Monday, September 19, 2011

I rise, you fall.

Entry title stolen from Optimus Prime, the most AWESOME Autobot that ever rocked Cybertron. xD *geek mode off* (The past 2 weeks, there were Transformers 1 + 2 on TV - my favorite movies! >///<)

First of all, I wanna say thanks to all the people that cheered me up after my previous entry got posted. I`m so thankful for every little comment and message I got, you really cheered me up so much!
But neverthless, I´ve had a hard time the past 3 weeks for sure. ^^" ~ I´m just too sensitive, which makes even little incidents pump up to be giant disasters in my life.
To lump everything up, it´s just as Metatron posted in his comment on last entry:
"Problems are as big as you let them be."
So right!
I wish I could have taken that to heart from the first moment on, but I was just so blinded for the past weeks. =(
At least, now I know better - and I´ll try hard to keep that knowledge as a deep part of my heart, and for the rest of my life. I learned my lesson, I think.

A lot of people messaged me asking about what exactly happened, but due to my duty to keep professional discretion, I can´t tell a lot.
BUT: No, I didn´t accidentally kill any patient. xD" (Yes, somebody asked this question, too.) Nobody got hurt, and nothing got damaged or something like that. I didn´t loose my job, and I`m still a perfect/good grade student. I just got in conflict with my teachers due to my pronounced feeling of justice (maybe... too much of it). xD"

But to be honest... I failed in this little war. Our class will be split up, even though we were all getting along so well and working hard together. I found a lot of close friends in my class the past 2 years... they even accepted my unusual sense for fashion (which also includes Lolita, which is still really exotic in Germany), and never backstabbed me like I was used to it years ago.
That´s what still hurts me the most. Not beeing able to spend time with them every school day, but just meeting up during break times. I´ll be missing all of them so much! ;__;

I love you guys, stay the way you are! You all gave me so much hope and power the past 2 years, and especially the past 3 weeks! I had a gorgeous school live with you, and I loved to share experiences! Let´s all stay strong and work hard!

Next year, I`m going to be part of the student council. I wanna fight for all the students rights that come after us. Such an incident shall never happen again. (And finally I can make use of my overly pronounced feeling of justice! xD")
I rise, you fall.

Now that I´ve gotten over that issue in most parts, I can finally concentrate on the important things in life - building my 2011 autumn and winter wardrobe! lol (obviously kidding)

So, the color themes for this season are Bordeaux, Teal and Mustard, as far as I know! They´re all really edgy colors, I guess I gotta grow into that a bit, since I`m usually wearing pastels... BUT I so love all those Bordeaux colored garments already! So feminine and elegant!

My dream items for fall season, both from Yumetenbo:

Poncho cape with Leo collar
I´ve seen Satomin wearing a beige cape in the same style in January Ageha, and I couldn´t forget it until now. >///< I did always regret that I didn´t get one past season, so now I`m definately going for the red one now! Ò__O/

Fur topped boots with satin lacing
I´m a sucker for boots. xD"
I´ll go for the red ones, they´re LOVE. :´D

Yumetenbo is definately bringing up a lot of adorable items this season!
Their princess line is featuring tons of Retro Girly items, check them out here and here! Their style icon for this season is Audrey Hepburn, so adorable
Yumetenbo´s glamourous line does come up with a line of sophisticated and smoking hot clothes promoted by EGG model Yumachi! *__*

Liz Lisa is focussing on a "british girly" wardrobe right now, which contains a lot of cute tartan in darker colors - I´m sure most of you have seen the scans already! =D
Some of their pieces are absolutely adorable, but I still prefer their collections from last year. xD"

What are your trends for fall/winter 2011? Is there a MUST HAVE item for you? =)

Super hot Gennaro Underwear I just bought from lovely Claudia (photo taken by her)! :´D
Thanks a million, dear - I´m so happy!!! :´D
I´m so weak for fancy underwear with silly writings on the rubber band (Born to be wild)! xD"
It´s a very... "flashy" garment, I´d say. xD
You can´t escape, Binny (aka BF) - be warned! xD

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. I don't like this cape -_- look so normal and borring, but shoes is really cuuute <3

  2. @Rose: I agree with you, the cape does have a very simple design - but I kinda like that! It´s so different to the rest of my closet, I can´t wait to try something new! x3
    How are you doing, princess? Did you already move to your new place? =D

  3. Not yet -_-
    I think that we move something like in winter, 2/3 months.

  4. Oh oh, that´s not the best season for moving. ^^" I hope weather will be fine for you!!