Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥♥♥Happy Valentines Day♥♥♥

I currently don't have the time to do a proper entry, but I still wanted to stop by to wish you all a
lovely Valentines Day!

Hope you're all spending a gorgeous day with your beloved ones (may it be BF, friends or family - I believe a "Valentine" can be anybody! ^^), have a wonderful time!

"Valentines Card" I made for my Honey
It's actually a photo of the selfmade chocolate candy I made for him. o///o
He kindly asked for strawberry and vanilla taste this year, so of course I made his sweet wish come true! ^///^

Happy Valentines Day! =D

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. Uhh,Deine Pralinen sind zuckersüss! <3 Vor allem bin ich auf die mit Erdbeergeschmack neugierig! =3
    Ich fand Dein Macaron Rezept im letzten Post auch sehr schön. Ich werde es definitiv ausprobieren <3

    1. Ahhhw, hab vielen Dank! >////< ~ Und Sorry das ich erst so spät antworte, ich hab leider momentan nicht viel Zeit mich um meinen Blog zu kümmern. =/

      Hast du die Macarons mittlerweile ausprobiert? Und hat's geklappt? =D Würde mich super freuen! x3

  2. Happy Late valentine´s day for you too <333

    1. Thank you so much! o////o
      I am very sorry to reply so late, but I still wanna say... I wish you had a very nice valentines-day, too! =D (better late then never)