Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to the roots! ♥

Long time no see! ^^" Sorry, I´ve been too busy again! =/

I realized I didn´t post photos for long time, so I got a huuuuge load of it now! x__X

I think I´ll start off with my lolita ones. =)
I still suck at taking photos (and I guess it´ll never change... xD"), so plz excuse the crap quality of some of them!

Coordination try - Rose Melody "Merry go Round" - pink x black
Be aware. Title does promise way too much. xD"

Well. Didn´t manage to take an outfit shot. XD"
And those webcam pics are so overblended, it´s a shame.
That´s really embarrassing... ^^"
But I wore Rose Melody´s "Merry go Round" Op in pink, no Adidas pants and hoodie, I swear! xD"
I wanted to show those photos anyways, because my eye make-up came out so nicely. x3
Note: platinum blonde wig + white wall in the background = looking like a ghost. o__o"
Btw., I´m wearing my beloved MA*RS headband! I so love the golden heart on the side! ♥

Same day - DoL "Melty Chocolate" - mint x brown

...taking a Pocky break. xD"
(Poor try to take a choco themed photo, I admit it! Dx)
Again, no full outfit shot. =/
I took the "Melty Choco" and "Merry go Round" photo on the same day, and light was simply crap in my room at that day. =/
Anyways. Did some promotion for a local bakery on that day, I gave sweets to passangers. xD" (That´s why I wore "Melty Chocolate", fit´s the theme! ^^)
Even though it was only a 2 hours or so job, I felt kind of uncomfortable. I´m actually too shy to talk to strangers, even though I mostly got positive comments about my appearance. ^^"
But since it was a paid job, I did my very best to cover up my shyness, and I think it worked out pretty well. Got lot´s of positive feedback and a huge package of my favorite choco-banana flakes from the bakery owner in the end! x3

Btw... kind of lol: I wore the wig in the wrong direction. The split is meant to be on the other side.
And stupid me always wondered why the wig isn´t looking as soft and poofy as usual... xD"

Evidence for how clumsy I am. xD"

My eye make-up that day!
Upper lashes = Dolly Wink No. 2, Sweet Girly
(LOVE THEM! But not as much as my Sweet Dolly ones. x3)
Lower lashes = Dolly Wink No. 7, Vivid Pop
(Very dramatic lashes! O__O" I still prefer the Baby Cute lowers.)

It´s still hard for me to draw the lower lashline. I mostly end up beeing way too far from the natural lashline, which looks simply horrible with the shape of my eyes. xD"
But I guess I did a good job this time!

(Btw. I also heard the trend goes from tare-eyes/hung down eyes to cat-eyes now. Kind of sad for me, since tare-eyes do immediately give me the Gal feeling when I see other girls/models pulling it off! =/)

Back to the roots!
After loooong time, trying gothic lolita again!
Rose Melody "Rosa Aroma Set" - black x white
And the beloved MA*RS headband again... xD
I got the feeling that this straight brown hair suits me better then the blonde I´m wearing right now... it´s very similiar to my natural haircolor as well! O__O"
Oh oh oh... should try to avoid this angle next time. xD"
Sorry for recklessly showing my nares. xD"

Yessss, finally a full body shot. xD"
Outfit rundown:
JSK = Rose Melody "Rosa Aroma Set"
Blouse = Bodyline (actually a Peter Pan collar blouse, but I love wearing it with high collar!)
Tights = Yumetenbo garter tights
Shoes = Bodyline + Yumetenbo shoeclips
Headband = MA*RS
Rose comb = JD replica
Accessory = offbrand

Ahhhw... I re-discovered my love for this style.
I started Lolita with wearing this style long ago, but then I hopped onto the Sweet Lolita train. xD"
I´ll definately go for more dark colors now, and try a Kuro Lolita outfit next! x3

Wore this outfit for a photoshooting, theme was: "Black Swan"
"Black Swan" is the name of a movie that just started beeing aired on german cinema´s yesterday! Very impressive and scary story, it´s about a ruthless ballet dancer! She´s so beautiful but yet so cruel... I really have to watch this movie as soon as possible! x3 You can get more info about the movie here!

As soon as I get the photos from the shooting, I`ll post them here! Finally some clear photos at my blog... yessss, the dream is about to come true. :´D

Eyemake that day:
(before I put on the wig... my natural hair is showing, sorry. xD")
The left side lashes slipped down low here, I fixed it right after I checked the photo! o.o (I won´t leave the house with such a look. xD")
Upper lashes: Dolly Wink No.1, Dolly Sweet
(My alltime favorites! ♥)
Lower lashes: Dolly Wink No.6, Baby Cute
(Best lower lashes I ever got ♥)
I tried to keep the eyes less dramatic, because I got the feeling... heavy gyaru style make-up and gothic lolita are not a perfect match. I rather wear it with sweet and dolly outfits. =)
But that´s just my taste. x3

Had so much fun that day, thanks to Tasha, Hanna and "Egon"! xD
I love you all, thanks for beeing great friends!

And since I`m already about to say thanks...
I wanna show gratefulness to all the wonderful people that write comments to my entry´s. ;__;
It feels so good to read your opinion on things, to hear that I helped you out a bit, or that you like this blog! You all make me so super happy every day, and encourage me to keep this blog running! Thanks to all of you so much!
And of course: Thanks to all the readers and followers as well! ^^

Enough of this post now, it´s far too big already. xD
I guess my Rose Toilette will arrive at my house tomorrow, so I guess my next post will be about this wonderful baby... xD"
So excited already! x3

Have a wonderful weekend girls! =D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Wah, you're so cute~!
    I love those Vivid Pop lashes. I'm all for dramatic. XD

    And thank *you* for the lovely blog to read!

  2. Hello Princess!
    Thank U for your photos with dark wig, now I know how U look in black hair. And U know what? Beautiful! And totally different!

    How re U anyway? :)

  3. 1. I LOVE YOU *ç* so this is ERORORI in my pervert mind :P aaahhhh

    2. *holy garters* + bodyline giant heels(I LOVE THEM!!!i want a red pair!!)+ that damn sexy jsk =MEGA SUPER BOMBSHELL
    and I love you got dark hair with this outfit. it's way sexier and less lil dolly looking I LOVE IT!!! SEXY KURORORI!!!
    ahahah and imho you're a perfect galrori. ihihi

    big fan