Thursday, March 8, 2012

♥ Agejo/Hime-up your home! ♥

Have you ever heard about the brand "Little Diva"?
It's an european brand (from the netherlands) that does create a wide range of "home"-related items such as bedsheets, dishes, soap dispensers, towels, stationary... and they all perfectly match the Agejo and Hime theme! ♥

The main colors consist gold, hot pink, baby pink, black and denim blue, while the patterns feature a lot of leopard print, denim print, roses print and padding print.
The price range of "Little Diva" is in the medium category, but definately worth the price! I have two coffee mugs from them, and their print does even survive the dishwasher! (Most printed dishes tend to blur from beeing put into the dishwasher too often)

Enough of the bla, let's take a look at the gorgeous items by "Little Diva"! ;D

LD Pillow

Embroidered sleeping Mask

Cute decorated bath bomb
(screw lush, this one comes decorated with a bracelet! xD)

Golden teapot
A little funny how you can see the photographers reflection on the teapot. xD

Coffee mug
I got this one + a leopard patterned one. My favorite cup. ♥

Leopard heart dish
"Be cute and sexy" ♥

Fancy soap dispenser
I so need this! >///<

Now you might wonder where to buy? =D

If you are coming from Germany, you can buy the "Little Diva" collection at some Douglas stores! Or just simply check out their german webstore here! (Unfortunately a lot of items are sold out on the webstore. =/)

If you're from outside Germany, you can check, where you will be lead to a few different online stores to buy from the "Little Diva" collection. (Just click on the items you would like to purchase, and check the shop links that will be listed beside the items image)

I absolutely ADORE LD's items, especially the leo-printed ones! >///<
My home still lacks some princessy/agejo decoration, so as soon as I have some money left I will blow it on LD for sure! Ò__O/

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. Nice! The design of the brands really looks hime'styled :O Suuuper nice <3

    1. Yes, I think so <3 I was so surprised that we have a brand in Europe that does produce such hime-style things! x3

  2. Ohh, since I've looked at their home page the last time they seem to have put out even more things ♥ Awesome, they're such a nice brand.

    1. So true <3 I hope they'll come up with some more leopard dishes in the future, that's my absolute favorite style by Little Diva <3

  3. Just found your blog since I googled for Gothic Decoden! I think your blog is really cute and you're a really interesting person too! Glad to know that even in Germany there's a horde of Gal. Would be great if I could hang out with you and the others sometime, eventho I'm not a gal myself :)

    Anyway, thanks for this review, I'm going to check the German store right now!

    Nb: Btw it's kinda hard for me to read your blog since it's too bright! But nevermind! I think it's still awesome ;)

    1. Ahhhw, nice to have you here, Natasha! <3 I am glad you like my (plain) blog, I just wish I had the time to put more effort in it. =/

      You're so right, there are so many gorgeous gals in Germany right now! I'm not an active participant of any Gal-cir or something like that (basically because I don't consider myself gal-worthy still now + I don't have much time left for circle life. =/), but it is such an inspiration to look at the photos of their meetings and such! So maybe we both find a chance to hang out with those cool people one day. ;D
      May I ask you where you're located?

      Oh Sweety, thanks for the tip! I wanted to change my whole blog layout anyways, so I keep the brightness in mind! Thank you so much!

  4. Ohhh my God I love this so much ;o; Thank you for posting this!! Perfect for Himegyaru ^^ ♥♥

  5. I love LD so much <3
    You should come to Holland once ;) many department-stores have a LD corner with all of their cute stuff piled up.
    In the end of september you can get stationary kind of stuff like college notes, diaries and pens and wrapping-paper with 75% discount TToTT

    1. Haha, I actually planned a short trip to Amsterdam in fall, since one of my friends living there is having her marriage. I'll definately keep an eye out on LD, thanks for the tip about the departement store! *___*

      I love your blog, but I guess I told you before. <3 You're inspiring me!

  6. Ah thank you for following me <3 ^^
    I like the coffee mug and teapot from LD! Even the bath bomb is so cute !

    1. Haha, yes! I would love to try the bath bomb one day, too! But I guess I would end up just buying it and using it as decoration, it is just too cute to throw it in the bathtub. :´D

  7. Meep! Why have I not heard of this before? I love it, especially the leopard print dish hehe. I might need to get me some. (๑°⌓°๑)

    1. I just bought myself a couple of the leopard dishes, I love the heart ones (even though they're quite small). <3

      Haha, let's share some LD love! ;D

  8. Heyy ^-^ danke fürs follow-en! ohja, bei diesen douglas sachen sterbe ich auch jedes mal. Muss mir mal die schlafmaske holen!
    Keki ;)

    1. Du sagst es! Ich komme bei Douglas so oft in Versuchung mir was von LD zu kaufen! Letztens konnte ich dann nicht mehr widerstehen und hab mir Leoparden-Teller gekauft - obwohl ich eh schon zu viel Geschirr hab. xD" Die Sachen sind einfach zu toll...

      Die Schlafmaske finde ich auch total stylish, aber die würde mich glaube ich eher am Schlaf hindern als ihn fördern. xD

      LG zurück. ;)

  9. WHOAAAAAA baby the leopard dish omgggggg


    1. I can understand you so well. :´D

      I just bought myself some leo dishes, they're so mad sexy! <3
      I am so glad that you're back on blogger Queenie! *hugs* I missed you!

    2. i was missing you too honey ** even if i was lurking your awesomeness here @ Chiralicious :3
      I was jelous of ppl commenting cuz I couldnt lol

      i really like the mugs and the roomwear on the website u linked ** I know i gotta spend some months a year both in Germany and in Asia u,u I know ...LIFE'S TELLIN ME lol

      *hug back!!+touch boobs* *Chirality's bf kick me* *#hgfbhvVGgtd* *meow* *rwrrr* * ggrrrrrrrr* * ffffffffffff* :£