Friday, April 6, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

Title says it all. =(
I can still cope with the stress at the moment, since it is mostly positive kind of stress - marriage preparations for a close family member, decorating the room for her baby (she's pregnant), organizing a cake sale for my school (I'm member of the students council), driving lessons (kinda scary, but fun. xD), working, school, part time job... I better end the list now, it's getting too long. xD

But I'm doing really fine, and I just wanted to thank all of you for keep following my blog. I haven't lost any follower over the past months, even though I'm a terribly blogger that rarely posts anything... Thank you all so much for staying in touch!

For today, I just wanna update with all the photos I've taken the past months but never posted. Just a little random photo spam. ^^~
(They're not in a timely order since I can't remember when I took them, sorry. O__O")

Finally a Bubble Tea store (with really cute staff, hrhrhr) opened at my city!!!
(Black milk tea with tapioca boba)
I was dreaming of this for so long, it finally came true. :´D
Now we even have a 2nd one, and a 3rd one will be opened in June!
Oh holy calories, that's going to be a summer full of exercise. xD"

Random photo I took after work in the locker...
I guess a lot of people will feel the urge to click the big "X" in the upper right corner now, lol.
Work = Getting up at 5 a.m. = to freakin' lazy to do anything related to styling.
Those oversize uniforms are a joke, by the way. Mine is labeled as an 2 XS, which is so much of a fail I can't tell. I'm an M size naturally, but this one fits like an L/XL in some parts... Irony. <.<

Darling and me had a fun talk about our future kids a few weeks ago (YES, we are THAT kind of an annoying couple. lol), when we found that funny website that does merge your photos into your future baby...

Our future daughter
She resembles my BF's kids photos so much. xD

And our future son
OMG can u tell how Q he is?! :´D
He's got my chubby face, but that'll grow out in his future, I hope... xD

After spreading the link of that website in my class, 50% of the girls will be spending the weekend randomly merging their photos I am sure. lol
If you wanna try it as well, here's the website:
(Don't get turned off by the sexy photos, they're not related to the morphing machine. xD)

I also merged two photos of myself to see how Junior Chirality would look like. EPIC FAIL. I can't show that bizarre monster to you, you'll be traumatized. xD"

Tutuha style necklace
I didn't spend any money on clothes and accessory the past 3 month, but this necklace... I just couldn't resist.

Cherry trees start to blossom!
I just found the first blooming cherry tree last week, it is so cute and romantic! I am so happy that spring is finally here, Winter season got me really depressed. =(

Funny Bonus:
My wig transformation! (Photos taken about... 2 months ago?)
As you may know, I am a sucker for prisila hairpieces. I currently own 5 different hairpieces in the color LIYE, and I just love to play around with them and create new hairstyles!
A lot of girls asked me for hair tutorials previously, which I had to deny - as you can see in this crappy walk-through, my own hair is nothing but a big disappointment. ^^" All the magic is done by prisila!
Disclaimer: Plz excuse the weird photos, jerky me is a jerk. xD" (Flat hair after work, un-centered mid-split, weird faces... and the Sujimori has too big strands for sure. EPIC FAIL. lol)
But wohooo, I managed to loose some weight until now. :´D I have my ideal weight back, so happy! Now I can rock the wedding ceremony in my cute dress next week! xD

Have a gorgeous time my sweethearts, and enjoy easter holiday! Thanks once more for following me, I really appreciate so much! Be well, I hope to post again soon! ;)

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. uhmmm chira!!! i'm in the 50% who wouldnt go morphing the futur babies neither if an hungry Godzilla asked :D
    I'm one of those that out of 1000 wedding dresses likes maybe one LOL (ok...i'm acting Yanki and Bad girl ihihihihihihi)
    ** but I love Barbie's style wedding dresses a looot LOOOOL

    IMPORTANT NOTE: you german gals should stop talking about bubble tea CUZ here in Italy it doesnt exist SOOOOO you're all so sadistic babes u,u

  2. Haha, you're somewhat special an a FABULOUS WAY, Queenie! ;D *hugs*
    That's why I like you. <3

    Oh, if you like Barbie style wedding dresses... have you seen my entry about Thelma Madine? =3
    Those dresses are MAD! *___*

    Oh poor Darling, I can understand you so well. xD"
    The bubble tea hype started 2 years ago in Germany, but they only sold it in northern and middle Germany - so far from here! Dx It took me 2 years until I first got the chance to try it, and now the bubble tea stores seem to be EVERYWHERE (even at my city).

    So don't give up hope. Sooner or later the bubble tea trend will also flood over to Italy. ;D

    1. sure i saw all ur entries i think!!! <3

      damn ur the centre of everybody's attention at ur own wedding... i hate that lol
      i remember at my mums 3rd wedding i dunno why the photographer wanted always me in the center of the photos etc PERV was my mums !!

    2. Haha, now that's EPIC! XD ~ I wonder how your mom reacted on this?


    your blog is so so so sweet <3 <3

    1. Ahhhw, thank you so much! >///< ~ I really love those nails, too - unfortunately I can't wear them very often due to my job. ;___;

      Your Blog design is so hot! *___* You seem to be such a cool person (I love passionate people that don't hold back their opinion on things), I'll follow you from now on! x3