Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rozen Maiden =P

There´s going to be a japanese festival at my town next weekend... 180 people from Ichikawa will make their long way from Japan to my small city, isn´t it gorgeous? :´D

Ikebana, Drummers, Tayaki... I can´t wait!! x3

The perfect occassion for wearing lolita
Since the festival will be part of a giant garden exhibition, I wanted to go for a dress with floral pattern... and of course, I`m stuck with my "Lady Rose". :´D

~Outfit Rundown~

Angelic Pretty "Lady Rose" minisleeves Jumperskirt (mint)
I LOVE this dress to death. There´s only one print in this world that I like better then the "Lady Rose" series... it´s "Rose Toilette". (I wan´t the "Rose Toilet" OP in mint so badly. >////<)

Angelic Pretty "Lady Rose" canotier headpiece (mint)

Angelic Pretty "Lady Rose" overknee socks (pink)
The only part of my coordinate that is still missing... but I already ordered a pair of those socks, yahooo. x3

Bolero jacket:

DreamV pumps (I`m aware that they´re not 100% suitable for lolita... but they´re so comfortable! Dx And my pink Bodyline shoes are looking so ugly compared to those pumps... <.<)

Baby, the stars shine bright

Heart bag:
AP-Replica from a chinese manufacturer called "Dream of Lolita"

Usakumya-like bag:
Baby-Replica from a chinese manufacturer called "Dream of Lolita"

Rose Earrings

I wanna wear my hair in some kind of himegyaru style... but I`m not 100% sure about it yet...

I could wear my hime wig... but it´s a pretty bad idea if it´s going to be a hot day outside. x__X (so hot underneath the wig! xD")
I might try to tease up my own hair and use some clip-in extensions for the length...

Aaaah, still 11 days to go - I will try out some styles ♥

My new circle lenses arrived today! :´D

I´ve chosen a soft honey brown and a dark grey tone with a diameter of 14.8 ~ yesssss baby, I´m slowly increasing the diameter. xD"
(I always used 14.5 before)

Can´t wait to wear all of this out ♥

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?

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