Thursday, September 1, 2011

Having a hard time...

I`m having some big problems with my job right now, so I´m feeling really bad... I had to face a giant issue on Monday, and I need to talk to my boss to try ot solve it. But she´s not around until next Monday... I`m suffering a lot, because there´s nothing I can do right now. My health is already influenced so badly, I can barely eat and sleep...

I wish everything will be turning out well on Monday... if not... I don´t know what to do then. My whole life will be going in a different direction then, how can I be able to deal with that...

Since there´s nothing I can do right now, I try to stay at least a tiny bit positive. I´m trying to distract myself as much as possible, but I mostly fail. ^^" <- *too sensitive*

But... I went shopping yesterday! =D
I was on a window-shopping tour last week, and I saw so many Gal basics and Gal-able winter clothes! *__*

There were gorgeous pieces like a leo-print fur vest and d.i.a style tops - but unfortunately they were only available in sizes L~XL, which is definately too big on me. =(

So I was stuck with some Gal basics, here´s what I got! =D

College jacketI didn´t get myself a ever-so-wanted College jacket yet, even though it was on Sale at H&M a while ago - they didn´t carry my size anymore. ;__;
But the wait was worth it, since I found this pink little cutie - I love it so much, it´s so cuddly, warm and cute! x3

Heavy destroyed pants
Recently I´m not wearing pants a lot (it´s just too warm. xD"), but when I saw this little baby, I knew I had to get it! *__*
I always wanted a extremely damaged Jeans, but I never found the perfect one since my legs are really wonky and huge - this pair of Jeans is so flattering due to the discoloring and stretch material, I LOVE it! :´D

Grey foxtail (faux fur)
Yes. I admit. I`m so lame. xD"
Foxtail was so trendy last year already, but I never got myself one. Now I found this one (34cm long!) on Sale! It´s not as fluffy and soft as I would have preferred, but it´s still okay. x3
I guess I´ll add some cute details (little chains or something) later!

I also found some photos on my PC that I forgot to post. o.O
I`m recently into Rokku style a lot! d.i.a is one of my fav. brands now! x3

Still failing at photography. lol
Just to show the eyemake, since you can barely see anything else. xD"
I´m wearing my new Princess Mimi lenses here, they´re adorable! I still think that the earlier series name, "Bambi", was a lot more suitable - those lenses give me the Bambi vibe a lot, since they´re more kind of a red-ish brown when worn!
I´m often wearing side-braids recently. =)

Excuse my wonky legs. ^^" I´m having a bit X-shaped legs since I was a little child, which is mostly visible on my knee area. ^^" (They´re bumping out a little)
I´m wearing my extensions, a leopard-printed romper by New Yorker´s, OVK-Boots by lovelyshoes, and a cardigan from H&M.
Not a perfect outfit, but I`m working on it - I´m on hunt for a d.i.a belt with lot´s of chains on it, it´ll go so well with such outfits! >///<

Obligatory webcam shots! xD"
(probably the last ones for loooong time, since my webcam is turning perfectly crazy now - it´s only taking blackxgreen photos now. <.< Dammit.)

I actually had my hair teased up, but it ended up looking quite weird in the overall look - just not matching well. o__o" So I ended up brushing it out again. xD"

Be well my sweethearts, I hope you´re all doing fine!
I wanna excuse myself if I´m not answering your comments/messages fast the next days, I`m just really down which makes me a bit unable to concentrate on writing... plz bear with me, and be sure I`ll get back to you! >///<

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. I hope everthing turns out well for you.
    I dont know which kind of issure it is but keep hope up and try to surround yourself with happy things/people as much as possible to cheer yourself up a littleby the way your so pretty:)

  2. Problems are as big as you let them be.
    Don't get me wrong, it can be a giant lifechanging problem of doom, that you have to face, but on the other hand are you going to survive it anyway, even if you would lose your job and turn into a giant frog.

    This attitude is something that cheers me up everyday. And no, this attitude isn't naive, it's complex and deep, as long as someone has no problems in "stepping out the box". But I have the feeling that somone who is reading this isn't able to fully understand what I mean.

    (Not because I am so awesome that no one can understand what I mean, more because I am a douche and not able to write things properly, sorry for that)

    I hope you are not angry now, it wasn't meant to be insulting.
    However, I hope it turns out the way you want it to be and if not, maybe this has helped a little to see that the opposite wouldn't be so bad at all. =)

  3. I hope everything will work well...

    Grat gets and love your outfit!

  4. wooow du bist so verdammt hübsch ;O;

    und ich hoffe das mit deinem job wird wieder : (
    mach dich bitte nciht so fertig *drück*

  5. i understand what metatron means and you too baby uh LOL

    baby CRISIS help us ... i cant say you ENJOY IT as i tell myself when i feel bad and got problems but well FIGHT baby!! *^* everything will be ok

    I absolutely love long vests with short stuff under!! i want to hug you're too perfect!!!! love love love I want to meet you ;w;

  6. Gute Besserung!
    Ich hoffe, dass sich alles wieder bessert, wenn Deine Chefin wieder da ist! Arbeit kann einen manchmal wirklich psyschich und physisch fertig machen! Halt bitte durch, iss und schlaf bals wieder richtig. Schließlich ist das wichtig =3

    Und, oh mein Gott, du bist so hübsch! *O* Ich liebe Deine Haare&Make-up. Glatte Haare können wirklich super aussehen. Und ich finde auch die Overknees klasse! <3 Du hast mich wirklich sehr inspiriert!

  7. @Cori: Thank you so much! I did as you said, and distracted me with a lot of happy things - it was working out really well, like expected. ^///^

    @Metatron: Ich hoffe es stört dich nicht wenn ich in Deutsch schreibe, mein Hirn kann um die Zeit kein gutes Englisch mehr produzieren. xD"
    Wenn du nur wüsstest wie sehr du mir weitergeholfen hast. Du hast mal wieder genau den Punkt getroffen - die Probleme sind immer genau so groß, wie man sie macht.
    Wie ich schon im nächsten Blogpost erwähnt hab... ich hoffe ich werde das nie nie nieeee wieder vergessen! Vielen Dank für alles!
    Weisst du was... das fühlt sich immer noch so an wie früher. Du kannst genau in mich reinsehen... also, metaphorisch gesehen, oder so. xD
    Vielen Dank für alles!

    @さくらガール: Thank you so much! Yes, now everything is going along well again! =)
    I´m following your blog now, it´s so cute! =D

    @Suzu: Jaaa, im Job ist wieder alles... naja, okay. =) Perfekt wird´s nimmer, aber es ist auszuhalten. =)
    Vielen tausend Dank für das Kompliment, aber so hübsch wie du bin ich lange noch nicht! Deine Outfit Posts streben mich immer an besser zu werden, du bist einen riesige Inspiration! =D

    @Queeny: Sweetheart! ;___; *hugs*
    Yes, everything is pretty okay now! Thanks for all your good wishes and compliments! >///<
    God, I´m not perfect at all - but that keeps me aiming for more, haha! =D
    I just saw Kanan blogging about the Gal meetup in Milan - oh Maggie, you´re so sexy! o///o
    It was the first time that a girl made me blush like that! lol
    I need to get a lot better in style until we meet up, so that I don´t suck beside you and stain your beauty! Ò__O/ *taking it far too serious again* xD
    I`m planning on a vacation in Italy next year, maybe that´s the perfect date to meet up! I would so love to see ya! >///<

    @Hyenaurun: Ahhhw, tausend Dank für all die guten Wünsche! Gerade von dir bedeutet mir das wahnsinnig viel, schließlich bist du nach wie vor eines meiner Idole! :´D (Auch wenn du nichtmehr Lolita trägst, und dich selbst nicht als Gal bezeichnen würdest - du bist nach wie vor einzigartig und so eine große Inspiration!!)
    Keine Bange, mir gehts schon viel besser - hab keine Probleme mehr zu schlafen, und mit dem Essen wird´s auch besser. Es geht bergauf! xD
    Oh... wie jetzt, ich inspiriere dich?! O__O Also... da haut´s einem ja die Sicherung raus. xD" Wahnsinn, so ein dickes Kompliment! Vielen Dank! >////<
    Und nochmal tausend Dank für die Boxershorts! xD