperately in soft foam plastic bags!
They also got stored carefully and reasonable inside the box. All the heels of my shoes were pointing to the OUTSIDE of the parcel, so that no item on the inside could get damaged by them. ^^ (Well... they damaged the box therefore. xD")
The chemical smell was just TOO MUCH.
Seriously, I´m used to chemical smell coming from such parcels... but this time it was unbearable, I even got a headache some minutes after I opened the box! x__X
I put all the items into a basket and stored them outside of my house for 2 hours, to air them. ...I aired my room after that, too - and immediately threw the damn box outside. xD"
After 2 hours of fresh air, the chemical scent was as good as gone. ^^

Now for the items! =D
(I`m using the original titles of lovelyshoes item description - plz don´t wonder, they´re usually L O N G and senseless. xD")

Crystal patent leather high-heeled cuspate toe high boots Z-XL811 green
I bought those to go with my Angelic Pretty "Melty Chocolate" replica - I just needed some mint colored shoes. ^^
I wanna decorate them with choco brown fur and some mint colored bows, since they´re looking too "plastic" just the way they are. ^^

The boots are looking exactly like the shop´s photo, and the measurements are the same as the items description tells.
However, there´s a little (almost invisible) grey stain at the side of one shoe - I can´t definately say what it is (since it´s too thin for a glue stain), but I managed to remove it with nail varnish. o.O

Patent leather waterproof increased high heel rabbit middle heel boots Z-BGE-B-1 white
SHIT QUALITY and absolutely NOT as pictured!
I was looking forward to some fluffy-furry white boots, but what I got in the end freaked me out so much!
The fur doesn´t even have the same color as the boots have! (Fur = off white/eggshell, Boots = snow white)
The fake leather isn´t sewn onto the boots carefully, so that tacky edges show off!
The ugly faux fur is sewn into a seam that was supposed to hold ONLY the boots together! Dx I mean... how fu*** bad craftmanship is this? Even though I was so angry, I really had to laugh about this, I confess. xD"
At least the inner material = leopard fabric rocks (Haha, hello irony - nobody will ever see it when worn... ~__~"), and so do the tall sexy heels...
I`ll simply try to rip off that freakin ugly fur, to see what I can do with them... so disappointed!

Wholesale Kvoll Designer pumps D4097
The shop´s photos are true to color, my photos suck in this way - sorry. xD" The shoes are actually hot pink, not red!
Bought them to go with my koakuma-kei outfits, and they´re even more fabulous then I imagined!
Perfect fit, sexy bling, cute details!
Not one single issue with them!
By the way... I strongy recommand KVOLL items! I do own several pairs of shoes and bags from them, they´re all gorgeous quality! ^^

fashionable and lovely leisure boots SY-XJ2018-2 apricot
Once again... LOVE!
I immediately thought of Liz Lisa when I saw them, so I just NEEDED them to be part of my collection!
Material is gorgeous from top to bottom! No size issues, no damaged or stained parts, absolutely true to the shop´s photo!

Korean version of round toe bowknot patent leather shoes for flexible size 30-43 xl-651
Almost the same model as the pink pumps above - and really nice! ^^
I wanted a pair of silver shoes to go with one of my lolita outfits that features a silvery print. So I went for those, since they´ve got many cute details!
Quality is okay - the back ribbon isn´t desolated at the edges, so I worry that it might fray... one of the shoes also arrived a tiny bit squished, but I already fixed it with stuffing the shoes with newspaper for some hours. ^^
Definately NOT as good quality as promised, and they´re quite different from the shops photo (especially the tassels, they´re so small in reality. =/)
They also run a tiny bit smaller then the measurements in the item description promise - and the material is NOT stretchable.
However... those boots have got a GREAT FIT! *__*
They make the legs appear slender and long, I think´s it´s due to the velveteen-like material! (It does give a bit of shine, too!)
One of my favorite items of this shoe order, I definately can´t complain about them since they were so cheap as well! x3

2010 wedge heel Single-row gold buckle knee boots SY-MM999-3 black
They´re looking so damn ugly on my photo, I`m sorry! xD"
It´s due to the reason that they´re not closed with all the rubber bands, but laying openly on my blanket. Plz rely on the shop´s images to see what they look like closed. =)

They´re overknee boots, not knee-boots as the shop images tell!
Smokin hot boots, they´re sexy as hell!
I`m a big fan of wedges, another PLUS! x3
I´ll be going to coordinate them with my military outfits, I´ve seen that on lot´s of gal magazines before! x3
They´re a tinyyyyy bit big on my legs, but just because some of the rubber bands are too loose in some parts (like the ankles).
Those boots will fit a wide range of sizes (due to the rubber band closure), so I definately recommand them to girls with bigger calves and such! =D

Hot on the streets shall cut lace knitting yarn mill face boots Z105 rice
Cute as ever! :´D
Those boots are simply perfect! The lace cutout features so many details, such as the lovely knit does!
They´re exactly as pictured on the site, and the measurements are true to reality. =)
I love them to death! x3

fashion high Ribbon Crystal Boots
Those boots are not snow white as pictured, but some kind of off-white. =/
The quality of the material isn´t the best, such as the craftmanship - there were glue stains on the boots! I removed them with nail varnish anyways.
Besides those things, the boots are a great fit, and they´re looking really lovely and cute! The row of bling on the sides is definately an eyecatcher!

Fashion bowtie leisure wild multi-function portable bag H-BY12345 rose
This bag is actually hot pink, such as the pumps above! Sorry for crap photo again. xD"
The bag´s material is perfect, and I like the overall look!
But there´s a flap in the handle that can´t be fixed, and it looks a bit silly. =/
And also another stain on the bow... this time, it was quite hard to remove it. Looks like the grey shadow is part of the enamel skin... I managed to take most off it, but there still remains a grey shadow when you take a close look at it!

shoulder bag B2437
It´s just gorgeous from top to bottom, not a single thing to complain about it!
I love the cute big bow!
It´s absolutely true to the description and photos, sweet as ever!
Oh, and by the way... made by KVOLL. ;D (just a hint, just a hint. xD)

Rhombic profile denim shoulder bag L810BK
I needed a simple but stylish bag for carrying around my sportswear when I´m going to gym.
(I find the usual sports bags pretty ugly and too HUUUGE to be cute. =/)
It´s perfect, and just as pictured + described. ^^
The material is really soft and nice!

That´s it! =D
If you have any questions, plz feel free to ask me - I won´t bite, and I promise to reply faster from now on! o////O *trying my very best*
Haha, I already linked the items, so that you can access them easier. ^^

Thanks for reading!

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. ^^ I'm waiting for two furry boots
    One KVOLL ankle boots from LOVELYSHOES

    and a Liz Lisa style over the knee with fur on the top

    I LOVE THE RED KVOLL so much!!!!are they compfty????

  2. Oh that´s so HOT!
    Sorry to bother you, but I´m so curious which boots you´ve chosen - could you show me the shops links? I know you´ve got a great taste, and I always love to see other girls purchases so much! =D

    YES! The pumps are super comfy and GREAT material, pure love! But they´re actually not red, but hot pink! I know, my photo sucks when it comes to the colors... I`m sorry. xD"

    in black
    in cream/apricot

    they are at a friend of mine's home now ....he gotta send both

    the LIZ LISA's style cover the leg for 50cm only ...i'm 169 and my legs are long
    --> i think they wont cover completely my knees ;___; i will add some over the knees socks to complete the look
    what is your shoes number???i'm a 38.5/39

  4. If they are over the knee I'd love to buy the
    ''2010 wedge heel Single-row gold buckle knee boots SY-MM999-3 black''
    I love the military allure they got and i'm thinking of buying a jacket know those military jackets full of medals ...or those with the same golden buttons in pair as the boots you got


    they look compfty

  5. Oh wow, I love the boots you´ve chosen, especially the the apricot ones! *__*
    I just pray that the fur on your boots will be a lot better quality then the ugly fur boots I´ve got. =/
    Ahhhw, I admire you for having long legs... mine are quite short. (but this way, most overknee-boots produced in Asia fit me... so I`m quite lucky somehow, I guess). xD"
    I´m sure the boots rock with stockings underneath, too!
    Oh, my shoe size is an european 38! (japanese = 24 ~ chinese = 38,5 to 39) Hum. Easy to see that I love to shop at asian stores, it seems. xD"

    2010 wedge heel Single-row gold buckle knee boots SY-MM999-3 black <- Yes, they´re overknee boots! =3
    I know, the shops images are looking like they´re selling knee high boots, but they´re actually really long!
    For my taste, almost too long - they´re sitting mid-thight on me. xD
    So I guess they´ll fit your legs perfectly, there shouldn´t be a problem about the length like you expect to have with the apricot boots. =)

    Ahhhw, so cute... you know, I`m currently on search for a hot military jacket, too! xD
    There´s a discount at a german fashion store line (?? don´t even know if I described it right, sorry. x__X), and I found some interesting pieces!

    Still not sure which one to choose... they´re all very basic - but I don´t matter a lot, since I wanna decorate them with military bling and patches myself (my daddy has lot´s of them, he collected them long time ago... I`m finally taking advantage out of one of his unusual hobbies! xD)
    Which one do you like most? =3 Would love to hear your opinion, since your taste for fashion is fab!

    *chu* for you sweetheart!


  6. OMG they are basic/plain for real ihihihih PUT LOTS OF MEDALS BABY!!!!! i know it will be nice
    ...& say thanks to Vati ihihihih
    I like something like these or this---> richer and girlish so I gotta say that by PIMPIE I dont really like this one cuz it's masculine but ...1)if it was for kids i'd maybe buy it [knowing it will fit very tight on me XD] .....I hate not modeled things !!!i want to see on models :P
    2)has the better upper part in my opinion (i hate the bottom part...i'd cut it off ihihihi)
    3)has got the horizontal  line between the parallel buttons (i love this part!!!)

    if i find something by Tally Weijl,Bershka and so I'll give you the link!!!
     RIVER ISLAND has this BABES on sale at 10 POUNDS but only cuz they have size 16 and 18 in stock -____- i'm a 6/8  DAMN


  7. I just found a way sexier jacket at a local store, with lot´s of golden details! *___*

    Thanks to your advice! Now I got a jacket with more bling. ^////^

    And those shorts are EPIC! But they´re way too big for me, too. =/ (even though I`m not as slim as you are. ;D)

  8. Random reviewer *cough* but I'm looking at Lovely Shoes reviews. This is the second time I've seen a reviewer who wants to buy from LS again! And at a tie with the two who hated the place. XD I think I'm going to test my luck anyway. The prices are too good to ignore.

    About the prices, actually, can you buy anything or do you have to buy a certain amount of shoes/bags to equal a certain price before you can buy from them?

  9. @Maeam: I`m so sorry to reply so late, I guess I`m not a big help for you anymore. =(

    But no, you don´t have to buy a certain amount of items from them - they also accept small orders. =)

    I´ve heavy worn lot´s of the shoes shown above until now, and only 1 pair of them has got some problems - the wedghe thight-high-boots had some golden buttons falling off. =(
    The rest of it is still gorgeous! =D

    I would still recommand lovelyshoes. =)

  10. @Chirality: Thanks! I still plan to buy from them!

  11. halo! I wonder how do you remove the glue using the nail varnish, will you tell me more detail? ie: simply by rubbing into the shoes with cotton or any specific instruction? xD

    thanks before ;)

    1. Hey there! =D

      The nail varnish unfortunately doesn't work for all kind of glue stains (it also depends on the material of the shoes), but it is definately worth a try! :)

      I first try to rub off as much glue as I can (using a dry towel) before using the nail varnish.
      Then just take a cotton pad (like... for removing make-up. xD), soak it with nail varnish, and press it on the glue stain to let it soak a little (max. 1 minute).
      Remove the cotton pad and try to rub off the glue with the dry towel again.

      This works best on enamel or faux leather shoes.
      Plz do not try it on real leather or (faux) rough leather - I am afraid it'll ruin your shoes. =(

      Hope this was helpful to you! =D

    2. OMG! thank you for your reply! I lost my bookmark so I was trying to find this blog again from google T_T - thank God I found it ^_^

      anyway, I tried the towel one (which is genius I think, why did I never thought about it) and the result is super! - it wasn't remove all but my shoes now look much much MUCH better!

      I still don't have enough courage to try the nail polish one :p - my shoes is made from suede, not sure if the nail polish will be a good idea :(

      HUGE THANKS Chirality! you've made my day yay!

    3. @Anonymus: Haha, so may I say... welcome back! XD

      Ahhhw, I'm so happy that I could help you! <3 Thanks for coming back and telling me about your effort, you really made my day! x3

  12. thank you for the review :D

    i just wanted to know which shoe size you have and which one did you choose? i am from germany and i am around 39/40 ... i still cannot decide which size will fit me

    1. Hallo!
      Ich bin auch aus Deutschland, also lass uns in Deutsch schreiben. ;)

      Ich habe eine deutsche Größe 38, und bestelle bei lovelyshoes immer eine 39 - bis jetzt hatte ich nie Probleme reinzupassen. Also würde ich dir raten, immer eine Größe größer zu bestellen. ;)