Monday, January 3, 2011

♥ My lolita dreams came true! ♥

Today... is a very very special day!
I managed to win an auction for my LOLITA DREAMDRESS, Angelic Pretty´s "Rose Toilette" OP in mint!!! ♥

Oh my god, I`m so happy! :´D
The Rose Toilette has always been the No. 1 on my personal Lolita wishlists, and I always thought I can never get this baby because it´s so rare. But now... now I can die peacefully. :´D
Plz bury me with that dress on. :´D

My new baby...
That photo doesn´t do this OP justice...
The stock photo is a bit clearer, but still... can´t catch all the beauty of this dress. :´DI´ve seen it worn by another lolita, and so I had the chance to view the print carefully... so gorgeous and elegant! A real princess dress!
I wanna wear it in hime lolita style, and combine it with my JD style rose mules and jewelry... haha, I don´t hold the dress in my arms yet - but I already have got so many coordination ideas! I`m so excited! xD

The auction did include the matching Rose Toilette bonnet, but again... the photo was poor quality. =/
So I searched for a better one on google, and found this beautiful photo taken by Hyenaurun!
Isn´t it wonderful? So flawless and elegant...
Actually I´ve always avoided wearing bonnets, since I guessed they won´t look flattering on me... but this bonnet is so sweet, I just have to give it a try now! ^///^

Can´t wait to hold this Set in my hands. :´D
Sorry for spamming, I`m just so happy today. xD" Couldn´t hold back writing a blog entry about this! x3

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. you know what??? last night I dreamed about some hime gyaru stuff I saw on taobao and today I decided to switch to a himekaji focused style with gyarurori(i like sweet lolita but i dont like the modesty of lolita style....I'M SEXY GIRL!!!!) in it since I saw so many pink dolly stuff on FanPlusFriend and Milanoo (even the second one stuff look a bit overpriced for the quality -___-)

    thank you!!!you remembered me I love gyarurori

  2. yay congrats on getting your dream dress! It's always so exciting when you're able to get it!

  3. I'm looking forward to see it on you dear !

    Oh and thank you for your reply about the taobao stores : I was able to find what I was looking for thanks to you <3

    I just joined Blogger and I'm now subscribing to your blog, I'm always looking for new gals friends !

    Bye !

  4. Oh I think I've been had - I can't subscribe or maybe am I blind ? :o

  5. Oh, congratulations~!! Love that bonnet! I love that feeling, of pining for something for a long time, then finally getting it!

    Will you try Gal-Lolita with it? That could give it even more ways and opportunities to wear it ^_^

  6. @Queenie: KYAAAH. O/////O So wonderful to hear that! I could eat you now! xD
    Ahhhw, thats so cute! Even though my brain can´t combine lolita + beeing sexy... but I`m so looking forward to see what you´re making out of it! I`m always open to such style- breaks, because that´s what does improve a fashion style! x3

    Uhw. Milanoo. x____X
    That store is hilarious, I hope no girl will ever buy from them! They´re producing in lower quality then anyone could ever imagine, just for example... this review here!
    I feel so sorry for that poor girl. ;__;
    I wouldn´t even clean my floor with this... "dress". So freakin ugly. <.<

    @Meri & Anni: Yessss, it´s big big love. :´D Can´t wait to hold it in my hands!

    @prancingbee: Oh yes dear, I can tell. xD" I was screaming like a 13year old fangirly on her first Lady Gaga concert. (Kind of embarrassing, now that I think of it. xD" But I was just too excited to sit still! x3)

    @Youthanasia: I´m so happy I could help you, even though I couldn´t provide you the right link! But now that I´ve checked your blog (which I will follow from today on, it´s sweet as sugar!), I´ve seen that you found exactly the same model of coat! I`m really happy for you! x3

    You know what... I just browsed the same 3D nails store on TaoBao yesterday, because I desperately want some new sets of deco nails. xD (But it sucks that the price is for ONE NAIL ONLY. I ordered from there before, so in the end it came out more expensive then I thought. =/)

    AND! Just seen your post on daily lolita as well, you´re such a Cutie! Love your room as well! =D

    If you wanna follow me... just scroll up to the top of my blog´s page! You will see a blue bar on the very top of it, just take a look at the left side of it - there´s a button saying: "Follow". Just click that and follow me, please! x3

    @Aimiya: Thank you so much, I´m still so happy I could get that dress! I feel like I`m smiling for 24 hours already, without any break. xD

    Yes, I`ll mix up hime-kei with lolita! =D
    I think this dress is just perfect for it, since it´s so elegant and featuring so many details and bling! x3
    Can´t wait to wear it. :´D

    Wish you all a wonderful day! x3

  7. Are you serious ? Is it really for ONE nail ? Oh dear OoO I think I'm gonna reconsider xD

    I'm following right now btw~ thank you !

  8. I don't like green colour, but this dress is just gorgeous & cute :)

  9. awww~ Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Traumkleid! <3 Jetzt könnten wir Twinnen! XD
    Du wirst das Kleid wirklich noch viel mehr lieben, wenn du es in den Händen hälst und noch viel mehr, wenn du es trägst! <3
    Freut mich, dass dir mein Foto von den Bonnet so zugesagt hat! XD <3
    Alles Liebe,

  10. Omg Rose Toillete in Mint is one of my dream dresses as well *_______* You are so lucky!

    I really liked your blog, you put so much passion. I love your lolita and gyaru`s posts *u*-

    If you don`t mind could you tell me the url to this itens?

    Also who was you taobao dealer?

    Sorry for asking too much ><
    But they are so cute *U*-

    Thanks <3
    I will come here more often

  11. Second time I´m writing this comment, stupid me accidentally refreshed the page when I finished it -> XXL comment gone. lol

    @Youthanasia: You´re welcome sweety! x3

    @BlondHime: Haha, I know you would like it a lot better if it was pink. ^^

    @Hyenaurun: <- my idol. :´D
    Ein comment von dir in meinem bescheidenen Blog... :´D Ich freu mich wie ein Schnitzel! (made my day!) Vielen Dank!

    Twinnen! O///O Das wird ja immer besser! :´D
    Das wäre natürlich ein Traum für mich... wäre super wenn das irgendwann klappen würde!
    Ich bin in Realität auch nur halb so creepy wie ich im Netz rüberkomm, versprochen! xD

    Oh wie? Du hast das Foto gemacht?! O__O"
    Oh mein Gott, die Welt ist klein. XD" Ich hab ehrlich gesagt nur nach "AP Rose Toilette mint + bonnet" oder so gegoogelt, und dann dieses tolle Foto gefunden!
    Also der Bildklau tut mir natürlich Leid! =/ Wenn ich´s wieder rausnehmen soll dann sag ruhig bescheid!
    Ich mach jetzt auf jeden Fall mal deinen Namen drunter. ^^

    Ich hab deinen Japan-Report übrigens nahezu aufgesogen! *__* So viele tolle Bilder und Eindrücke, da bekommt man gleich fernweh. XD
    Am besten fand ich ja... "I am japanese!" <- konnte garnicht mehr aufhören zu lachen. xD War aber bestimmt total gruselig als es passiert ist!
    Ich hätte dir so gerne ein comment hinterlassen, aber ich glaube das funktioniert nicht. o.o

    Vielen lieben Dank nochmal! ^////^

  12. Learned from my mistakes and parted XXL comment into XL + XL comment. XD

    @Anonymus: Ahhhhw, thank you so much! I´m blushing a lot now! ^////^
    I hope I can make this blog even more interesting in the future, I still need to work hard on it. =)

    About the link request: I will do my very best to gather all the links, but... some of the stores where I bought the items are down, and some items are sold out already. =/ So sorry about this, but I`ll try my very best to provide you most links as possible!

    Alright, so up on to the list now! XD

    The store that carried those dresses does no longer exist, so sorry about that. =/
    But you can find similiar clothes when you feed the TaoBao search engine with tags like "Ageha", "Gal" or "109". =)
    You can get the big bow belt custom made here!

    Fur collar:
    JD style bolero:
    White shirt: no longer available, sorry. =/

    White skirt: no longer available, sorry.
    Offwhite shirt: no longer available!
    Golden shorts: no longer available. ^^"

    Brown shorts:
    Vest: Store is down, sorry. =/
    Pink layered neckholder top: Was from the same store -> down.
    BUT: I`m selling this top now, because it doesn´t look flattering on my big chest! xD"
    So if you wanna have it... I`ll sell it for 15€ + shipping cost. o.O
    Just tell me if you´re interested, I can also provide you the measurements then. =)

    Ahhhw, those two items were from the same store, too. It´s down now, so sorry. =/
    BUT! xD I`m selling the pink skirt now (even though my heart cries because it´s so cuuuute!) - It´s just impossible for me to fit in, even if my weight goes down to 45kg... my hip bones will still be too wide. xD
    The skirt is new, I didn´t even try it on. The hip measurement is ~80cm.
    Just let me know if you´re interested. =)

    Well, that´s it. I`m very sorry I couldn´t help you out any better. =/
    The stock of most TaoBao stores changes super fast, and they disappear so quickly, too. =/

    But some hints:
    If you use the search engine of TaoBao, you can fill in: "LizLisa", "Ageha", "109", "Gal", "Vivi", "JesusDiamante" (write it together, will bring more results), "Deay", "MA*RS", "Golds", "Cecil" <- That´s how I keep on searching for things, and since we seem to have the same taste... it might be helpful. ^^

    Also: My TaoBao dealer/sales agent is TaoBaoBuying, you can find their site here!
    I especially recommand their sales agent popeye, contact him with this addy!

    He´s such a honey! I can say he really had a hard time doing my GIANT orders and bearing with my impatience all the time, but he has always been super kind and helpful! Ahhhw, I could praise him even more, but I guess you can feel what I mean. XD
    Go for him, you will never regret! ^^

    I hope you can find what you´re searching for, even though I wasn´t a great help for you! xD"
    Have fun shopping! x3

    @Hyenaurun: Hab dich jetzt über deinem Bild verewigt. x3
    Soll ich zu irgendeiner Seite verlinken? (Deinem Blog oder so?) =)

  13. Ok sweetheart know i always make you compliments and so but now I'm going to tell you that.... YOU ARE THE BEST
    I always look for girls not only beautiful and creative outside but also deep and altruist. with great heart like yours....
    I've always help out girls on the net ,who wanted only to take info from me and didnt care about me really.
    but i made personal tutorials sent by mp without having any thank you.
    Lookin at how you reply to the followers, with such care and love makes me cry ;____;
    Western Gyaru community is full of shit but there are girls like you. and one like you is way more important than 1000 of those stupid superficial gals out there.

    You're a nurse. you love ppl!! and I love you for that....
    not cuz i want to know when you buy stuff or so but just cuz you deserve it!!!

  14. @Queenie: Honeyyyy. ;___; You touched my heart! You really made me cry happy tears... I would love to hug you now! >///<
    Thank you so much for all those kind words!

    I won´t say I`m holy Maria Theresia. xD" I`m just trying my very best to help out people, and it feels really good! So maybe this "kindness" is a bit selfish, too. xD"
    I actually never thought about it. ^^

    You´re such a kind person as well, even though your life seems to teach you a hard lesson every once and a while! I adore your strength and passion, and how you always speak out what you think. I still believe I can learn a lot from you - not only about the style, but also about life!
    Plz just never give up beeing yourself, even though you got bitched at several times! (Honestly... if I were you, I might have fallen into a deeeeeep deep hole of sadness because I´m so sensitive. xD" I really adore you for your strength bearing with all those things!)

    Darling, I really miss your english blog... xD"
    I wish my japanese was good enough to read what you write on your ameblo. xD"
    And I also wish google translator would gimme a translation I could work with. xD"
    BUT! I love your photos anyways, just looking at them is great inspiration, too! x3

    Thanks for everything Darling! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. i'm gonna restart blogging ALSO in EN even if in japanese is way funnier and ...i dunno...makes more sense xD
    i blog with japanese mail deco apps from my Iphone (so i write in Japanese on the phone and add the cute icons and my pics directly),then I send the mail to my own address on gmail and while on my pc I simply copy and paste the entry from the email to AMEBLO. i love blogging this way cuz i feel more inspired....

    The main point is I dunno why started posting directly here on Blogger. A LIL STORY:
    Since my problem is BLOGGER platform(that is too ugly for my standards and doesnt inspire me-->posting cute things on an ugly site for me is impossible xD) to blog in EN i simply used to write the entries on my BELOVED multiply blog (in which you can x-post to LIVEJOURNAL and BLOGGER also) [3 in 1]

    simple .....

  16. Chira...we humans are here to live happiness and help others doing the same. I dont think there could be a better way to LOVE ourselves than help out's not selfish cuz we are a big unique thing. helpin others is helping ourselves as much as helping ourselves the right way is helping others. NO SELFISH GIRL here :P

    I feel so lucky!!if i hadnt such a life I probably couldnt appreciate all I really got inside
    I always say when you draw with white pencil on white you cant say the drawing even if it's the best one even made

    <3 <3 LOVE <3 <3

  17. Oh my God this drees so beautiful >_<
    I have been behind that dress for years but I've always found out of stock or when I found I had no money >_<
    I like your blog from now on I will
    sorry for my English so poor
    I loved your blog so that from now on I will
    See you!!! <3

  18. @Chocola: Oh, thank you so much Honey! x3 Don´t mind the english, I can understand you pretty well. ;D
    I´ll hope you´ll get this wonderful dress one day, too! Good luck!
    (If I find it for sale anywhere, I´ll give you a message for sure! x3)