Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thelma Madine - makes your poofy dreams come true ♥

Yesterday, I saw a little TV report about a very special wedding dress designer on TV. Her designs took my heart within a second. ♥

The name of the designer is Thelma Madine, and she got mostly famous through the TV series "My big fat gypsy wedding", which unfortunately is not aired on german TV. =/
She just recently came up with her biography!

Left side: Thelma Madine
Right side
: Happy bride ♥

I just found out about her yesterday, so I could only collect a little information about her ever since. =/

Mrs. Thelma Madine started professional sewing soon after her marriage broke down, about 16 years ago from now. She was designing simple christening dresses which she sold on small markets in Liverpool.

When business started to pay off, she was sentenced to stay in prison for one year, since she owed the government benefits of £10,700 (ca. 12.500€).
She was released after 4 month though, saying that this experience shaped her personality a lot. She began to feel for the travellers, that do often get misjudged by society.

Thelma Madine got back into business of sewing dresses for (mostly gypsy) kids, and gained more and more popularity. Her unique designs were evolving a lot, so it was only a matter of time when she was asked to design a wedding gown and 18 (!) bridesmaid dresses for a big gypsy wedding.

More and more work started to come in, and after all those years she gained the international popularity she has now. Her dresses are rated in upper price category, somewhere between £15.000 and £50.000 (ca. 17.600€ ~ 58.800€) - the real prices were never revealed, though. ;)

What makes her dresses unique: The ridiculous amount of poof (which I just LOVE! *__* Maybe I've been into Lolita for too long. xD), the bling bling, and the sexy yet princessy shape of the dresses.

See yourself, otherwise you won't believe it. :´D

The artist at work ♥
Mrs. Thelma Madine on the very left side!
And the bride lost in poof ♥ I so love the glitter on her bustier and her giant tiara, she looks like a dream princess ♥

Breathtaking snapshot of the backside of a dress
This... is... perfection. ♥
I've never seen such a beautiful detail like this. ;////;

White dream ♥I prefer a more cupcake-shape of the bottom, but still... this is so wonderful! :´D

Thelma Madine does design bridesmaid-gowns, too! ♥
Share some BIG love for poof. :´D

Very inspiring snap from a photoshooting
I love this photo! *__*
It gives me the "Enchanted" feeling, like a disney princess that slipped through the gates of fiction and reality. :´D

Not sooo much related...
...but I want such a carriage for my wedding, too. ;////; And a dress by Mrs. Thelma Madine, to fill out the space in it, just like the models dress above! xD

What do you think about those wedding gowns? A little too much, maybe? ;)

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. Ah I love the gowns she creates! We had the Gypsy Wedding show airing here in Canada for a while, I think it still airs occasionally and all the dresses are always so pretty!
    They said that a lot of those dresses especially the wedding gowns are enough to damage ribs and cause a lot of bruising because of all the maybe I'd only want a little bit of poof and not something over the top.

    1. I really like that show! x3 I just watched a few episodes online, those weddings are CRAZY! *__*
      Damage ribs?! Oh god! I didn't know that those wonderful dresses have such a bad effect on health. Such a pity! Dx Ahw. Most of the gorgeous things are too good to be true. Same with those dream dresses, it seems. =(

      Following your blog from today on, you are such a cutie! x3

  2. Wow that dresses are so pretty! They are wider than the bride's height (I hope that makes sense). The poofy white dress is so dreamy!

    1. The white one is my favorite, too! It has so much glitter on it! :´D

  3. Wuaaah those dresses are amazing! I didn't know that you can buy those (they look almost unrealistic ;D). They're gorgeous thank you for sharing!
    and I personally think that woman get only one opportunity to dress up like that once in their life: wedding :3
    so yeah if I had the money, I'd get one :D
    if you could visit my blog, I'd be happy! hope you write back >.< <3
    xoxo Keki

    1. Hey sweetheart, du bist auch aus Deutschland, oder? =D
      Tut mir Leid das ich erst so spät auf dein comment antworte, ich war leider mal wieder sehr beschäftigt. =(

      Jaaa, diese Kleider sind einfach so zauberhaft und einzigartig, das man sie auch nur an einem einzigartigen Tag tragen kann... Hochzeitstag. <3

      Aber mittlerweile hab ich erfahren das diese Kleider so schwer sind, das sie schwere körperliche Schäden verursachen wie Quetschungen, Narbenbildung und Bandscheibenschäden. x___X
      Ich glaube ich wäge nochmal ab, ob ich wirklich so ein Kleid will. xD

      Ich folge ab heute deinem Blog, der ist soooo süß! Ich liebe dein Design! >////< (muss meins auch bald mal ändern. =/)

    2. her dress is amazing

  4. bonnie gillispieApril 9, 2012 at 5:06 AM

    i would love to purchase a beautiful dress but i am in the states is there anyway to get in contact with someone to get a design started?

    1. I researched that for you by googling "contact thelma madine", some useful addresses popped up. =)

      Her Twitter:!/thelmamadine

      Her Facebook:

      Her store address (located in Liverpool, UK):
      136 London Rd
      Liverpool, Merseyside L3 2926
      United Kingdom
      Tel: +44 1517072926

      Hope that'll help you out getting your dream dress. =D

  5. I really love these dresses as well they are so pretty!

  6. your dresses are unreal i swear , :D

  7. oh my goddddddddddddddddd it's the dream of every girl i wish i know how to shop these dresses online

    1. I could only find a little info about that as well, I posted it a few comments on top - maybe you would like to check? =D

  8. Dear Thelma ~ xx

    You are simply an Inspiration!!!

    If anyone deserves this ..... " YOU DO LOVE ~ 1000,000% !!!"

    Having watched every episode of " MBFGW" ~ week in ~week out,our genuine admiration and love for you ~ALSO GREW Thelma !! xx

    To ALL those out there unemployed,lazy with that .... "i can't gerra job attitude!"~ CAN'T SEE WHAT sheer detemination and dammed HARD SLOGG can achieve ~ then they MUST ALL BE BLIND!!

    Like you i started with nothing,but was very artistic ,good with my hands and could also dance!! lol ~ x

    So i decided ,because i couldn't afford to buy new ,i'd have a go at making my own Festoon blinds ,to replace the net curtains that we'd bought off the previous owner of ourb little two up two dwon terraced 1st home !!
    So ~ ,with some £1 a yard silk cotton and some 50p a yrd matching lace to frill from a local indoor Market stall and the help of a magazine article in Womans Own and my mother in laws old sewing machine ,i made my 1st 5 blinds for less than £30 ~ and OMG !! :-) THEY LOOKED BLOODY MARVELLOUS!

    No sooner i'd fitted them up to my windows ,my nextdoor but 2 neighbour asked "would ya make 2 for me ??" ~ :-) so i did!!~ :-)lol
    Her daughter loved them to bits and wanted exactly the same for her larger 4 bedroomed house opposite ours!! ,and then another friend wanted some for her two patio doors and "did we do a fitting service!???" so blagging myway through the fone call ,i replied "of course we did" pmaol

    Following week i decided to place a small advert in the local free paper that following Friday morning
    which simply read "FESTOON BLINDS MADE2ORDER" Tel: ***********


    so ppl ~ life's watch'ya make it ~ nothing's ever handed on a Silver~ plate and (if you really really want it???) ~it's there 4 the taking ~

    IT'S simply ....." UP TO YOU TO GRAB IT WITH BOTH ARMS!!" and not stop !!

    lIKE YOU THELMA ~ love ,i've had Massive up's and down's,including loosing EVERYTHING WE HAD ,when a rival firm stole my van and all its contents and took it to a local beautyspot and torched it!! we lost everything overnight!!!
    But ~i went back to the bank,borrowed another £15k and started again from sratch!!
    14yrs on i run my own Holistic Health business and for almost 12yrs ran over 22 successful fitness classse
    I NOW Have NO DEBTS ~ at long last!

    AT 28 I WENT BACK TO COLLEGE AND TRAINED AS A FITNESS INSTRUCTOR AFTER having my two kids and BY THE AGE of 44 had re~sat and passed ALL 8"o"Levels and qualified in 7 Holistic Therapies bfore i was 40!!!

    I'm now almost 50 and getting re~married to a wonderful man next August AND LIFE IS NOW WORTH LIVING ~

    ~ SO PPL ~ life is really what ya make it!~ I've proved that and so as Thelma Madine(i'm nowhere in the same league lol) ,but IF YOU want to make something of your life ,and have a skill ~ "go 4 it now!! and you'll never look back !! All the very best ~ Luv ANON XX

    1. I guess I never got such a long comment before, though it's not even related to "me", haha! XD

      But I found this story very touching nonethless!

      Life is what you make it! ♥

  9. Thelma Madine is Amazeing I'm getting my Wedding dress made from her and she is the nicest most down to earth woman iv ever met <3

    1. That's so wonderful! Hope you're having a perfect wedding ceremony! =)